10 Food Related Stocking Stuffers That Anyone Will Love


I usually save the stocking stuffer shopping till near the end of my Christmas shopping.  And since I haven’t even started yet, it may be a while before I get to the stocking stuffers.  In case you’re further ahead and more organized than I am, I wanted to get these ideas up sooner.  These are things that I’ve either purchased in the past or have on my list for this year.  I hope you’ll find some inspiration here for the people on your list.

1.  Insulated Travel Mug



Everyone can use a travel mug.  Even if you don’t plan to actually travel with it.  This one is insulated stainless steel and will keep your drink hot for 5 hours or cold for 10 hours.  Perfect if you tend to sip on coffee or tea at your desk all morning or for taxiing kids to and fro.

2. Microwave Popcorn Packets

We don’t keep microwave popcorn on hand, so it’s always a treat when my kids find some in their stockings.  This is also great for any college students you have on your list.

3.  Popcorn salt/seasonings


Popcorn seasonings are available in grocery stores in several different flavors.  A container of White Cheddar or Kettle Corn will work for most people and I’ve seen both of those in stores.  But if you have a true popcorn lover, you might consider this 12 pack.  There are some flavors in here that I know my husband would love to find in his stocking!

4.  Milk Frother



This little milk frother gadget is really fun to use.  A quick spin with this makes your hot cocoa creamier and more delicious.  You can also use it to froth hot milk or cream for your coffee.  It does a great job and even kids can use it.  If you have someone on your list who loves hot cocoa or coffee, this will make them very happy!  Bonus: it’s not expensive at all.

5. Hot Cocoa or other hot drink packets

I love that I can pick these up at the last minute in the grocery store.  Most stores offer specialty packets of cocoa in interesting flavors.  You can also buy teas, hot cider mixes, cappuccino and other hot drinks.  Inexpensive and always welcome!

6. Orange peelers




Orange peelers go with that classic “orange in the toe of the stocking”.  I love that this set comes with several.  Split up the set and give to several people.  These are really inexpensive, especially if you get four gifts out of them.

7.  Stainless Steel Straws


I bought these stainless steel straws last year or the year before.  We’ve used them every morning in our green smoothies since then.  The kids also use them for juice, chocolate milk, water, the occasional milkshake and more.  These are so, so much better than plastic straws.  They’re inexpensive and you can split up the pack for multiple stockings.

8.  Insulated Water Bottles


Back in March I bought three insulated water bottles.  Our water bottle situation had gotten dire and I was tired of bottles that either sweat or didn’t stay cold.  These were a great purchase!  Someone is always using these.  My only regret is that ours are all black.  I’m a huge fan of color-coding things in a family.  Assign each person their own color and you know who didn’t wash theirs, who left it in the car and which one is yours so you aren’t drinking after someone else.  These bottles come in six colors and two sizes.

9.  Soda/Pop/Cokes in glass bottles

My kids love a treat of some type of soda in a glass bottle.  (We actually call all soda or pop “coke”.)  You can find several different varieties in the Mexican food aisle.  Jarritos are a big favorite of my kids.  This isn’t something we buy often, since we usually drink water with meals, so it feels special as a stocking stuffer.

10.  Salad dressing bottle for packed lunches


I admit that this last one won’t be exciting to everyone on your list, but if you have someone who often packs a lunch and likes to take salad or dressing for dipping, they will love this.  It’s leak proof, small and perfect for dressings.  These come in a two pack, so you can split it up or give both.  This might make an original, useful and inexpensive gift for a coworker too.



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  1. Thanks for a great list. I am putting some of these on my personal Amazon wish list. Happy

  2. Great ideas here! Also “fancy” protein bars, favorite candy (hubby gets licorice, teens get sour gummies or pocky.)

  3. This is a terrific list thanks for posting it.

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