Celebrate More! The Easy Way to Frost Cupcakes plus a Giveaway!


Aren’t those cute?

I love the bright colors and sprinkles.

I’ve shared before that I am not good at decorating cakes or cupcakes.  I just don’t make pretty food.  So it made me really happy that I was able to make these cupcakes.

I used a star tip.  Starting in the center, I just squirted (is the proper word piped?) around in a circle until the top of the cupcake was covered.  Simple!

And using two contrasting colors of frosting made for a more festive presentation.  I even sprinkled the cupcakes with sprinkles from both types of frosting.

You can get 12 regular sized cupcakes and 24 mini cupcakes from 1 box of Funfetti cake mix.  It’s fun to have two different sizes for people with a big or small sweet tooth.

We don’t have any birthdays coming up, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a reason to celebrate.  We shared these cupcakes to celebrate Jim coming home from a three week business trip.  We were all so glad to have him home!

Pillsbury Funfetti has a lot to celebrate now with the Pillsbury Funfetti 25th Birthday Promotion, which runs through April 25.  You can find out more on the Pillsbury Baking Facebook Page.  You can also follow Pillsbury Baking on Pinterest.

We can do a little celebrating here too!  I’ve got one Celebration Starter Kit to giveaway.  This includes Funfetti Premium Cake and Cupcake Mix, Colored Frostings and a $50 Visa gift card.

To enter, just leave a comment telling me what your family’s next celebration will be.

Giveaway closes April 25 at 9am Eastern.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from Pillsbury.  I’ve been compensated for my time and I received product samples.  All opinions are my own.


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  1. We are going to celebrate once our newborn finally sleeps through the night!

  2. Cheryl Newton says:

    My baby turns 12 on May 16. My baby! 12! *sob*

  3. Julie Lay says:

    Love Funfetti! Our family’s next celebration is huge! Our daughter will be celebrating her 3rd birthday and two days before we will be welcoming her little sister into the world! Talk about a lot of celebrating in a few days!

  4. Our next celebration will be my son’s birthday! And I LOVE to use the Funfetti mix for these types of celebrations!!!

  5. Our next celebration will be a combo birthday/Mother’s Day celebration for me! And I LOVE Funfetti cupcakes!! I have yet to frost a pretty cupcake. I will have to give this method a try.

  6. Hi Tiffany! My family’s next celebration will be Mother’s Day. Even though I have to do all the prepping and cooking, we really do it to honor our mom who passed away almost 4 years ago. She was the best! And who doesn’t loooove cupcakes? This would make the dessert easy for me!

  7. Our next official celebration will be Mother’s Day. Unofficial celebration- Friday.

  8. Our next celebration is my son’s 5th birthday on the 26th!

  9. Next up is our niece’s birthday, after that we have celebrations just about every weekend for a while!

  10. Our next family celebration will be the May birthdays in our family including my brother’s 50th!

  11. My daughter’s 3rd birthday is in May! Thanks for the frosting tip–planning to make my own cupcakes for her party with purple frosting!

  12. Karen Heerkes says:

    our next family celebration will be the baptism of a new nephew that was born this week…but you don’t need a celebration for cake!!!

  13. Out next celebration will be moving to our new home in June followed by our little daughter’s first birthday.

  14. We have graduation!!! I can hardly believe it. It will be a busy time this handy tip will come in very useful. Thank you

  15. Jill Hartley says:

    our next celebration will be mothers day… when they find out we are having a baby!

  16. Mother’s Day for our family is the next “celebration”.

  17. Today is a celebration of the birth of my little girl…23 years ago! It hardly seems possible it’s been that long…

  18. We missed our April birthday parties because one or more of the children were ill. We hope to make up for that soon celebrating their health as well as their age.

  19. I am so excited my daughter Jaden is turning 10 next Friday Wow! How time flies. Since we are on a tight budget this year we are doing a pool party with her four friends. Got love California weather. This would be a great package to help us celebrate.

  20. Jessie C. says:

    Our next incoming celebration would be DD’s birthday, this is a great idea to bake cupcakes for her.

  21. Mother’s Day, May 12th; then our 21st wedding anniversary on May 16th.

  22. Mother’s Day!!! Oh wait, before mother’s day, myself and 3 girlfriends are having a Girls Weekend…going away for some much needed “girl time”! Thanks for the giveaway!

  23. Kathy Maynard says:

    We will be celebrating our dog’s 10th birthday:). We go all out with a huge birthday party for her!

  24. The SUN is shining!

  25. My husband & I just celebrated our wedding anniversary yesterday. Our next celebration will be my daughter’s 6th birthday. Not until September, though. Maybe we’ll have to make up a celebration between now and then…

  26. Over the past 20 years, April has been notorious for terrorism, tornadoes, and other natural disasters. However, as I told my 10 yo last night, as we watched the coverage of the fertilizer plant explosion (We felt the shockwave 45 miles away knocking a bowl of cereal off our coffee table. Initially, we’d thought we’d been hit by a microburst or an earthquake), in my mind, she was the best thing that ever came out of April. We’re celebrating her birthday by taking her Girl Scout troop camping.

  27. LeAnne Ackles says:

    We will be celebrating my daughters 6th birthday!!!

  28. Christine T says:

    Our next family celebration will be my little brother’s birthday!

  29. we celebrate 1/2 birthdays just to make things interesting…YEA, its not about the presents or the things that make it FUN, its the spotlight of the person….

  30. Our next celebration will be my first mother’s day as a mom!

  31. Sara Noeske says:

    Next big celebration will be DS #2’s 2nd birthday!!!

  32. Jeannette T. says:

    Our next celebration will be for my Mom’s birthday !! My kids love to help me bake. This would be great.

  33. My next celebration will be my son’s birthday. These cupcakes look great!

  34. Our next celebration will be Mother’s Day, closely followed by my hubby’s birthday!

  35. Melanie Kiser says:

    I think we will celebrate for Memorial Day weekend. Our first big celebration in our new home & the formal introduction bringing both our families together for the first time, from Mom, siblings to grandchildren. What a joyous celebration! Memorial Day means so much to us as military service has been a tradition in both families and my son served in the infantry in Iraq, so we have many heroes to remember and one that we are so grateful to have back.

  36. Well! What a cool giveaway!! I had my birthday last week, but we are having the celebration (at home) next Monday. How cool is that?


  37. The next family celebration is my husbands birthday! He will be turning 47. He has made the last 29 years we have been together a celebration every day. May is loaded with celebrations in our family, birthdays, anniversaries and graduations. Phew, it’s going to be a busy month as usual.

  38. Our next celebration will be our youngest daughters 3rd birthday!! Can’t wait 🙂

  39. Amanda S. says:

    a house warming party.

  40. My oldest son will be turning 27 on the 30th! Wow, how time flies. . .

  41. Mami2jcn says:

    My daughter’s 4th birthday will be our next celebration.

  42. Lois Elrod says:

    Our next celebration is next month when our daughter graduates from college!!

  43. We will be celebrating my daughters 30th birthday.

  44. Our next celebration will be a combination of my birthday and mother’s day!

  45. barbara n says:

    My husbands birthday is in May

  46. Mother’s Day will be our next celebration. I can’t say Funfetti cupcakes will be part of that day (I usually try to do something a bit elaborate and elegant to celebrate us women)… but who doesn’t love Funfetti??

  47. We will be celebrating the gender of my next niece or nephew. My sister lives in Colorado Springs and will being coming home for a visit after over a year to our family. She is also sending me the gender so that I can make a cake or cupcakes to surprise the rest of my family with the gender of the baby!! We have 5 boys between me and my three older sisters now so we are hoping I get to make some PINK centers instead of blue!! 🙂 Either way I cant wait and this would totally help me out with my project!!!! 🙂

  48. elizabeth gutermuth says:

    Our Granddaugther is coming for the weekend and we are going to Celebrate her birthday early I’m taking her to a Ballet of Snow White on Sunday and then we are going to make Cadbury Cupcakes for everybody. w/blue icing.

  49. We will be celebrating Apple Blossom Festival in May then my daughters 5th birthday in July.

  50. Our next celebration will be Sunday for family’s April and May birthdays. There will be 6 honorees! With 6 kids and 13 grandkids some months are really CUPCAKE CELEBRATIONS! My daughter uses cupcakes and arranges them in shape of cake she wants. Did an alligator for grandson that everyone loved.

  51. Mother’s day is prob the next big one for us

  52. Lin Coad says:

    Our next celebration will be Mother’s Day! In our family we celebrate being women. We don’t have to be “moms”. Every women gets a gift. Most of us try to make it something homemade. Included are my 87 yr old mom, my daughters, my sister, my aunt, my nieces, my granddaughter, my daughter-in-law, and my sister in laws! WE WOULD LOVE TO MAKE CUPCAKES!!!

  53. My hubs and I will be celebrating our 29th anniversary on May 10th!

  54. rachel cayer says:

    my daughter’s 7th birthday and she loves the color purple so that purple frosting will be a big hit.

  55. Lisa Garrett says:

    My daughters 29th birthday!

  56. My “little” boy turns 20 in two weeks.

  57. Brenda S. says:

    My son’s birthday and these cupcakes will be perfect “finger food” for everyone.

  58. Nicole P says:

    My son is turning 5 in June and he is so excited about the party but can’t commit to a theme. Right now it’s Ninja Turtles.

  59. Kristine says:

    Our next celebration is my daughter’s high school graduation!

  60. Jacenda G. says:

    Our next celebration will be my Father-in-law’s birthday! I love to decorate cakes, and have made a lot of fun ones over the years. Would love to win some fun new products to help celebrate! Thanks for the chance!

  61. Heather King says:

    Our next celebration will be our sons 12th birthday! **celebrate**

  62. My husband and I will celebrate our 11th yr wedding anniversary soon.

  63. Were getting ready ti celebrate my birthday April 30th.

  64. I am giving a guy baby shower. This should be fun. I am making a cigar cake.

  65. I,too,figured that out at Christmas.My daughter usually makes all the fancy decorated cakes and cupcakes,but I wanted to give her a break and try to make dessert for our family get together.The star tip works beautifully and looks so “fancy” !!

  66. Linda patton says:

    The END of WINTER in MINNESOTA!!!!

  67. Our next celebration will be Mother’s Day. Your cupcakes are beautiful! Thanks for the giveaway.

  68. Tammy Lacer says:

    Our next celebration will be my daughter’s 11th birthday which is May 9.

  69. Teresa Eskew says:

    This is easy. Our youngest is turning 9 years old. This would be great both for the birthday dessert and to help with the birthday presents.

  70. April/May is actually the slowest part of the year for me for celebrations. It’s a nice break, too, considering we have soooo many birthdays between June and February-ish. Yes….it’s nonstop, and mixed in with the major holidays.

    So my next won’t actually be until June for the next kid’s birthday party!

  71. Katherine says:

    Our son will be turning twenty on Sunday!

  72. Our next official celebration is my husbands 52nd birthday, along with Mother’s Day. But right before that, we are having Teacher Appreciation Day. I have been thinking about cupcakes, but, like you, I have not had success with making them pretty. Perhaps your tip will work for me. Thanks for all the great ideas, and recipes.

  73. Erica Walker says:

    Our family’s next celebration will be May 17th. My sister is scheduled to have her baby girl that day, and I can not wait!!! I absolutely love being an aunt!! It’s the next best thing to having my own children. Our next birthday celebration will in August. My son will be 12, and it kills me that my baby boy is growing up so fast!! Lol

  74. My Brothers B-Day is Saturday! April 20. I am cooking as we are gonna have a Family Party for him!! 🙂

  75. April is full of celebrations for us:
    TOMORROW, 20th – daughter’s birthday
    21st- mother’s birthday
    23rd – best friend’s birthday
    29th – friend’s birthday
    30th – 2nd daughter’s birthday

  76. My brother’s birthday.

  77. Our next celebration will be our annual family reunion.Although I try to make everyday a celebration..smile..~Amy

  78. Nancy A. says:

    Those cupcakes are really beautiful! I can’t decorate well at all, either! Our next celebration will be my husband’s birthday this summer, but why wait? It’s spring and any time is a good time for a celebration! I love spring and these cupcakes would be a wonderful way to celebrate life and happiness!!

  79. My sister graduates from law school next month! Woohoo! So proud of her.

  80. Margaret H says:

    Next celebration will be my father’s birthday! Making a cake that his mom use to make for him.

  81. My daughter’s 15th birthday on May 20 is our next family celebration.

  82. Leah Graham says:

    Our Aniversary….8 years and counting!

  83. Claudia Lucha says:

    My mother was recently diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Needles to say that this will be a very emotional Mother’s Day. There is also the end of the school year, as a teacher, that’s always a reason to celebrate!

  84. We will be celebrating our sons birthdays…they were born on the same day, two years apart!

  85. Mama Barrett says:

    My family’s next big celebration is Mother’s Day. I always request that my husband and kids make me a cake together. They can make any flavor they want because my favorite part is seeing the finish product (cake). They are creative and there is ALWAYS a funny story about how the cake got made to go with my slice and glass of milk.
    I’m more about the moments in life and not material things. 22 days and counting until I cut my cake!

  86. Robin in AZ says:

    My family’s next celebration will be next weekend. 22 years ago my husband got his birthday present a day late. On his birthday we had a false alarm then Our daughter was born the day after his birthday. 🙂

  87. Our next celebration will be both children’s birthdays! We will have a 3 yr old on the 19th of May and a 2 yr old on the 18th of May. We are so excited!

  88. Stephanie says:

    we’ll be celebrating my boyfriend’s oldest son’s 16th birthday next month.

  89. Elena Falk says:

    Me too! I have a Mother’s Day/Birthday combo. Our next celebration is my birthday on the 9th of May which is always near if not on Mother’s Day.

  90. My families next celebration will be my daughter’s end of school party! We are so excited and these would be great colors to use! She would love them!

  91. Julie Rupert says:

    My son’s 5th birthday is Sunday.

  92. Our next celebration is going to be for the youth at our church on the day of their confirmation!

  93. Valerie Theberge says:

    We are going to celebrate my sister-in-law birthday next week.

  94. my 30th wedding anniversary 🙂

  95. Angie Huckleby says:

    It wil be for my 47th birthday in 3 weeks. Thank you!

  96. Linda Hayes says:

    Our next family celebration will be my son’s birthday. He loves cupcakes and made confetti cupcakes (himself) as his groom’s cake.

  97. Our next celebration will be on the 27th of April. My son (and baby of the family) will turn the big 18! A lot of celebrating will be done in our house….he (son) turns 18, he graduates high school, off to college….and then **EMPTY NEST**!!!! Just kidding! (smile)~

  98. Betty Baez says:

    hubbies birthday in 10 days 🙂

  99. we are celebrating my daughters birthday

  100. Our next celebration will be Memorial Day!

  101. My DDs 2nd birthday!!!

  102. Our next celebration will be next Sunday at soup and game night at the Bible College. I think I’ll take cupcakes instead of soup and I know just how I’ll decorate them!

  103. I’m also terrible at frosting cupcakes – I’m going to try this the next time we make some!

    We have a lot of celebrations coming up: first my birthday, then the birth of our second son, followed by our older son’s 3rd birthday, all in about 6 weeks!

  104. Laura Jacobson says:

    Oh our families next celebration will be Mothers day!

  105. Our next celebration is my daughter’s graduation party.

  106. My baby turns one in a couple of weeks. Now, that’s cause for celebration!

  107. Cathy Peterson says:


  108. We are going to celebrate my dad’s 81st birthday on April 25! My 10 year old and I love to bake for him, this would be an AWESOME giveaway to win!

  109. We are helping a friend celebrate her wedding this weekend, April 27th, including a night in a hotel – the first for our 10 month old!

  110. My daughter’s preschool graduation!

  111. We will celebrate my daughter’s seventh birthday in a few weeks!

  112. A special friend’s 5th birthday on May 2nd!

  113. My husband (hopefully) passing a huge test for work!

  114. Our next celebration will be Mother’s Day. My family calls me the cupcake master … but I don’t frost them fancy. Maybe if I had this awesome kit I could do that! 🙂 (hint … hint!)

  115. My next family celebration will be Mothers Day. I will spend it with my Mom, Barbara, my sister, Mimi, my daughter, Kira and my niece Cheyenne. All of my favorite folks!!!

  116. Andrea Quinn says:

    My next celebration will be my brother in laws birthday!!! I’m using funfetti and hopefully having a “fishing” theme party!! 🙂

  117. Brenda A. says:

    We have a special girls birthday coming up!

  118. Our next celebration will be my birthday, next month. Thanks! Those Funfetti colors are wild–and wonderful!!


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