Meat Eaters, Meatless, Vegetarian, Vegan?


Earlier in the week I posted the  Free Menu/Grocery List/Recipes.  The response has been wonderful and I’ve heard back from many of you with your thoughts on the menu.  It seems to have fit the needs of some people just right.  Others have said they don’t eat nearly that much meat in a week.  Still others crave even more meat.

All of that has me wondering how you would describe your family’s eating habits.  I’ve set up a poll below, but I also hope you’ll take a moment to leave a comment and tell me a bit more.  Is your family adventurous in their eating?  Do you eat fish or sea food? 

What’s your biggest challenge to getting dinner on the table each night? 

I’m working on another menu for Monday. I know that menus are not one-size-fits-all, but I’d like to put out something that is helpful for many of you.

So, if you have a moment please take the poll and tell me about what your family likes to eat.  And thank you so much for visiting here and cooking with me.  I appreciate you all very much!

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  1. Love your website and I appreciate your thoughtfulness to ask the readers what we want to see!

  2. I voted 1 -2 times a week for the meatless meals. My daughter (9) has always had an aversion to meat 😉 LOL We love seafood & fish and sushi even 🙂 We will experiment with food if it seems like something we wanna try. DD9 will pick the meat out of spaghetti sauce so we try not to mix them together before putting on plates. She will eat meat if that is all we have fixed for dinner (roast beef cheese sandwiches) but would prefer not to. So meals that could go both ways easily would be great for our family! We have 6 of us in our home. DH, myself, DS10, DD9, DS2 & DD 4 months. Thanks for the great menu!

    • Tiffany says:

      Rachel, your daughter sounds a lot like my oldest girl. She just doesn’t get into meat. I’ll try to make suggestions for changing recipes to meatless when possible. I’m glad you liked the menu. Thanks for your comment!

  3. I’ve become more adventurous, but I’m just starting to get into cooking seafood (mainly shrimp). I’d love to have some simple recipes for fish, but I find that most recipes require more extensive cooking knowledge than I already have.

    I’m really enjoying reading back through the site, looks like I may try a pantry/freezer challenge myself!

    • Tiffany says:

      Misc Jenn, we’ve only started eating seafood in the last few years. I guess that’s what happens when you grow up in land-locked Indiana. I was afraid to try to cook it for a long time. And I admit that I’m still not real adventurous when it comes to seafood, but I’m trying. I do have some real simple ways of preparing fish. I’ll share those one of these days. Thanks for your comment!

  4. islander says:

    Hi Tiffany;
    Thanks for considering all of us :)! We are a vegetarian family, but we do eat dairy and eggs. I will still search through your recipes for meatless recipes, but if I know you’ll have a few with your menus, then that would be great for me! I like new ideas (easy, but new lol!). Love your blog. Elsa ds10, dd8, ds22months

  5. Neat poll, Tiffany.

    I am a meat and potatoes girl, but my husband and children do not like meat as much. We try to have 1-2 meatless meals each week, or meals where meat is just part of the main dish, like a casserole. Meat as a main dish can also get expensive when you are feeding seven people. I am always looking for recipes that use more beans and vegetables. I am also learning to add vegetables to dishes even when the recipe does not call for them. (Like the stuffed bell peppers I’ve been making this summer…so yummy and nutritious. Very little meat, and it could even be left out.)

    Just my thoughts. As always, I love visiting your blog and cannot wait until you publish a cookbook.


  6. I’m from Indiana too! I started eating fish a few years ago. Never ate it growing up b/c my mom said it was gross and wouldn’t eat it, so neither did I 🙁 I’m breaking that cycle in my house by the way!
    We go meatless a couple times a week. It’s no big deal around here not to eat it. I was a vegetarian for 5 years, but find it easier to eat meat b/c the rest of the family does. However, I don’t eat pork (no reason other than I don’t like it.)
    Is there anyway to do the menu with a couple substitution items?

  7. I voted 1-2 meatless dinners a week, but it is a little more convoluted than that. We eat meat every night when we have it, but when we run out we may go a week or so without meat while we are waiting for a sale. We don’t really like beans or vegetables, so the meatless meals usually involve a lot of cheese or peanut butter :-).

  8. I am an avid reader of your blog I think it is just fantastic I voted for the meatless meals I have been a veggie only gal since I was 13. I am so excited about back to school! summer is over finally I love summer myself but I am an RDA in a DDS office for Kids only and whew ~Grinning in delight~ I am ready for those kiddos to get outta my office for a bit 🙂 I am so so sorry to hear that someone has left there negative voice on your blog that is so sad there are a lot of lonely people in the world! We should all go bake a pan of cookies in there honor! That makes me feel better don’t know about Y’all

  9. Hello, I just found your blog through MPM. Love your menus! I voted 1-2 meatless days a week. That varies, but we follow a religious fast from meat (land animals) on Wednesdays and Fridays, with some exceptions. In Advent, we will eat meatless on Saturdays as well. During the 12 days of Christmas, there is no fasting at all. During Lent, we try to go meatless at least the Wed/Fri/Sat, eat much less meat during the rest of the time (with some more meatless days during the week occasionally, we’re working toward all meatless except for Sundays during Lent) and do not eat any sweets or desserts. Easter and Bright week, we are back to no fasting.

    Not that you needed to know that much about me. 🙂

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