Mel’s Diner Chili


Mel's Diner Chili

A few weeks ago I helped with a chili cook-off at church.  I’m not a big chili fan, so the thought of bringing a pot of chili was a bit scary.  I went on a search for great chili recipes and one of my readers who follows me on twitter saw my request.  Judy emailed me this recipe for Mel’s Diner Chili.

I didn’t end up having to take the chili to the cook-off because lots of other people signed up (I took the Chipotle Apple Pecan Cake instead).  But since I had the ingredients and because the chili has such a great story – and I’m a sucker for a great story – I made the chili for dinner at home.  Yum!

Here’s Judy’s email with the original recipe and the story: [Read more…]

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