Menu, Grocery List, Recipes Year 3 Week 21

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I love when Easter comes late in the spring, because all the flowers and trees have had a chance to bloom.  Seeing the earth burst with new life reminds me of the new life we have in Christ.

If you’re looking for a way to share the Easter story with your kids, you might want to make these Easter Story Cookies together.  I’ve used this recipe for years, when I found it online way back in the 90s.  But just a few weeks ago, I found out more about the author.  Her daughter, Traci writes the blog Beneath My Heart.

Now here’s my “the internet is a small world after all” story:  I had just started following Traci’s blog and she linked to her sister Cyndi’s blog, Walking in Grace and Beauty so I started following Cyndi too.  Somehow, through Facebook (because Facebook tells you how many friends you have in common.  Facebook is so weird and I promise I wasn’t stalking her!) I figured out that Cyndi and I know a lot of the same people in real life.  Turns out she grew up in the town I had lived in for nearly 20 years!

Now Traci, Cyndi and I all live within 30 or so minutes of each other.  And it was after I figured this out that I found out their mother was the author of this wonderful recipe I had made with my kids to share the Easter story with them.

I love small-world connections like this!

Now for the menu:  If you make the Italian Seasoned Pork early in the week and have leftovers, you can use that meat for the Mandarin Chicken (pork) Rice Bake.  Depending on your schedule this week, that could be handy.

As always, you get 6 dinners and 1 dessert.  Serving suggestions are included in bold on the recipes and in curly brackets {} on the grocery list.

Italian Seasoned Salt and White Wine Pork Tenderloin, Mashed Potatoes, favorite green veggie

Mandarin Chicken Rice Bake, favorite green veggie

Sloppy Slow Cooked Chicken Tacos, salad, chips and salsa

Beef and Bean Topped Potatoes, salad

French Dip Sandwiches in the Slow Cooker, Ranch Veggie Salad, Macaroni & Cheese

Bacon and Tomato Pasta, salad

Black Bottom Peanut Butter Chiffon Pie

To print, click here:  menu year 3 week 21

This menu is part of Menu Plan Monday at The Organizing Junkie.


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