Orangesicle Cookies & a giveaway!

Orangesicle Cookies

A sponsored post on behalf of Pillsbury.

If you’ve read this blog for any amount of time, you know I love cake mix cookies.  The possibilities are endless.

Recently, Pillsbury asked me to try their new Orangescicle and Key Lime flavors.  Each comes in a cookie mix and cake mix, so you can choose.

Spring is here and the weather is starting to warm up.  I think these citrus flavors are a great way to celebrate spring and sunshine.  My kids loved the cookies.  My son said to me, “You know what these taste like? Those orange popsicle treats.”  Win!  They do taste just like orange creamsicles.  Yum!

Celebrate Spring with your family!

  • Make a day trip to the zoo more special by packing a picnic lunch with these cookies for dessert.
  • Visit a park or take a short hike in the woods. Be sure to bring along sweet cookies to enjoy.
  • Make playtime in the backyard more fun, by bringing out a plate of cookies and sharing them in the sunshine!



I added vanilla baking chips to my Orangesicle cookies.  About 3/4 cup is plenty for one box of cookie mix.  Just follow the directions on the back of the cookie mix box, then stir in the white chips.

I’ve got a fun giveaway for you too!

Summer Seasonal Celebration Starter Reader Giveaway Kit:

  • ·         One box each Summer Seasonal Cake & Cookie Mixes
  • ·         Frostings (1 each of Creamy Supreme Key Lime and Creamy Supreme Orangesicle)
  • ·         $50 dollar Visa or American Express gift card
  • ·         Total estimated giveaway value: $60

To enter, leave a comment telling me how you’re planning to celebrate Spring with your family.  Giveaway closes on Monday morning 5/13 at 9am.  Winner will be notified by email.

You can follow the Pillsbury Baking Facebook Page and find Pillsbury Baking on Pinterest.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post for Pillsbury Baking.  I have been compensated for my time and provided with samples. All opinions are my own.

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  1. SharonA says:

    We are celebrating spring by planting a garden and then taken a staycation. We will be going to local sites for the week and playing tourist.

  2. Brenda A. says:

    We are planning on celebrating with a nice picnic at the park.

  3. Cheryl Newton says:

    I don’t know if this is considered celebrating, but now that the snow is melted, I’m working on getting the yard weeded, putting down some landscape fabric and mlulch and planting something pretty.

  4. Courtney B. says:

    We are going to Virginia Beach! 🙂

  5. We plan on going on a nature walk with the girls,then a picnic.Nothing says spring more than seeing everything bloom and new life.

  6. Plant flowers and tomatoes!! Have a BBQ!

  7. We are planning on spending more time outside!

  8. Brenda S. says:

    These cookies sound wonderful and they are pretty too! We are celebrating Spring by planting our garden. So nice to have the warm sunshine, after such a long winter.

  9. I will be celebrating Spring with a trip to FL to see my youngest son graduate from Explosives Ordinance Disposal Training! He thinks his mom needs more gray hair!

  10. amanda s. says:

    Hiking & Gardening and exploring our new state.

  11. kathy pilato says:

    Celebrating Spring by a dinner on the new back deck after watching our town parade that marches in front of our house!

  12. Jessie C. says:

    We are having picnics and getting our gardens ready and go.

  13. Sunny C says:

    We are planing to have a Picnic at a Park, close to Home. We cant wait to relax and enjoy all of Natures Beauty. 🙂

  14. I plan to spend time with my 2 grandchildren showing them how to dig for worms and enjoy being outside!!!!! Well, once their allergies die down 🙂

  15. We plan on a hike, a picnic and yard work.

  16. Going to bake these cookies with my Grandaughter! Then we will take them to the beach and live it up!!!


  17. Jen Bouchard says:

    We celebrate spring with a family day of clearing the land and planting our garden, followed by a bonfire and barbecue! This is one of our favourite celebrations all year!

  18. Kelley Bell Hazelett says:

    We like to plant vegetable and flower plants for those who love to see them but cannot get around well enough to do so. It’s always nice to have a refreshing sweet treat to share when we are done.

  19. Cindi Brasher says:

    Celebrating spring by finally getting in the pool to play.

  20. My 9 month old grandson loves being outside, but hasnt had much chance during the winter and non-stop rain lately. So, I want to take him to the park/lake and walk around with him on my shoulders tugging on my hair and bucking like he’s on horseback. Nothing better!

  21. Amy Martin says:

    Gardening and Bike riding!

  22. This spring we plan on eating lots of food grown in our garden. And taking care of our new baby chicks.

  23. Finally after all the rain we got to celebrate spring by going to the park, playing on the playground, playing frisbee golf and then doing a spring scavenger hunt and nature walk!

  24. Amy Mac says:

    We are getting ready for our oldest’s HS Graduation.

  25. Patty Seifert says:

    I am celebrating Spring this year by cleaning the flower beds at my friend’s home. My friend is 82 and has rheumatoid arthritis so can only participate at the progress by watching from her chair in the sun. Nice for both of us!

  26. I love love love orangesicle flaver and when I found the frosting in the store one day I had to try it out. Yummy. I didn’t realize they had cake and cookies in those flavors too. Will have to try it out.

  27. Michelle Wright says:

    We as a family always enjoy spring by going morel mushroom picking. Love being out in the woods in the spring time. Thanks for the give~away.

  28. Lindsay says:

    We’re celebrating spring by re-doing our yard!

  29. Sharyl Barrett says:

    We are fixing up our backyard and patio for a family cookout. We have a play area with a swing-set, trampoline, playhouse and other riding toys for the kids. On the patio we have a grilling area, with 2 grills and a smoker. That’s my husband’s area…LOL
    Spending lots of time outside in the yard, enjoying the fire pit and grilled food and cold drinks with family and friends is how we will be celebrating the spring………….and summer!

  30. I’m so happy it’s Spring because my daughter will be coming home from the University of Hawaii for three whole months. I love when all my kiddos are under the same roof. They will love these cookies.

  31. Amanda D. says:

    We’ve already celebrated Spring by doing a lot of weeding in our garden, and starting swimming lessons!

  32. Jacque says:

    We are celebrating spring, as we do each year, by moving around plants and flowers in our yard. We have some fun “sensory” plants, including succulents, lavender, and mint. Now that the boys are older, we are looking up fun ways to try to include mint (and other things we grow in our yard) in new recipes. We are going to try some citrus and mint flavored water first! Yum!

  33. We celebrate spring with a last day of school party! Usually we have a pool and waterslide and Popsicles. This year, DS said he wanted a sports theme party, so we are brainstorming that idea. The orangesicle cookies just might be what we need this year! THANKS for all the great recipes and time you put into your site.

  34. Taterbug says:

    We’re planning a weekend trip to a homeschool conference, now that the hubs and I have our first little bun in the oven. The convention center isn’t far from the river, though, so I’m going to angle to take a walk along the riverside during lunch hour. So glad the sun is finally shining!

  35. Patricia says:

    I love spring. We always celebrat as a family by starting a garden by the barn every year. We pull weeds and my brothers get the rottertiller going while my daughter and I go over what to plant this year. We try to be good stewards to the environment by growing as much food as we can and also give some away to elderly neighbors. My granddaughter loves to take baskets to neighbors and leave it on the steps and run after ringing the doorbell. They always know where it comes from but they pretend they don’t while she hides in teh bushes.

  36. Rebecca Loach says:

    We are celebrating with graduations! My son just got his Master’s Degree this past weekend and my grandson will be graduating from kindergarten in a couple of weeks.

  37. Sarah B. says:

    We are celebrating Spring by cleaning up the yard and planning a family BBQ.

  38. Alicia says:

    To celebrate Spring, we’re going to Disneyland! There’s no better way to celebrate than being at the Happiest Place on Earth! 🙂

  39. Diva1gina says:

    We are getting our garden in, then taking a daytripto the coast. We’ve already been to the Tulip Festival and hit the Farmers Market each weekend.

  40. Anna Cooper says:

    I have been celebrating by spending time outside with my 2 kids. We have been going on walks in the evenings and started a garden.

  41. We are having a big family cookout!

  42. Emily Adams says:

    My family takes walks together!

  43. We have been celebrating Spring by grilling out!

  44. We are going to spend a lot of time together working in the garden together and after a hard day’s work, go down to the creek and swim as a family. Thanks for the giveaway!

  45. I’m not sure spring is going to come to Missouri… it looks like we are going straight from winter to summer! But we had a nice spring celebration on vacation in Virginia last week, seeing the tulips and all the lovely green everywhere. It was a beautiful change from the dry and cold in the Midwest.

  46. Debbie K says:

    Getting outside after months of being cooped up inside!!!!!

  47. Andrea D. says:

    We celebrate by planting flowers and barbecuing. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  48. Shiloa says:

    We are going to celebrate with family get togethers and great food! Some of which will be from your recipes. 🙂

  49. I plan to celebrate spring by planting an herb and vegetable garden. I picked up basil, spearmint, rosemary, dill, strawberries and cherry tomatoes this past weekend. My kids and I are going to have fun running through the water sprinklers in the warm spring sunshine.

  50. Cheryl Elmose says:

    For spring we have signed up our boys for soccer and baseball. we have four boys and one girl and with all of them in sports it keeps our spring busy. My girl however, loves to swim so we are usually at some lake, river or pool on the weekends. So our spring time is filled with family!

  51. Tiff – your link to the Pillsbury FB page didn’t work for me…could you check that out please? And thanks –

  52. michelle pignataro says:

    I am celebrating Spring by planting a small garden to share with some special family and friends. I am also planning on sharing some “springy” baked goods with the special folks at the nursing home in our area…… ty so much for the great recipe.

  53. Melissa says:

    It is time for us to get out the porch swing….to enjoy in the mornings and evenings!

  54. Carrie says:

    We are taking a cross country RV trip as a family.

  55. Maria W. says:

    Taking my four grandsons to the park and bringing these cookies as a treat. After that, we’ll pick flowers for their mom!

  56. teresa says:

    Oh my goodness, do these cookies look good! Hope I win!!

  57. Natalie says:

    We celebrated Spring by having our neighbors over for dinner and a swim. 🙂

  58. Jennifer Guhl says:

    My family is celebrating spring by changing the landscaping around the house. Celebrating may be too strong a word for this chore!

  59. Linda C. Seal says:

    Wooohooo we love Key Lime Pie and what a great idea Key Lime Cake. Just in time for the Summer months. I plan on making this cake and refrigerating it before serving. How tasty will that be great cold tart and tangy. PERFECT FOR SUMMER. The cookies well I have got three little munchkins who love to come visit me and this will be a great treat for them this summer. I CANNOT WAIT!

  60. Karen B says:

    at church and enjoying our beautiful weather in so cal.

  61. I plan to go to the beach with my husband and boys.

  62. Nicole P. says:

    We are celebrating with lots of weddings this spring. Including one where my three year old daughter will be one of the flower girls. It should be a fun time. Family weddings are so much fun.

  63. We are off to Disneyland in 2 weeks!!!

  64. janet h says:

    We get together and have random bbqs and catch up on life.

  65. Spring is here in Maine, absolutely gorgeous, trying to get hubs to help me start new vegetable garden beds, we are almost there!! Nettie <3

  66. Rebecca A says:

    In a couple of weeks my family is going on a big vacation. We will hit many National Parks in CO, UT, and AZ. Can’t wait!

  67. Heather says:

    We will celebrate spring by opening up our pool and enjoying the great weather.

  68. Sandra H says:

    getting the yard ready so on my days off I have a place to relax in….ummm

  69. We will be planting flowers. I have plans for the hubby to build me a window box!

  70. Hello! What fun cake/cookie mix ideas! For spring I look forward to setting up some Bat Mitton out back! But for chill time sitting in the shade or on the porch. Will be so nice.

  71. We are going to Boulder to celebrate my sister graduating from law school.

  72. I’ll be celebrating spring by going strawberry picking with my grandkids and then making jam. Good times !!!

  73. Phyllis says:

    Taking my grandkids on picnics and traveling to see my newest granddaughter is on our list.

  74. Leslie says:

    My 23 year old son has already helped us celebrate Spring by getting a job & getting ready to move in w/a friend who has just bought a house. I’m going to miss him! (woo hoo!)

  75. We’re celebrating spring by going outside every chance we get. Lawn, garden, tennis… it’s all outside, baby! 🙂

  76. Heather King says:

    We are planting, planting, and more planting. Getting the yard ready for spring and summer!

  77. Debbi R says:

    We will be planting an herb garden , flowers and tomatoes, lettuce etc.

  78. Vicky Ousley says:

    Celebrated Spring with the Grandkids by planting flowers, having lunch on the front porch and blowing bubbles!

  79. We are get busy cleaning out the flower beds and seeing what needs split, replanted, etc. Cleaning off the siding, porches and getting out the outside furniture. Then we sit back and enjoy the gardens.

  80. We love to have backyard cookouts with friends and family. Oh and there may be a waterballon fight involved . 🙂

  81. Kelly booth says:

    After reading this post, I’m in the mood for cookies!

  82. I’m helping my family and friends celebrate their new babies this spring! One baby shower down and 3 more to go! So exciting!

  83. Spring is mostly gone here in Florida, but we are spending May in the yard and at the neighborhood pool.

  84. sharonjo says:

    We will celebrate Spring with lots of cookouts and grilling on the deck. And hopefully plant a garden together if it ever warms up here!~!

  85. Linda C. Seal says:

    How wonderful! Key Lime Cake just in time for summer. I am going to make it and then put it the refrigerator and serve it. Think of it a cold tart dessert WOW. I cannot wait. for the cookies well I have 4 little munchkins who love to come to my house for treats and what a new and wonderful treat for them.

  86. Can’t wait to make these cookies.. I love orangesicles!!

  87. April V says:

    We are celebrating by planting a garden together!!

  88. Lots of visits to the dog park and the beach!

  89. Susie DuVal says:

    We’re taking walks every day the weather allows.

  90. Elena Falk says:

    We are celebrating spring by playing more outside as a family and planting (digging in the dirt).

  91. Lots of fresh vegetables and fruit.

  92. We’re celebrating Spring by enjoying the current weather in whatever way we can! It’s so gorgeous outside, so every excuse we can find, we’re using it (even down to taking the cat outside to brush him so the hair doesn’t stay inside, ha). We’re going for walks almost every day and the ice cream place that’s a couple miles away doesn’t seem like nearly as bad of a walk when you have a delicious treat for the way back.

  93. Barb Sandage says:

    We hope to be eating lots of fresh spring produce from the garden and sharing with family and friends.

  94. D SCHMIDT says:

    We are planning to go on some picnics, I love spring because it is not dreadfully warm and unbearable.

  95. We are celebrating Spring by planting lots of new flowers, vegetables and herbs!!

  96. Mami2jcn says:

    We are taking a trip with the grandparents to South Carolina.

  97. I am going to spring clean my garage so I can fit our cars in there.

  98. Kerrie G says:

    Lots of barbecues with the family!!!

    Our family of 5 is also learning how to play tennis!

  99. I’ve made it my goal this year to become a grill master, so for the rest of this spring we are spending more time outside grilling as often as the weather permits.

  100. Kathy S says:

    We are doing a spring graduation party for three family members graduating from high school. Should be a good time.

  101. Susan Christy says:

    Hanging out on my patio