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Last month, Jim and I got to spend a long weekend in Disney World.  Just the two of us.  (And about a gazillion other people, too of course.)

We were celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary a little early.  It was our first trip without kids and we had a great time.  The Magic Kingdom was decorated for Christmas.  We also got to go to Hollywood Studios to see the Osborne Festival of Lights.  If you ever have the chance to do that, you’ll want to grab the opportunity.  It is incredible!

I’ve got several fun links for you.  And yes, they are Disney related.  As always, whenever we go to Disney it makes me want to go back!

If you’ve got Disney fever or are planning a first trip to Disney World, Disneyland or even a cruise, you’ll want to check out The Magic for Less.  Their travel agents can help you with all the planning and with finding the best deals.  I’m very happy that The Magic for Less is a sponsor of this site.

A few weeks ago, I read about candy cane making at Disneyland on the Disney Food Blog.  Here’s a video of the process.  So cool!

While we were in Disney this time, we tried the caramel apples for the first time. They had put some out to sample in a Fantasyland shop while we were browsing. I’d always thought they were just for looks, but the are truly scrumptious! We ended up buying 3 to bring home with us. Here’s a video of how they make the apples.

And if you’d like to get a taste of the Osborne Festival of Lights, here’s a video for you.

I’ve got Christmas baking and shopping to do this weekend. How about you? I hope you’re getting in the Christmas spirit!

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  1. Wow. My husband and I just did the same thing for our 25th Anniv. Everyone thought we were crazy to go to Disney to celebrate our Anniv. Admittedly, my husband agreed because I wanted to go see the holiday decorations and atmosphere so badly. He had a much better time than he had anticipated! My husband doesn’t do rides as they make him dizzy so I concentrated on shows, touring resorts, eating in restaurants that we couldn’t have afforded with the kids along. We had a great time together and yes the Osborne Family Spectacle of Lights and the Candlelight Processional and Illuminations show at Epcot were amazing. I am glad to hear someone else did the same thing and had a great experience as well. Happy Anniversary!

    • Happy anniversary to you! I’d love to do the Candlelight Processional some day. Disney is as much fun with just adults as it is with kids. It’s just a different kind of trip 🙂

  2. Thanks for sharing! I’ve never been to Disney so that was a treat!

  3. Your counters look great. It’s a product I’ve been looking at. But my local company tells me they can’t do the edges like yours. I’m in CA on the central coast. Would you please tell me the state you’re in. Maybe it’s just here in CA that companies don’t have the same technology/machinery.

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