Crawfish Chowder in the Slow Cooker

crawfish chowder in the slow cooker


This recipe come from an Eat at Home reader.  Lynn from This Day Has Great Potential emailed me to say she has a fantastic recipe for the Slow Cooker Soup series.

Lynn says this is the easiest kind of soup to make.  All of the ingredients go in the slow cooker and then you turn it on.  Can’t get easier than that!

I have never had crawfish before.  The soup calls for frozen crawfish tails.  Lynn says you can find them in the frozen section of most grocery stores.  She found hers at Save-A-Lot.  She explains, “ You do absolutely nothing to them.  I ran the frozen package under warm water enough to loosen them up to dump into my pot.  But really could have thrown them in as-is.  That’s why I thought I’d share with you.  It goes right along with the series you ran recently.  No preparation or cooking anything beforehand.”   [Read more…]

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Slow Cooker Minestrone Soup



This Slow Cooker Minestrone Soup looks like healthy comfort food to me!  Kristy from Mommy Hates Cooking created this meatless minestrone soup, perfect for a cold night.  It’s full of veggies, pasta and beans.

As a bonus, this soup can be made gluten free too.

To see the recipe for Slow Cooker Minestrone Soup, click here.

Slow Cooker Soup Series

This recipe is part of our Slow Cooker Soup Recipe series.  New recipes will be shared every Friday, October through February. Subscribe to the email list and get them all!

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Slow Cooker Chicken Vegetable Soup

Slow Cooker Chicken Veggie Soup


This is another recipe I created in order to have something to eat during my Whole30 in January.  I’m pretty sure that all these ingredients are approved on that plan.  (I’ll be sharing more details and resources about the Whole30 next week.)

For this soup, I changed up the All Veggie Vegetable Soup recipe.  I wanted it to cook in the slow cooker.  I also wanted it to have some meat.  I used the same method for cooking the chicken in the soup that I used in White Chicken Chili.  It worked great.  I used 4 chicken thighs, but next time I’ll add more meat to eat.

You can use all kinds of different vegetables in this soup.  Normally, potatoes would be my main veggie, but on the Whole 30 they don’t recommend white potatoes.  So I used a lot of parsnips instead.  I thought it was great and so did Jim, but some of the kids didn’t like it.  They said the parsnips aren’t like potatoes at all.  To me, they’re close enough.  I like the taste of them though.

Here’s what you’ll need:   [Read more…]

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Pineapple Chili

Pineapple ChiliI know it sounds super weird, but it’s really good!  The pineapple lends a natural sweetness that balances the spice of the chili.  I first had chili with pineapple last year at our church fall festival.  I asked for the recipe quite a few times, but the cook never remembered to give it to me.  So, I decided to make my own version!

My other goal with this chili was to create something that would be compliant with the Whole30 diet that I’m going to do in January.  More info and resources for that are coming soon.  Basically, the Whole30 plan is grain free, dairy free, bean/legume free plus some other restrictions.  As best I can tell, this chili will work on that plan.  Yay!

Here’s what you’ll need:   [Read more…]

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Holiday Cash Giveaway! And Slow Cooker Chicken Tortilla Soup

Slow Cooker Soup Series


Giveaway Closed!

It’s Slow Cooker Soup Friday again!  We’ve been featuring slow cooker soups that can be made entirely in the crockpot, with no pre-cooking meat required.  Throw it all in and turn it on!

And today is even better because I’ve got a $500 Cash Giveaway for you to enter!  Keep reading to get the details on that.   [Read more…]

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Slow Cooker German Chowder

German Chowder


Today’s slow cooker soup recipe comes from my friend, Lynn of Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures.   I started to share her recipe for Crockpot Tomato Soup, but realized it didn’t match up with my “requirements” for this Slow Cooker Soup Series.

My self-imposed requirement is that the entire soup needs to be able to be made in the slow cooker.  No pre-cooking meat or sautéing onions allowed.

That has made it a lot harder to come up with recipes and to create them too.  But these are the absolute easiest recipes to make, so it’s worth the search.

I’ve wanted to try Lynn’s German Chowder for quite a while now.  It looks like the best kind of soup for winter days.  Hearty and warm.  Plus, it’s like a dressed up potato soup, which I love.

Click here to see Lynn’s German Chowder in the Slow Cooker recipe.

This recipe is part of our Slow Cooker Soup Recipe series.  New recipes will be shared every Friday, October through February. Subscribe to the email list and get them all!

Slow Cooker Soup Series


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Slow Cooker Ham and Bean Soup aka Soup Beans

Ham and Bean Soup in the Slow Cooker


This was my very favorite meal when I was little.  Actually, it was a toss up between this and homemade spaghetti and meatballs, but this was high on my list.

We call it Soup Beans and it’s best when you’ve got a ham bone to use.  I rarely have a ham bone for making soup, but I came upon a good alternative.

For this, I used a bone-in ham steak.  It’s not quite as rich as if you use a whole bone, but it really enhances the taste to have some bone cooking in there.

There are a lot of ways to make this humble meal.  Some folks use pinto beans.  Some add carrots and celery.  I keep it simple with just the ham and beans.

Here’s what you’ll need to make it:    [Read more…]

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Mexican White Queso Soup

White Queso Soup


A while back, I was brainstorming ideas for new recipes.  I decided to ask on Facebook, to see if anyone had ideas for recipes they’d like to see.  There were a number of great responses, but Kerri S. mentioned White Queso Dip.

That was all it took, and my mind skipped onto this idea for White Queso Soup.  I adapted the recipe for Cheese Soup to make it like the White Queso Dip we all love.     [Read more…]

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Slow Cooker Potato Soup

Slow Cooker Potato Soup


Potato soup is a wintertime staple around here.  We’ve actually already got four different recipes for it on the blog.

Potato soup - the humble version that I make most often

Light & Healthier Potato Soup – from contributing writer, Kim

Baked Potato Soup – so good, and you end up with potato skins for appetizers too

Creamy Potato Soup – souped up version of the first recipe listed

So why another version?  Well, first because it’s just so good no matter how you make it.  And second, because I wanted one I could fix in the slow cooker.

This one worked out great.  It does take about 10-15 minutes to prep it.  I find that large baking potatoes are quicker to peel than a bunch of tiny potatoes.

For our Friday Slow Cooker Soups series, I’ve been making and sharing soups that don’t require any pre-cooking meat or veggies before putting them in the crock.  That holds true for this soup too.  But I did stretch it a bit with the toppings.  I topped with bacon (you could use bacon bits instead) and that, of course, had to be cooked separately.

I also topped it with chives and cheddar.  But a bowl of this would be great on its own too.

Here’s what you’ll need to make it:   [Read more…]

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Slow Cooker Pizza Soup

Slow Cooker Pizza Soup - Mommy Hates Cooking


Every Friday, October through February, I’m sharing a new Slow Cooker Soup with you.  I’m loving this series!  You can catch all the other posts here.

I’ve got a new soup recipe simmering in my slow cooker right now, but it’s not ready to share yet.  So today, I’m sharing this Slow Cooker Pizza Soup from Mommy Hates Cooking.

One of the “rules” I set for myself in this series is that the entire soup needs to cook in the slow cooker.  No pre-cooking chicken or ground beef or browning things on the stove.  That really shortens the list of recipe possibilities!

This Pizza Soup does meat those requirements though.  It’s full of pizza flavor with pizza sauce, pepperoni and seasonings.  The best thing about it is that it’s assembly-only.  You can have this one cooking in a matter of minutes!

Click here to see the recipe for Slow Cooker Pizza Soup on Mommy Hates Cooking.

Slow Cooker Soup Series


This recipe is part of our Slow Cooker Soup Recipe series.  New recipes will be shared every Friday, October through February. Subscribe to the email list and get them all!

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