My Biggest Time Saver Plus a Sale!

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I save a ton of planning and grocery shopping time each week by using Eat at Home Weekly Meal Plans.  It’s my number one favorite time saver.  And not just because it’s my own product!  Here are three reasons why I love it:

1.  My pantry stays stocked with common ingredients.

This means even if I need to tweak a meal or test out a new recipe idea, it’s likely that I’ll have the ingredients on hand.  The color-coded shopping list makes it really easy to swap ingredients or even whole meals if I need to.  Usually, I just buy it all anyway, because I know eventually I’ll use the ingredients.

2.  No planning!

Meal planning can be so time consuming. I used to get sucked into the rabbit trails of the internet and my cookbooks, looking for recipes to fix.  Now I just print off the meal plan/shopping list and go.

3.  Recipes that fit my day – 15 minute and slow cooker meals.

Some days require a meal I can get on the table quick.  Every week the Traditional and Whole Food plans have at least one 15 Minute meal that is perfect for those nights.

There are also slow cooker meals each week, plus a whole plan dedicated to slow cookers!  These are great for days when I have a couple of minutes in the morning to fill the crockpot.  There’s nothing better than knowing dinner is done early in the day!


My birthday is coming up in a few days and I’ll be turning 49.  I thought it would be fun to celebrate with a $49 sale on 12 month meal plans.  That’s only 94 cents per week to save several hours of planning time and stress.  And it’s an $11 savings off the regular price.  That’s a no-brainer if you’re looking for help with meal planning/list making/cooking etc.

Find out more about Weekly Meal Plans here.  The sale ends Monday, September 19.

Click here to get 12 Months of Weekly Meal Plans for just $49.  Use the promo-code BIRTHDAY at checkout.

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