Cooking Hamburger Patties in the Slow Cooker – 75 Days of Summer Slow Cooker Recipes

I would never have thought to use hamburger patties in the slow cooker, but I really love this idea from Kim of Makin’ It Mo’ Betta.  She used pre-patted out hamburger patties to make a dish with gravy.  This method would be perfect for easy Swiss Steak or Poor Man’s Steak too.

hamburger patties in the slow cooker


In the photo, you can see she placed the patties on top of each other.  She also used a plastic liner for the crock, but that would be optional.  It’s so helpful though on really busy days or if you’re using your slow cooker on vacation and want to minimize clean up.

Kim even started with frozen patties.  Click over to see her recipe.  She used homemade cream of chicken soup to make her gravy.

I think this would work best with very lean patties.  And the recipe is so versatile.  The gravy and seasoning ideas are endless!

Click here to see the recipe for Hamburger Patties with Gravy in the Slow Cooker.

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