Simple Meal Plans & Real Life – June 9

This past week was all about recovering from the wedding (which was awesome!).  We ate leftover chicken salad, veggies and donuts.  After three or four meals of that, we were craving some comfort food.  After all of our company had gone, Sunday night we splurged on creamy pasta from Carinos.  Yum!

On Monday I hit the grocery with the Whole Foods meal plan. (I used the plan for June 23. They can be used in any order and that one sounded especially good to me.)  I love having that list and knowing what I’m going to be fixing for dinner!

Our strawberry patch has been doing really well this year.  We’ve been picking about a quart of berries every night.  Of course, that meant strawberry shortcake for dessert!

Simple Weekly Meal Plans

If you’ve been looking for a way to save time on menu planning, you’ll want to look into getting our Weekly Meal Plans.  All the organizing and thinking is done for you.  No grocery list making or side dish planning needed.  I love using these and when I don’t have to do any recipe creation, this is my preferred way to shop and cook.

Here’s a sneak peek at this week’s meal plans.  When you join the Weekly Meal Plan list, you get the grocery list and printable recipes with side dishes included.  You can find out more about how to get the meal plans for yourself by clicking here.

Whole Foods Menu

Traditional Menu

  1. East Meets West Burgers
  2. Stromboli 
  3. Teriyaki BBQ Chicken Legs
  4. Grilled Fish Sandwich
  5. Tamale Beef over Cornbread
  6. Vietname Fried Rice
  7. Chocolate Cobbler

Slow Cooker Menu

  1. Honey Hoisin Pork 
  2. Pierogies 
  3. Chicken Cacciatore
  4. Chicken Broccoli Divan
  5. Cube Steaks and Gravy
  6. BBQ Chicken Sandwiches 
  7. Chocolate Cheesecake 
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