Prep & Planning: Steps to a Peaceful Holiday – Free Printable Holiday Meal Planner

I had a great time cooking on Saturday and hanging out with some of you who were also getting things done in the kitchen.  We gathered on Facebook for a Virtual Cooking Party.  It was a lot of fun and now I’ve got a freezer full of cooked chicken, soup, meatballs and more.

If you missed the party on Saturday, but would still like to do a little virtual baking, plan to be part of Liz’s Virtual Baking Party on Wednesday morning.  We’ll be gathering on the Hoosier Homemade Facebook page to talk, bake and share ideas.

Today, I’ve got a free printable Holiday Meal Planner for you.  If you’re the cook for a Holiday feast this year, this will come in handy.  I’m a big believer in using lists when I’m cooking a big meal.

Lists keep me from forgetting to make the sweet tea or finding a fruit salad in the fridge after the dinner is over and everyone has gone home.

To print your Holiday Meal Planner, click here:  [download id=”120″]

Last week, we talked about make ahead party food.  Liz posted this cheese ball recipe that can be frozen.

For the first week of the series, I posted 4 snack mixes that require no baking and no cooking.  Liz shared Hot Cocoa and Tea gifts in a jar.

How will you celebrate Thanksgiving?  Are you the main cook for the day?

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  1. Love the cooking schedule on your worksheets. On the big day, we have the ovens scheduled almost down to the minute to get those yummy rolls and twice-baked potatoes out in time for all those hungry stomachs.


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