Homemade Banana Pudding Ice Cream – (No Cook)

Banana Pudding Ice Cream


Last summer, I went all gaga for Chick-Fil-A’s banana pudding milkshakes.  Oh my goodness!  They were so good.  As far as I know, they haven’t started selling them this summer.  I don’t know if they will or not.

No worries though, I made a “Skinnier” version of the milkshake last year that’s easy to make at home.  And now, we’ve got this ice cream recipe that’s super easy to make too.

I use the simple base recipe of half and half and sweetened condensed milk.  I love not having to cook the ice cream or worry about raw eggs.  This recipe comes together in about 2.5 minutes.  Of course, you do have to wait for it to churn in the ice cream freezer, but the wait is so worth it.

Here’s what you’ll need:   [Read more…]

Ingredient Spotlight: Bananas (2012)

I eat a banana nearly every day as a snack.  They’re the perfect portable food, because they come in their own container.

They’re also wonderful to bake with and for fruit salads and such.

Here are a few of my recipes that use bananas:   [Read more…]

Nutella and Fruit Topped Waffles

Oh my goodness.  This is beyond amazing.

Nutella slathered over malt waffles and piled high with bananas, blueberries and strawberries.  Wow!

A while back I saw a post on the Disney Food Blog about new waffle sandwiches available at Sleepy Hollow in Magic Kingdom.  I’ve vowed that we will try these on our next trip.  But I couldn’t wait that long.  I decided to make them at home.

I used malted milk powder in the waffles to make them more like Magic Kingdom waffles.  I don’t own a Belgian waffle maker, but if you have one, you’ll want to use it for this recipe.   I think thicker waffles might make them easier to fold into a sandwich.  We ate them on a plate, with a fork. [Read more…]

Banana Cake with Coffee (Mocha) Icing

One of my Grandma’s signature desserts was Banana Cake with Coffee Icing.  She made it from scratch as a layer cake.  I’ve made her recipe before and it uses every bowl in the house.  No kidding.  It requires whipping egg whites and stirring dry ingredients and mashing bananas and boiling water and beating egg yolks…  A delicious, time-consuming mess!

I’ve simplified things a lot with this recipe.  It’s still made from scratch.  I use a sheet cake pan instead of doing a layer cake.  But I kept the Coffee Icing recipe the same.  It’s really mocha, but we didn’t use the word “mocha” back then.  Mocha is a new-fangled word.

Here’s what you’ll need:  [Read more…]

Ingredient Spotlight: Bananas

We’re going bananas today.

I buy a bunch of bananas at the store every week.  Most of them get eaten for snacks and breakfast, but it’s the ugly, overripe ones that end up getting the “wows”.  They are perfect for mushing up and adding to all kinds of baked goods.

Here are a few of my favorites: [Read more…]

Banana Split Dessert

banana split dessert done

Last weekend we celebrated my in-laws 50th wedding anniversary in Gatlinburg, TN.  All of their children and grandchildren came together in a cabin to play games, watch home movies, take photos and eat.  This is one of the desserts we had.

I had never noticed this recipe before, but found it in two of my cookbooks while searching dessert recipes.  Later that same day, I saw the recipe posted on a message board.  I altered all 3 of the recipes to come up with this version.

The whipped cream looks a little funny on top because I had another dessert stacked on the lid in the cooler and it smooshed a bit.  Also, I meant to add nuts to the top and forgot all about them.  I found them hiding in a corner while cleaning up.

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Chocolate Chip Pecan Banana Bars

chocolate chip pecan banana bars done

I ran across a recipe on Cookie Madness the other day that sounded to good to pass by.  As it happened, I had ripe bananas sitting on my counter just waiting for a great recipe to come along.  I admit to changing the recipe a bit and I changed the name too.  The original was called Banana Blondies, but I didn’t think these had the texture of blondies.  It could be because I substituted white flour for whole wheat.  I also doubled the recipe, used more chocolate chips and pecans instead of walnuts.

The result was a soft bar, kind of like banana bread chock full of chocolate and pecans.  A pretty great way to use ripe bananas, in my opinion.

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Frosted Banana Bars

These are so, very good.  Of course, anything topped with cream cheese frosting is delicious.  An online friend shared the recipe with me.  I’m not sure where she found it.  She says that it freezes well too, which is nice because it makes a big pan.  My family had no trouble eating them all though. [Read more…]

Old Fashioned Spice Cake with Caramel Glaze

old fashioned spice cake glaze running

I have a confession to make.  It does involve bananas, like my last confession, but only indirectly.  It will also lead to how this cake was born.  A week or so ago, I fed my family muffins and milk for dinner.  That’s it.  Everyone survived.  My 14 year old son did give me a questioning look when I told him that’s what we were having.  I offered that he could fix an egg for himself, but he downed 4 or 5 muffins in just a few minutes and seemed satisfied. 

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Banana Chocolate Chip Cookies


I have a confession.  I don’t always use the bananas that get too ripe on my counter.  I watch them spot and darken and shrivel.  Then, instead of baking them into banana bread, I throw them away.  There. Now you know the kind of person I am. 

But the other day, I did rescue some old bananas from certain garbage.  I wasn’t in the mood for Banana Bread or Cream Cheese Banana Bread with Orange Glaze, so I did a search on Tasty Kitchen and came up with this recipe.

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