3 Things that Work in the Kitchen This Week – What I’ve been cooking

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1.  Chicken Alfredo Bake with Sun Dried Tomatoes

Chicken Alfredo Pasta Bake with Sun-Dried Tomatoes

Yesterday was our oldest daughter’s birthday.  She turned 25.  We usually have Sunday dinner together and yesterday was no exception.  Meredith has always loved pasta, so we went with this Chicken Alfredo Pasta Bake with Sun Dried Tomatoes.

Because I wanted it to be ready when we got home from church, I assembled it on Saturday then heated it in the slow cooker while we were gone.  It worked great.

We followed it up with our favorite cake for birthdays from the Cake Mix Doctor cookbook.  It’s a yellow cake with homemade chocolate frosting.  So good!

2. Healthy Kickstart Plan

Other than the pasta, I’ve been following the Healthy Kickstart meal plan.  We’ve had lots of vegetables and it’s felt good to start the new year off right in that way.

Healthy Kickstart closes tomorrow.  I’d love to have you join us. We’ve started getting to know one another in the private Facebook group.  You can find out more about it here.


3.  Instant Pot Garlic Chicken with More Garlic

One of the meals on Healthy Kickstart was Garlic Chicken with More Garlic.  This is a crockpot meal and it’s one of my favorites.  I usually serve it with angel hair pasta or baked potatoes, but for Healthy Kickstart I paired it with quinoa (one of the few meals that includes grains).  It was a delicious combo!

I also made it in the Instant Pot instead of the slow cooker.  It turned out great and I shared the details of how I did it in the Healthy Kickstart Facebook group.  Several other members there enjoy using an Instant Pot too, so we’ve been talking about how to adapt the recipes.

What’s working in your kitchen this week?

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  1. Dry roasting almonds is what’s working in my kitchen! I love to do a Costco bag of raw almonds, then pop them all in mason jars for people to snack on later.

    • Oh that sounds good! Especially the thought of warm almonds from the oven 🙂 Do you use any salt or seasoning?

      • No, we just roast them plain, similar to how we toast smaller quantities of nuts in a skillet for salads or whatever. My favorite part is listening to them crackle as they cool down. 🙂

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