Kitchens Are For More Than Cooking

kitchen table

I’ve already shown you around my kitchen, but cooking isn’t all that goes on in a kitchen.  I spend most of my time at home in the this room.  I feel comfortable in here.  When I have guests over, we usually sit at the table to talk.  Later, I’ll realize I should have invited them to sit in the living room where the furniture is more comfortable.  I just don’t think about it though, because I’m so comfortable in the kitchen.  Even in the homes of my friends, I’d rather be in the kitchen.


Most of my blog posts get written in this room.  My computer lives on the counter, but if I have a lot of work to do, I’ll move it to the table.  My camera lives on the counter too, ready for me to take photos of our food before we eat it.

During the school year, the table is often covered in books.  We homeschool and lots of study takes place in the kitchen.  The stack of books on the table in the photo above are part of what I ordered new for this year.


This crate travels between the dining room and kitchen.  It’s a modified version of work boxes that many homeschoolers use.  My youngest daughter’s work is in one side, youngest son’s work in the other.  This is how I left it in May when we finished for the year.


counter phone

I’d like to call this my command center like Laura at I’m an Organizing Junkie recommends, but I don’t have that much control.  I keep books I’m currently reading and books I refer to frequently here.  I also have project notebooks, mail, a box of phone numbers and usually all kinds of things people tend to pile in this spot.

counter file box

But check out the organizing box.  I found it at Target.  It gives me a spot for my external hard drive, camera cords, headphones, mail.  And it has space for a few hanging files!

I really love this little box.


cookbook cabinet

A kitchen isn’t complete without cookbooks.  Mine are stored above that little spot of counter in the previous picture.  As you can see, the cabinet shelf is crammed full.  I regularly glean through them and get rid of those I don’t use often, but it’s still stuffed.

And I should be embarrassed by all the junk on the shelf under the cookbooks.  Sunscreen and bug spray should probably be stored somewhere else, but this works for us.

calendar area

This is a little area just off the kitchen.

Chalk board, calendar, and magnetic poetry.

Oh yeah, and a pencil sharpener that you can’t see in the photo. I got tired of the electric kind that don’t really work and bought the kind they have in schools.

school office supply door

I’ve already shown you how I use an over-the-door shoe rack to organize spices.  This one holds school/office supplies and hangs over a closet door near the kitchen.

If only I had more closet doors, my whole life could be organized!

How do you use your kitchen?  And how do you organize it for all the things that happen in this room?

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  1. Love this peek into your home!! I agree about the kitchen…it’s the most comfortable place in the house. I have a friend who finally just broke down and put a loveseat in her kitchen because everyone always ended up there! My kitchen leaves a lot to be desired. We’re slowly but surely making it work for us and once we find the perfect hutch, we’ll be all good. For now, I have a card table in the breakfast nook (tacky, I know) that holds all my son’s craft and coloring supplies, as well as a few overflow things that don’t fit into my cabinets.
    I’m going to Target today to look for something like your organizer box! That is fantastic.

    • Jen, I don’t think the card table is tacky. It’s smart to make do until you can get something else. Right now I have no end tables in the family room. I had already moved one to another room. It has a crack in the top, so I used it for the printer. The other day my boys were rough housing, fell and landed on the other table. They broke all 4 legs off of it. Crazy boys.

  2. Thanks for the look into your kitchen. I think the kitchen is pretty much the heart of the home, especially if there’s a table to gather around! We’re currently living in a temporary housing situation with an in incredibly spacious kitchen. Our piano is there, so I’m able to help my daughter with her music while I’m working in the kitchen. One of the kids can often be found reading on the comfy loveseat. I brought in some extra computer speakers that I can hook to my iPod so that I can listen to music or podcasts while I’m in there. And my laptop often finds its way into the kitchen (especially when I’m on your site!). Oh, and we do cook and eat in the kitchen, too!

  3. My kitchen is the everything room for me as well. We converted our extra bedroom into an office a couple of years ago… and I have since ditched it and taken over the kitchen.

    I have heard many homeschool moms say that the kitchen table is where their classroom is! Love it.

  4. I live in my kitchen too. Your work station looks similar to mine. We do a lot of projects at the kitchen table even though we have a craft area set up in the basement. There is just something about being in the kitchen. It’s the hub for whats going to be happening in our day. Love all the pictures!

  5. Love the pics into your kitchen! I have a plan of the perfect kitchen for me and can’t wait till we have a house of our own so I can do it. It includes a love seat, bookshelves, and a chalkboard wall! 🙂

  6. I’m kind of new to your site, and enjoy the recipes. But I didn’t know you home school! I home school as well, so we have a cabinet that we store all of our books and supplies in and do our work at the kitchen table. I like your over the door shoe hanger for organizing supplies. I might look into something like that for my stuff, except it has to be smaller so that little hands can’t get into them. Great pictures!

  7. Oh, yes! We homeschool in the kitchen and dining room as well. Last year, my best friend, who is also a kitchen designer and a homeschool mom, designed a new kitchen for me and it is the best kitchen for a homeschooling family. I’m loving it!

  8. When I read your first paragraph Tiffany I totally understood. I always hang out with friends in the kitchen and also think afterward that I should have invited them into the living room : ) It looks like a wonderful space and oh so organized!

  9. I have the same chalkboard in my kitchen!!! Love it!!

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