Let’s talk about meal planning and How to Recover When the Plan Changes PLUS – 3 Strategies for Dealing with Picky Eaters!

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We’re starting the new series 7 Habits for Eating at Home.  This week we cover Your Calendar and Planning, along with my biggest tip for making sure your plan goes smoothly and how to recover when things change.

And as a bonus in this video, I talk about how to deal with the picky eaters in your life.

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  1. From Arkansas

  2. California

  3. Hello from San Jose, CA

  4. Hello from New Jersey!

  5. Hi from Baltimore, MD>

  6. 👍🏻 from Pennsylvania

  7. HI from Buenos Aires, Argentina 🇦🇷

  8. My strategy for dealing with picky waters is everyone gets to pick a favorite main dish, starch and veggie. And my slow cooker is a lifesaver. I’m doing pulled pork sandwiches in the slow cooker tonight. So relieved to know my family prefers what I make over going somewhere. And yes I do make ahead dinners for the oven and slow cooker so it’s ready to go whenever

  9. That is so true! Good point!

  10. Omg eaters not waters😣

  11. Olives

  12. I really struggle with a lot of kinds of winter squash. Everything else I’ve gotten use to and even love now!

  13. I hate liver.

  14. Don’t!

  15. Liver and onions cooked tender is great with mashed potatoes

  16. Love liver and onions!

  17. I can’t stand canned spinach and asparagus. Slimey stuff and tastes so processed. Fresh is GREAT!

  18. Growing up we ate what was served for dinner, we were not given a choice. We may have made faces but there was no argument, we either ate it or not. Did the same with my children. They eat almost everything now. There are things they do not care for, but they are few.

  19. My husbans an I sit together on sundays after looking through all advertisings and plan for the hole week what we would like to eat
    As it is we eat warm meals at noon and for breakfast and night bread and jam or cheese etc.
    We start on Monday mostly with “Rest from sunday”

  20. When you say Pressure Cooker, are you referring to the Instant Pot?

    I ask because there is a big difference.

  21. I’m making the chicken casserole enchiladas tonight! Excited!

  22. Bahamas

  23. Sandra KATY TX

  24. I just read there is someone who likes liver ans onions too. I take beefliver allready sliced by the butcher and turn them in a bit of normal flour. Frie them but before I frie them I start off with the onions 3 bigger ones cut in slices so that I get rings and a middle siceed sweet and souer apple cut in slices frie the onions till they are goldenbrown and than add the apple. When the onion/apple mix is almost done than I frie the liver. I serve it with mashed potatoes. Yum yum

  25. If that happens to us…..it cereal….yikes!

  26. From Australia

  27. What a great idea….love the meatballs idea.

  28. Hi from Texas!

  29. Yay”. Congratulations on your GRADUATION!

  30. I’m blessed-No picky eaters…..

  31. Fresh & Roasted seems to always taste better…..try this for BEETS.

  32. Fish

  33. 🤢

  34. Do try it….Liver & Onions is the worst thing ever…….LIVER FEAST, LOL!

  35. Paula Rieckman

  36. You just described my husband..

  37. Hello from Yuba City, CA

  38. Idaho

  39. Sometimes when life gets busy, we often have Yo Yo dinners. Your on your own! Also perfect for picky eaters…

  40. Massachusetts

  41. Hi from Tennessee!

  42. Kentucky

  43. Cheese on food,

  44. Hello I am from Virginia beach

  45. Gallatin, Tn

  46. Liver

  47. Okra

  48. Mobile, Sl.

  49. Mobile, Al.

  50. Michigan

  51. Adelaide, Australia

  52. Picky eating is a learned behavior. Here, you eat what’s put on the table and are thankful for it. Im not a wicked witch that always makes things i know someone hates, but this is not a restaurant.

  53. Michelle says:

    My mom used to force us to eat liver and onions. Not happening in my kitchen!!!! I also don’t care for beets or asparagus. I’ve tried many times to eat both and just don’t care for them.

  54. Kansas

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