Baked Potatoes with Onions

This is an easy way to dress up a baked potato.  Only Jim and I like our potatoes with onions, so I make plain ones for the kids.

Here’s what you’ll need:

baked potatoes with onions ingr

Baked Potatoes with Onions
  • baking potatoes
  • butter
  • onion, sliced thin
  • salt and pepper
  1. Cut the potatoes part way through. Pry them open gently with the knife.
  2. Spread a bit of butter into each potato.
  3. Place some onion slices into each potato and sprinkle with salt and pepper.
  4. Wrap each potato in foil and bake at 350-400 degrees for 1-1½ hours.

Here’s what the potatoes look like when they’re ready to be wrapped in foil.

baked potatoes with onions ready for oven

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  1. So simple and yet I know it’s delicious! I’m totally doing this next week after we are turkey’d out!

  2. Agreed- this recipe looks great and simple! I just wanted to let you know that Dole Foods has started a Facebook page and Twitter feed where we share a lot of easy, healthy recipes. If you’re interested you should join! There is also an awesome contest going on where you can win a trip to the Four Seasons in California!
    To check it out:

    Hope you like it!

  3. My kids love baked potato night and I love how easy it is! This looks really good – I used to hate onions with anything but something shifted when I was pregnant with my third baby and since then I love onions with everything!

  4. These look soooo good. I love potatoes and onions so this recipe is great cuz I can have onions, and the kids don’t have too!

  5. My husband and I enjoyed these with some $1.00 filet mignons and steamed broccoli! haha We’ll definitely do the potatoes again, but…. not the steaks. Ugh. haha

    I’m glad to be a new reader of your blog and thanks for all your hard work!

    • Molly, I’m glad you liked the potatoes. $1 fillets don’t sound too good 🙂 Worth a try though. Welcome to Eat at Home. I hope you’ll find lots that you like!


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