3 Things that Work in the Kitchen – Giveaway – $150 Walmart card!

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1.  Giveaway! A week’s worth of groceries!

Today on Facebook Live I’m giving away a $150 Walmart card.  That’s about a week’s worth of groceries, depending on your family size and what all you’re buying. If you’re only buying items from the Eat at Home Meal Plans, you’ll get two or three (or more) weeks out of $150.

How to win:

Click over to the Eat at Home Facebook page and look for the live video for today.  I’ll be going live about 10am Eastern, but you can also catch the replay.  Share the video and you’re entered to win.  Winners will be announced on the Facebook page.

You can also still enter to win an Instant Pot by sharing this video where Beth and I made 6 Freezer Meals in 1 Hour.  

And enter to win a set of Cuisinart knives by sharing this video where we made an easy sheet pan dinner.

I have to say that this screen shot is everything!  Embarrassing, hilarious and unfortunate!

Beth and I got a huge laugh thinking of possible headlines to go with that photo:

“Two moms busted for trying to save the dinner hour”

“You’ll never believe what’s in that bag!”

Save on Eat at Home Meal Plans

Eat at Home Meal Plans are on sale right now, so this is a great time to become a member. Get your dinners under control before school starts, so you can spend time with your family instead of figuring out how to feed them.  Use the code EAT25 to save 25%.  Today is the last day of the sale!

Click here for more info



2. New knives that I’m loving!

This is the set of knives I’m giving away (entry info is above).  I needed some better knives for myself, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune.  This set came up in the Amazon search and has over 3000 reviews of 4 1/2 stars.  They are sharp and nice to use.  I love the colors too.  It’s easy to grab the right knife since each one has it’s own color.

3. I finished recipe testing for the cookbook!!!

I am so glad to be done with the recipe testing portion of the cookbook!  I feel like we have eaten ALL. THE. FOOD. this summer.  There were weeks when I made a dozen recipes, 3-4 or more in a day.

So much food!

I will say that I’m very excited about the recipes in the book.  I’ve already gone back to make quite a few of them, just because we loved them so much the first time.

I’m hoping to have the creative energy to start sharing recipes on the blog again soon too.  That has taken a back seat to the cookbook the last few months, but I have some great ideas for recipes for the blog that I’ve been rolling around in my mind.

What’s cooking in your kitchen this week?

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