Every Cook Needs a Good Knife – A Giveaway!

The most important tool in your kitchen is a good, sharp knife.  Without one, you’ll be very frustrated trying to prep foods for cooking.  Chopping veggies and meats should not be time consuming.  A sharp knife is the secret to making quick work of the task.

The photo above is my collection of Rada Cutlery knives.  I love them all, but the Cook’s Knife (3rd from the top) is the one I reach for most often.  The knives not only hold an edge, but they also take an edge.  Meaning the can be sharpened easily.

I’m so excited to get to host this giveaway for Rada Cutlery.  The company is providing a Starter Set of their knives to the winner.

The set includes Slicer, Cook’s Knife, 6″ Bread Slicer, Super Parer, Tomato Slicer, Vegetable Peeler and Regular Paring. (Value of $52.50)

Rada knives are wonderful quality, but they are also affordable.  My favorite Cook’s Knife is only $9.20!  If you’ve been wanting new knives or you have someone on your Christmas list who would like some, pop over to the Rada Kitchen Store and do a little shopping.  You’ll be glad you did!

Rada Cutlery also does fundraisers, so if you work with an organization that needs to raise money you will want to look into what they offer.

To enter the giveaway for the Rada Starter Set:

  • Leave a comment telling me about your knives
  • For a second entry – Like the Rada Cutlery Facebook page and leave a second comment on this post, telling me that you did.

This giveaway is open through Sunday, December 12.

Disclosure: Rada Cutlery is providing the Starter Set to the winner.  They are also a sponsor of this site.  And I happen to love their product and highly recommend it.

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  1. A few years ago, my hubby bought me a set of knives that could be sharpened- What a difference a sharp knife makes!

  2. Sharp knives are a wonderful thing!
    What a lovely prize!!

  3. Oh I need these for my girlfriend, her knives make my butter knives seem sharp. I tell her dull tools are more dangerous but she doesn’t know how much of a difference it really makes…

  4. I liked them on FB too.

  5. My knives are on their last legs. But, boy what a good sharpening will do!

  6. We use a set of knives from Cuisinart. I’ve been pretty satisfied, until trying to slice through a spaghetti squash last night…perhaps a good sharpening would help. Or a new set all together!

  7. My current knives are ok, but they are wearing out. I have one good Pampered Chef knife, but the rest need to be replaced!

  8. Rebecca Barr says:

    I have used these knives for years. I couldn’t cook without them. They have so many uses and I find I don’t need any other knifes except these. I just resharpen when needed and go.

  9. Great prize! I would love to win.
    We received a decent set of knives for our wedding. 2 years later my husband broke the tip of the chef’s knife while trying to separate some frozen steaks. We have had a tip-less chef’s knife ever since – it still chops.

  10. I currently use knives from a wooden block that we got as an anniversary present. I can’t imagine what using “real” knives would be like and I’d love to win.

  11. I have a couple of rada knives and love them. they are the ones I reach for first. Love my peeler. I lost the long serrated one in a move and I miss it so. I”d love some of hte other knives in this set that I dont’ have.

  12. I’m currently living in corporate housing and the knives provided are ridiculously dull. I just about cut my finger off the other day cutting an apple because instead of cutting through the skin of the apple, it decided to slide across it. Luckily it was too dull to cut my finger, even with some momentum!

  13. I liked them on facebook

  14. These look similar to the knives I use, but I don’t think mine are Rada. Mine are knives that never need sharpening. If these knives are similar to my own, I know I will love them.

  15. I don’t even know what brand my knives are! When we got married my husband knew more about cooking than I did so he picked them out!

  16. I liked them on facebook!

  17. Denya Delgado says:

    I bought my knives in 1998 when I married my husband and was sent to Fort Drum, NY from TX. I got to Fort Drum and had to become a wife/cook and realized I didn’t have pots, pans, knives, etc. So I bought a set from the PX and have been using them ever since. They are old and ugly and a new set would be awesome!

  18. Denya Delgado says:

    I liked them on facebook!

  19. I have a mishmash of knives –a couple of Sheffield Butler knives that were wedding gifts, a Cutco that somehow found its way to my home, and some other random ones. I desperately need some new knives!

  20. For many years, I used the knives in the knife block I received at my wedding shower (over 20 years ago!). Then, I was lucky enough to earn some Pampered Chef knives. Now, I have a set of Wolfgang Puck knives in a great knife block. They are santoku knives, and they’re really nice. I could really use a ‘starter set’ of regular knives, though! 🙂

  21. Liked on facebook.

  22. My knives are so mismatched. I need a good set! I have always wanted a chef’s knife!

  23. Diane in MD says:

    Knives are SO important! I have a few that are good, but oddly enough, my favorite one is my TV knife that I received at least 10 years ago. Best bread knife EVER and it never needs sharpening! That said, some new knives for other uses would be welcome addition to my kitchen!

  24. I like them on Facebook.

  25. melissa kurth says:

    My favorite knife is one we call made by the Amish. Not sure if it is or not but I only have the paring Knife it works great and sharpens nice. I got it as a gift and do not know where to get more.

  26. melissa kurth says:

    I liked them on facebook!!

  27. I have a thrown together set of knives. Nothing grand. =)

  28. I don’t know why it is I can’t find a good knife. One that will cut a tomato without making it look like a crime scene. My knives shiver at the thought of cutting through butter – that’s how bad it is. SO please please please Lady Luck be kind to me and let me win this FABULOUS and oh so generous giveaway.

  29. I like them on facebook.

  30. Several years ago, we lived in a friend’s house for a while. All the knives were Rada knives. I loved them – but had no idea where to buy some for myself. Buying a set right now isn’t really in the budget so winning a set would be great!

  31. And I’ve posted on the Rada Cutlery facebook page as well!

  32. My knives, don’t hold an edge. My brother in law tried to teach me how to sharpen them, but they get dull so quickly and I am so undisciplined in the area of sharpening. My knives are mismatched sets from different places, most second hand, I would love to win a set of new knives that keep an edge and take an edge.

  33. I have a set that we received as a wedding gift 10 years ago. Unfortunately, they do not seem to keep sharp. The only exception is the paring knife that I use for everything. I would love a new set, especially since I am trying to cook at home more.

  34. We recieved knifes for our wedding 8 years ago and they are worn out and several are missing. I know a dull knife is an unsafe knife! I am actually looking at purchasing new ones, but I had no idea what kind to buy. Now I will check out the Rada knifes!

  35. I just liked Rada Cutlery on Facebook.

  36. i use the rada paring knives all the time i love them!

  37. I use my Rada knives each day. Love, love, love them!

  38. My knives are awful. I do have a cutco kitchen scissors and spreader but, no good knives. I had to use a steak knife to carve my turkey! lol

  39. Liked on facebook

  40. Liked the Rada Facebook page. Thanks Tiffany!

  41. I would love to have a great set of knives! These look really great and I am bookmarking this for my wishlist too. Thanks for the recommendation.

  42. I have the dullest most useless knives ever! I would LOVE to win these. If not I might have to mention to my husband what a great Christmas gift these would be. 🙂

  43. I have the WORST knives! My now fiance got our knives pre-me and I have yet to update. These would be AMAZING!

  44. Liked their FB page too!

  45. I completely agree with your statement about needing a good knife in the kitchen or prepare for frustration. I will routinely pack up my own knives when we are away on vacation or just cooking at a friend’s house because I am so attached to my own good knives. They are the extra hand in the kitchen! Thanks for this giveaway opportunity.

  46. I have no knives!!! I really really could use these…it would make a great birthday/christmas present to myself.

  47. Wow…what a great giveaway! Gosh my knives are so old….I don’t even think they could slice my hand. I have never really thought about buying knives. I have a set that the electric company gave me when you sign up with them…paring knives….isn’t this aweful that I have never thought about getting anything better. So needless to say this would be a great gift for myself.

  48. I liked Rada cutlery on facebook also

  49. Went and added Facebook follower for the knives….

    Also wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed your blog!

  50. I have two Furi knives that I use all the time – but these look great.

  51. I liked Rada on their facebook page.

  52. It would be a Merry Christmas to me to have these!

  53. Our knives are a hodge podge of nothing great or noteworthy. We have a couple that we reach for the most, and the rest are used out of necessity. A nice set would be a wonderful addition to our kitchen!

  54. Carrie C. in VA says:

    my favorite knives are my Henckels and I take good care of them to make them last longer!

  55. My knives are a sad collection of what’s left from three different partial sets that I “inherited” from various relatives in the past. They’re old and were never great quality in the beginning. I could use a new set! 🙂

  56. I have a conglomeration of 3 sets of knives. They are from various quality sets I’ve aquired over the years, and I would love to have a set of GOOD knives. Oh, and I still have the knife set my mother used when we were growing up…it’s hanging in it’s little rack in my kitchen, the blades worn down to almost nothing….

  57. our knives are in rough condition after 16 + years of use…..this would be a fun win!

  58. Margie Huddleston says:

    I need a good knife! These look wonderful.Thanks!

  59. I have been contimplating the fact that I really need a good knife and not have to chisel away with my set. Thanks for the info! Would love to look a new set!

  60. I am still using the same knives my husband got when he moved out on his own. They are in poor shape.

  61. I like Rada on their FB page.

  62. I have the Rada vegetable peeler and LOVE it! Also have one Rada paring knife, but the rest are this and that. Would love the whole set! 🙂

  63. It’s probably time for ours to be updated.

  64. Our kids 4H club did sold the knives as fund raiser a few years ago and we bought three knives and a sharpener to try out. I love these knives. I dig around my old knives to make certain I get a rada. i would love to replace all of my old knives with the rada ones.

  65. Liked Rada on FB–thanks for the chance to win!!

  66. My knives are a sad state of affairs. I have broken tips off of a couple of my steak knives using them to pry things. I have a knife I use to cut and chop, but it isn’t the best as far as size of my hand, etc. New knives are something I have been thinking about!


  67. I like Rada Cutlery on Facebook!


  68. My knives are a hodgepodge….I do have 3 older Pampered Chef knives in the sharpener/protective sleeves that are my favorites…the rest are just cheap knives I have accumulated over my 21+ years of marriage!

  69. We have two block knife sets that are at least 10 years old. They were both cheap to begin with and have not increased in value for sure!! It takes me for.ev.er to cut up veggies etc. in prepping my meals and that drives me nuts (like sorry honey, lets go get pizza tonight kind of nuts). Anyway, we’ve not been able to pull the trigger on purchasing the pricey knife brands but I curse that decision almost daily. Would love to have some decent knives before Christmas!!

  70. Funny! We were just discussing my need for new, good knives when I got the e-mail.

  71. I liked Rada on their FB page.

  72. I saved and saved and saved and bought my first “nice” knife set in my life four months ago. What a crock! The are already getting dull and sharpen TERRIBLY! I am so disappointed! A new set of good knives would be ever so awesome:) Pick me pick me pick me:)

  73. I have Cutco knives almost 40 years old, but my daughters need some good knives, so these would be a present from you and me to them!

  74. I have a few Rada paring knives and a set of Kitchen Aid knives that we got as a wedding present. The Rada knives are my favorite and I’d love to have a full set of them!

  75. Ooh, what a great giveaway! I have a sodoku (sp?) knife that I use for nearly everything and a very old, tired butcher knife that needs to be replaced. I also have the worst potato peeler in the world.

  76. I have a ton of knives and I only really use one which is a Henckels chef’s knife. I use it for cutting things I shouldn’t so it would be nice to have a set that I can use where it is supposed to be used and get rid of all my others.

  77. I have no name knives picked up from Marshall’s as I see one which catches my eye.
    Would love to have this set!

  78. For 26 years I had cheap, horrible knives. Last summer I finally bought a set of four Cutco knives which I love, but they are SOOOOO expensive!

  79. I would love just one sharp knife or even better a set! What a wonderful give-a-way. My daughters are both left handed and it is very hard for them to cut anything especially with dull knives. Having theses would help greatly.

  80. Our knives are a set of Henkels knives that my husband bought in his culinary days. They have not been sharpened in a few years *hides face in shame*

  81. I love my Rada vegetable peeler! It would be great to have the whole set!

  82. My collection of knives is a random assortment of (cheap) knives I’ve accumulated over the years. The handle of my favorite knife recently snapped, and the rest of my knives are almost too dull to cut. I could definitely use some quality knives

  83. When I moved out on my own, knives were the last item I thought I needed. So I have an assortment of knives that I bought at various places as I needed them. I now have a knife draw filled with knives that I no longer use. The past year I have really gotten into cooking, and I see as I chop and dice and saw through the various foods that I definitely need a good set. I think with the right kitchen tools you have a much more enjoyable time cooking.

  84. For big cutting and chopping jobs I reach for my J.A. Henckels santuko. For smaller jobs or meal time I have a set of Rada utility knives that I’ve had for about 15 or 16 years. Love them.

  85. I liked Rada on facebook

  86. I “Liked” Rada cutlery on Facebook.

  87. My knives are from Walmart and I have had them for 15 years. When I am trying to slice butternut squash I pull a chair into the kitchen and stand on it because I think it gives me more leverage on trying to get the knife through the butternut squash. My family thinks I am crazy and my dh tells me to go buy a good knife but it always seems to be low on the list of needs.

  88. we’ve had our knives for 16 yrs, and it’s about time for a replacement! Those knives look great

  89. I have been using the same knife set for 14 years. They were a wedding gift. They are Kitchen Aide knives. I like them, but it’s definitely time for an upgrade. This set is beautiful. Great give away!

  90. I like Rada cutlery on fb

  91. I liked Rada on facebook.

  92. Elizabeth Lin says:

    I am still using the cheap $20 set of knives I got for Christmas in college 20 years ago. I could probably use a new set.

  93. Elizabeth Lin says:

    I liked Rada Cultlery on Facebook.

  94. Good Sharp knives are hard to find. THis would be awesome to win 🙂

  95. I “liked” Rada on facebook too!

  96. Stacy Young says:

    My knives are dull and where the cheapest knives that Walmart had 10 years ago.

  97. Stacy Young says:

    I “like” Rada on Facebook.

  98. teresa harris says:

    I would be sooo excited to win these! What a treat!

  99. I have only a few knifes I like of our huge collection so if one of those is dirty, we have to bravely attempt a cutting adventure without incurring any serious injuries…I don’t remember those knives ever working to my liking. Unfortunately, we couldn’t and still can’t afford a great set of knives. This would be AWESOME to win!!

  100. We have one set from Chicago Cutlery and that is it! I need some new knives bad!

  101. My knives are few and far between. Other than butter knives, I only have 3 others. Sad, but true! Imagine the results when you try to cut bread with a paring knife (one of the 3 I own).
    I would love a set for Christmas!

  102. I like Rada Cutlery on Facebook!

  103. I have a single good knife, a Wusthof chefs knife. I would LOVE to have more quality knives!!

  104. Buz Koehler says:

    I have a mixed selection of knives and only one is really good, but it’s the knife that makes the cook sometime. It would be great to take the set on my Canadian fishing trip.

  105. Rada cutlery is amazing! I have a few of their knives (the chef’s knife, slicer, and a serrated knife), but I also LOVE their vegetable peeler- it’s absolutely THE BEST!

  106. Melissa Bryant says:

    I have a $15 knife set so could desperatley use some new ones.

  107. I have a pretty sad set on knives. The one I use the most is a ceramic one and it has lots of nicks and the tip is broken off! I could really use some new, good knives! 🙂

  108. My knives are nothing fancy- off the shelf from Target or Walmart. What I really, really need is a good paring knife. I bought steak knives at Ikea to teach the kids how to use them and they’ve been some of the best steak knives (for the table) I’ve used, surprisingly!

  109. I have 3 of the Henckels knives and they are so old the emblem has come almost all the way off each one. They have been used for 15 years, but I need to find someone who can professionally sharpen them. They don’t do too bad on the automatic sharpener, but I know they could be razor sharp someday 🙂

  110. Cheryl Ann says:

    I am a facebook fan now!

  111. Cheryl Ann says:

    I have a block with a set of knives that my mom gave me when I got married 1 1/2 years ago. She bought the set at Ross. I definitely need a new set!!

  112. my knives were a wedding gift… not super nice and they are lacking in skill. my grams did give me a little gift box of rada knives and they are awesome! i’d love more!

  113. i like rada on fb

  114. I have a little of everything and nothing really matches, but I have my favorites.

  115. Jeannine Q says:

    My knives are in a drawer in my kitchen and I really could use a nice set.

  116. My current favorite knives are from Pampered Chef; I like that I can keep them sharp. All of my knives have been gifts, so I’ve never shopped for knives. I’d love to try the Rada set!

  117. I’m now a Rada facebook fan!

  118. The knife I use the most is from Pampered Chef.

  119. I have 2 Santuku knives I purchased a couple years ago at target, I love them but I could really used some more. Would love to have a set of these

  120. I do’t really know what kind of knives I have, I got them for Christmas a couple years ago.

  121. Michelle Malette says:

    My knives are second hand from Value Village or assorted hand me downs. I would love a new set of knives. I cook all of our food from scratch, nothing prepared so some new knives would make my life easier.

    Thanks for this great chance to win!

  122. Michelle Malette says:

    Liked Rada Cutlery on FB! Thanks Rada!

  123. girliefriend says:

    Oh my fingers would be so grateful.

  124. girliefriend says:

    I am now a facebook fan.

  125. My knives were hand-me-downs from about 20 years ago. Knives are on my Christmas list!

  126. I have a weird selection of knives. A have a cheapo set that came in a block that I use for every day and for the tricker cutting I have a 3-piece set of Rachael way knives. Truth be told, they’re really not that good. I am lucky enough to have two of the Rada paring knives, and I LOVE them. Those suckers are sharp, and they get the job done! I would absolutely love the starter set of Radas!

  127. Just hit “like” on their FB page! BTW…ignore the typo on my above post. My 3-piece knife set is Rachael RAY not Rachael way!

  128. Kimberly s says:

    My knives? Well, I used to have a few of really nice ones, but they have seemed to disappear over the years. Maybe from moving? Potlucking? Family get-togethers? I must have left them behind somewhere. Not quite sure. I have one good one left! And many others that are not so good.

  129. Kimberly s says:

    I “like”d Rada on Facebook.

  130. I have a block set but don’t know the brand. I have often drooled over Cutco knives, but they are soooooo expensive! Thanks for the giveaway!

  131. Shelly Humble says:

    I could really use a new knife set. The one set I have I’ve had for 13 1/2 years that we received as a wedding gift. It was a $15 block set that has really been handy but are now getting a bit old. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  132. Shelly Humble says:

    I “like” Rada on Facebook!

  133. I have a few Rada paring knives and I LOVE them! I also have a Henkels set that I got for a steal on clearance, but the Rada knives are still the first ones I reach for.

  134. I “liked” Rada on Facebook.

  135. These knives look great. I would love to win and replace some of the less then sharp knives I have at home.

  136. My knives are in pitiful shape and would love to win a set of RADAs!!

  137. urDaughter says:

    A good sharp knife, you just laid it on your hand, would cut your hand right to the bone!

  138. I actually only have a set of the cheapest steak knives you can get at walmart 🙁 i always dream of how much easy it would make my life if i had good knives but it just hasnt been in the cards

  139. i became a fan on facebook

  140. Mary Ann Kinman says:

    Friends share their best recipes with their friends………as well as the rest of the world!

  141. We only have 2 good knives. Would love to win a set of new knives.
    I have heard the Rada knives are excellent quality.

  142. I have knives but have used them for 14 yrs. Wedding gifts

  143. We have a small set of knives and they never seem to work well. I always need a good knife.

  144. I became a fan of Rada Cutlery on Facebook!!

  145. Christine says:

    I have a set of “miracle blades” that my brother bought from a tv infomercial. I would love to win a set of real knives!

  146. I have a set of miracle blades that were given to me several years ago. While the concept is good, they are not that great.

  147. I added Rada Cutlery to my facebook “like” pages.

  148. I have a couple sets that never stay sharp for me!

  149. I have 2 Santoku knives that I love, and an assorted drawer full of dull knives I should really just throw away already! If I won this, I think I’d give it to my mom, since her knife situation is pretty sad – and she’d be the first to admit it! 😉

  150. My knives are a set of ever sharp knives that my SIL gave me when I got my first real job and apartment 10 years ago. I’ve really been wanting to buy a few great knives for the past few years, but I just haven’t done it.

  151. I actually use a steak knife since it seems to be the best I have got– and they are 20 years old! Guess I should really upgrade!

  152. I “liked” Rada on Facebook!

  153. I own one “really good” (Wusthof) knife and the rest are good quality but not great. Good knives are so important! I love how affordable these are!

  154. I use cutco knives, and they really aren’t as sharp as they should be!

  155. Staci Jones says:

    We have a bunch of knives from all sorts of sets and none cut well, it’s just a pick on which one isn’t the worst whenever we use them. It’d be nice to have a fabulous set of good knives.

  156. I do not own knives that I LOVE! 🙁 I have pieces from here and there but not what anyone in their right mind would call a “set”.

  157. I have Pamper Chef knives that my hubby got me when we were dating, probably 12-13 years ago. They are so-so at best, even right after I’ve sharpened them.

  158. Beth Chandler says:

    I’m still using the knife set I received as a wedding present almost 22 years ago! They get the job done… eventually. 🙂 I have two Pampered Chef knives that I’m very happy with, as well, but that Rada Cutlery knife set is calling my name! 🙂 What a great give-away! Thanks, Tiffany!

  159. I have some Rada knives and they are the only knives I will use. They are not heavy knives but easy to hold and they keep an edge better than any knife I’ve had. Rada knives will always be in my kitchen.

  160. I left a comment about Rada knives on facebook.

  161. Bridget =) says:

    we have the OLDEST knives ever, and they weren’t good to begin with! I really would like a nice new set!

  162. I have some cutco knives which are very old and need sharpened. I need to send them off to be sharpened and I never get around to it!

  163. I have a very eclectic “set” of knives. Some are hand me downs from my mom, some are from the set given as a wedding gift 15 years ago, some a from the dollar store. Yep, definitely a mish mosh.

  164. I have Liked them on Facebook.

  165. Let’s just say I need a new set of knives. The tips have broken off of several of the ones that I got in a set as a wedding gift. This would be a great give-a-way to win, because you generally just don’t run out and buy yourself a new set of knives. You make due with what you have. Well, I’m tired of making due. I’d love to win these!

  166. I have just regular steak knives, nothing special.

  167. Kristin Hevel says:

    My mom has 2 of these knives! They are the only knives that actually do a good job in her house, this would be a perfect gift for her for Christmas!

  168. I have a mish-mash of knives. I do like my Rachael Ray Santoku knife though.

  169. My poor knives are just about done in from years of use. I would love to win some new ones and have heard Rada knives are great!

  170. I love your blog. Sometimes it’s a challenge to come up with variety in the diet while staying within a budget. I appreciate your knack for keeping it inexpensive, simple and delicious.
    For the first Christmas my wife and I were together, I gave her a department-store knife set in a knife-block, a cutting board and a music box. Eighteen years and two children later, not always having what we want but having what we need, we’re still using that same set of knives. As with many other who have posted, the Rada set would be an upgrade for us.

  171. M.J. Jacobsen says:

    My knives are not the sharpest in the drawer! Great giveaway!!

  172. M.J. Jacobsen says:

    I like Rada on FB!!

  173. My knives are pretty bad. I’ve never had the money to invest in many good ones. I do have a Pampered Chef knife that I love (and has been discontinued) and have some Chigaco cutlery steak knives. Other than that they are just some cheap random knives. I remember that you did a post about Rada knives awhile back and I’ve kept that name in the back of my mind for whenever I get to buy some new knives.

  174. Virginia G. says:

    I have bought 2 pareing knives from Up Ward Bound a singing group at our school. I really like them.

  175. I use a steak knife to cut a lot of things! My spouse would really appreciate getting these!

  176. ‘Like’ Rada Cutlery on Facebook

  177. I get so frustrated because I can’t find a good knife! Hoping to win!

  178. I have one good knife that my dad bought me. All the others were cheap, came in a block and are DULL.

  179. I have been using a couple of “chef’s knives” that I picked up at WalMart in college (10 years ago). So, needless to say, I am in desperate need of some good, sharp knives. So sad that I’m still using these…

  180. I never have any really sharp knives when I need them. These look like a solution to that problem.

  181. My knives are a cheap-o set we registered for when we got married ten years ago. I would love an upgrade!

  182. Oh, my knives are so sad! I have made do with a good small one and a medium size knife. I never even use the other ones because they are terrible. But, what do ya do… Throw away knives? Sounds dangerous!lol

  183. Our knives are pathetic! Somehow we talk about getting new ones all the time, and never do. I use a bread knife for most of my cooking needs … I know!!!

  184. I use the pampered chef knives… the $1 ones

  185. Regina Martinez says:

    I do not have an actual set of knives per say but rather a couple mix matched paring knives (very cheap) and a kitchenaid santoku knife. My kicthenaid is not too bad but is very thin and not big enough for big items like watermelons and cataloupes, etc. I would love to upgrade to some new knives.

  186. OldNuffToKnoBtr says:

    My knife “collection”is so sad. I’m using a set of steak knives for almost everything. I could use a new set of knives. Thalnk you.

  187. OldNuffToKnoBtr says:

    My knife “collection”is so sad. I’m using a set of steak knives for almost everything. I could use a new set of knives. Thank you.

  188. My knives… well, what can I say? They are some old knives i’ve had forever. lol 🙂

  189. Peggy Reed says:

    These knives look great. My favorite knife was a wedding gift 32 years ago – I think it is time to get a new favorite!

  190. I read about these knives on your website but I don’t know anyone personally that has them. My knives consist of my 6 original steak knives I about almost 20 years ago from Kmart and a few Pampered Chef and Chicago cutlery….that are not good. I use my husband filet knife more than I should….and they are over 20 years old. I think I should renew my wedding vows and have a wedding shower?

  191. I find myself continually reaching for the steak knives to cut everything! Obviously, it’s because we have “steak” so often! Real knives would be heaven on earth.

  192. My kitchen knives are a hodge podge. Some of the small paring knives date back to my bridal shower 24 years ago. The eight steak knives are from a Christmas give-away from a local feed mill. The large butcher knife my father gave me, the handle is very worn. (he is now deceased) . Two filet knives my husbands mother gave us when we married(she is also deceased). My “nicest” knife (paring, stainless steel), my aunt purchased for me at a flea market in PA fifteen years ago. My knives would be a nightmare for a culinary expert, but I wouldn’t trade them for the most expensive, elaborate set anywhere!

  193. I can’t even tell you the name brand of my knives. I know every time I use them, I wonder if better knives would benefit me in the kitchen. Seems like I struggle with getting things chopped & diced quickly. I would LOVE a GOOD set of knives!

  194. I went to FB and “liked” Rada Cutlery! Yay!!

  195. We still have the knives that we got for our wedding, but they aren’t able to be sharpened. We have bought several, but haven’t found any that will keep an edge. They get dull and stay that way. I’ll have to check out Rada.

    ps I “liked” them

  196. I have hand-me-down knives from my in-laws. They are still useful, but new ones would be great. Thanks for the opportunity.

  197. Liked the Rada Cutlery Facebook page

  198. I have one good knife: a Rachel Ray Furi knife. I use it for everything.

  199. Susan Heroy says:

    My knives are just a collection of many different sets. My favorite is a paring knife from a set I got when I was married 29 years ago.

  200. My husband is always having to sharpen my knives. Some are almost 40 years old!

  201. Oh man. I guess its what we get for getting married in Vegas. No registry. So we missed out on knifes. Ours are.. terrible. Though I did buy one pampered chef knife and its def getting some use!

  202. i like them on FB

  203. I have and use the same knives which I got before I moved out of my parents home. They are not quality by any means. I could really use a new set of knives as none of the ones which I have match. Some of them are shoved in a drawer, as they are dull and I dont try to use them! LOL.
    I would Love to have a new set like these! Thank-You for such a Wonderful Giveaway! 🙂

  204. My boyfriend and I bought a set of cheapo knives when we moved in together. They could definitely stand to be replaced!

  205. I like Rada Cutlery on FB.

  206. O my this would make my Christmas I need new Knives. I have heard rada is the best

  207. M. Taylor says:

    Been using the same dull old knifes for over 8 years. lol

  208. M. Taylor says:

    Liked Rada Cutlery on FB.

  209. Knives.. beautiful knives. How I always dream about them. Throughout my life, I have been cursed with terrible knife ownership. My room mate decided that knives from Ikea were impeccable because how could anything swedish be terrible? After a couple uses, he quickly found out that we might as well use butter knives to cut into tomatoes. What about myself? Well let’s just say my mother decided to hand me down the knives that she was tired of sharpening after every use. Please end my knife envy!

  210. Oh, and I have also “liked” them on FB. Please show me that the Knife God is merciful.

  211. I already have the tomato knife and would love to get more since the rest of my knifes were hand me downs!

  212. Sharon Andrews says:

    I have a set of Chicago Cutlery I received over 20 years ago as a gift. They still work well, but sometimes getting a sharp edge on them is hard to do. I would love a set of knives that cuts well and holds an edge.

  213. Sharon Andrews says:

    Like Rada on facebook

  214. Mrs. Bradbury says:

    I haven’t had a truly sharp knife since my dad died. He always took care of that and took great pride in it. Toddlers could play with the knives I currently have and not get hurt. 🙁

  215. I really need new knives. Still got the ones from when we got married 12 years ago.

  216. I love a good knife. I have a couple Henckels that I got at my wedding shower which are pretty good, but so expensive if I wanted to buy more. I would love a really good, inexpensive knife. I also find it’s hard to find a good bread knife.

    I left a comment on Rada’s Facebook.

    Love your blog. SO many good recipes and so many good tips! Keep up the awesome work!

  217. Christy Straub says:

    I have a set of Henckels knives that are still going strong after 9 years, and they’ve never been sharpened. I’m wondering if I should sharpen them? But I do love the one Rada knife that I have!

  218. Jennifer Boyd says:

    I have a knife set that my grandmother gave my husband and I as a wedding present. I didn’t really take good care of them and now they handles are beginning to fade and fall apart. A new knife set would be awesome!!

  219. Jennifer Boyd says:

    I “liked” Rada’s facebook page!

  220. My knives are like me, getting old and starting to wear out. What is worse, the handles are starting to wear out too, making it uncomfortable to hold them for very long. We won’t even mention how dull some of them are.

  221. Melissa Barnes says:

    my knives are horrible – i have only 5 steak knives that are really dull and cant really cut anything – i would love some new knives!

  222. Melissa Barnes says:

    like rada cutlery on fb as melissa barnes

  223. I purchased two of these knives after reading about them on your site……I would LOVE to have more!

  224. I like them on Facebook now too!

  225. My knives are just okay. I would love some GOOD ones!

  226. I like Rada on Facebook!

  227. Still using the set of knives I received as a wedding gift over 22 years ago. A new set would be fabulous!

  228. I actually have knives on my Christmas list. We are still using the set we got for our wedding 10 years ago and it was a cheaper set. So we are due for new ones!

  229. I “liked” them on facebook!

  230. stef cunningham says:

    The knives I currently own (and use) are awful!!! The weren’t too expensive to begin with and def. not worth getting sharpened so I just nearly cut myself every time I use them.


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