Meaningful Meals – 30 Day Mom Challenge

Meaningful Meals – #MeaningfulMeals #30DayMom #EatatHome

Do you ever get so busy taking care of the daily necessities that you forget to pay attention to the moment you’re in?

I do.

Often times, in the challenge to get dinner on the table, get the kitchen cleaned up, figure out who is going to be home to eat now and who is coming in to eat later…  In the midst of all of that, I forget that we’re doing something special.  Something sacred.

We’re sitting down together as family.  To share a meal.  To share our days.  To connect with each other.

During January, I’m going to be taking extra care to pay attention to these moments.  I want to notice the meaning in the meals.

I’ll be writing the occasional post here on the blog.  But most of the recording of my journey will take place on Instagram and Facebook.  I’d love for you to join me there and share your meaningful meal moments too.

I’ll be using the hashtags #MeaningfulMeals, #30DayMom and #EatAtHome.  Add those tags to your photos and posts too so I can find them.   [Read more...]

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