How to Meal Plan

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If you hang out here for any length of time, you know that meal planning is important to eating at home.  It’s possible to wing dinner, but it won’t take long before that starts to wear on you.  The best way to eat at home is to have a plan.

You can find 3 full years worth of meal plans with the grocery lists to go with each here on my site.  But I know that many people prefer doing their own plans.

Want to learn how to do it efficiently and quickly?  This ebook from my friend Crystal is what you need. Her book is organized and easy to use.  She teaches you how to quickly get a rotating menu together and gives ideas for putting together the grocery list.  She even includes a section on displaying your menu.

Of course, her book includes easy recipes and a list of websites to find new family favorites.  (Eat at Home is one of the sites listed!  Thanks, Crystal!)

If you use the code eatathome, you can get $1 off How to Meal Plan.  The code only lasts until December 8, so don’t wait!

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