Great American FreshOver Giveaway from Ziploc

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Ziploc Brand has a new promotion going on called The Great American FreshOver Project.  They are also giving one of my readers a prize pack that includes assorted Ziploc products, cooking utensils,and Rachel Ray’ Look + Cook cookbook.  The prize is worth $100!

The giveaway info, including how to enter is near the bottom of this post.  First, here’s how you can get started on The Great American FreshOver Project:

  • “Like” the Ziploc Brand Facebook page, which offers FreshOver tips, along with suggestions on how a variety of Ziploc Brand Containers and Bags can make it easy for you and your readers to makeover their meals and incorporate more fresh and nutritious foods into their daily diets.
    • Download the free, customizable FreshOver Recipe Guide at, which is full of Rachael Ray’s quick, nutritious and simple solutions to eating fresh.
    • Track your FreshOver™ Project on Facebook, watch exclusive videos and tips from Rachael Ray, and enjoy prizes, ZiplocBrand coupons and more.
    • Test their food-prepping skills against Rachael Ray in the Cooking Chops game, with $250 worth of instant prizes given out daily as levels are completed; fans that complete all five levels will be entered for a chance to win a $5,000 grand prize.

Best of all, by participating in this program, you can help others! As a part of the FreshOver mission, Ziploc Brand will be donating to Rachael Ray’s non-profit organization – Yum-O! Fans can support the cause by “pledging” to start their families FreshOver project and download Rachael’s exclusive FreshOver Recipe Guide on

To enter the giveaway:

Just leave a comment here telling me the last thing you used a Ziploc bag for.

Winners will be chosen Monday at 9am and announced on the Eat at Home Facebook page.


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  1. The last thing we used ZipLoc bags for is trail mix for back packs 🙂

  2. I used some last night to pack my snacks and toiletries for my vacation!

  3. I just put a dozen muffins in a ziploc bag!

  4. I use them everyday to pack the kids’ lunches for school!

  5. I use Ziploc bags every day for school lunches!

  6. The last thing I used a Ziploc bag for was to put frozen chicken into it so it will defrost. We’re making Chicken N Dumplings for dinner tonight. Yum-O.

  7. Wow, I use Ziplocs every single day! Last night I used one for my sandwich that I made for today’s lunch. 🙂

  8. I used one yesterday for packing school lunch.

  9. I used one for little cherry tomatoes for my kiddo’s lunch.

  10. I use them daily. Last night I used one to hold beef stock cubes that I had frozen!

  11. I use snack bags every day to bring pretzels or crackers to work.

  12. Melinda Hefner says:

    The last thing I used a Ziplock bag for was for my granddaughter’s lunch this morning.

  13. I used a Ziploc freezer bag to store rice and bean burritos. Yummy!

  14. I used Ziploc bags just this morning for packing my kid’s lunches. I used the snack size Ziplocs for the “sides” in their lunches…grapes and pretzels.

  15. Jacqueline says:

    I used a freezer Ziploc to freeze leftover pancakes, putting a piece of waxed paper in between the pancakes so they could easily be separated when we wanted them for another meal.

  16. I used a Ziploc bag to put up last night’s leftover pizza.

  17. The last thing I used Ziploc for was to pip icing and last nights leftovers.

  18. Just last night, fresh ground beef from the store got browned on the stove and then frozen in a ziplock bag for later use!

  19. I pulled a ziploc bag out of the fridge this AM. It had last night’s italian parmesan loaf leftovers in it, and it became my breakfast; mmm! Then, I washed the bag out and it’s drying, and who knows what’ll be next! 🙂

  20. I used a ziploc bag most recently to store some extra shredded cheese

  21. judith whitney says:

    I used ziplock bags at every meal! I bagged up last night dinner leftovers for lunch today and this morning I put salad greens in ziplock to accompany it.

  22. The last ziplock I used (actually more than one) was to put game pieces in that I created here at work for a classroom to use.

  23. kathy pilato says:

    splitting up a large package of chicken to freeze in smaller batches.

  24. This morning to store my cut up cucumbers.

  25. I used a ziploc bag this morning to put some PB&J sandwiches in for my husband.

  26. I used Ziploc bags last night for dinner leftovers.

  27. last thing I used a ziploc bag was to bag up some cookies for my grandkids! keeps the cookies nice & fresh

  28. I just used one this morning for my left over breakfast ham.

  29. Frankie in Texas says:

    I use Zip lock bagfs for everything; food items to organizational aids for personal items, appliance manuals, and crafts. One of my favorite things is I use them for makeup/ medicine bags for my many purses.
    I personally think the zip lock bag is the best invention of my lifetime!
    Warm in Texas,

  30. Love the snack size to put fruit & things for my 5 yr old’s lunch perfect size for her.

  31. bagging granola!

  32. I used one for mini-marshmallows for hot cocoa.

  33. RONNIE CHALUPA says:


  34. I just divided Lego sets for the kids!

  35. I just used one this morning to keep those little “labels for education’ that I find on boxes and cans of food, separate from other things in my desk. What a wonderful thing—Ziplok bags!!!

  36. Lois Elrod says:

    Last thing I used ziploc for? This morning I made waffles and doubled the recipe so I could freeze a bunch – in ziploc freezer bags, of course!!

  37. Jessica N. says:

    I used a ziploc to give my daughter popcorn on the way to daycare this morning. I said please dont tell your friends that your mom let you have movie butter popcorn for a pre-breakfast snack. I promise she eats real food too!!

  38. conniemelancon says:

    The last thing I used a ziploc for was this am for my left over poptart.

  39. I took limes to a friend making quacamole last night! Would love to win!

  40. Last thing I used a ziploc bag was for my lunch. I took a sandwich and chips in my ziploc baggies to work today.

  41. I used one last night for leftover pizza

  42. I used it for the pieces to our Stratego game, which were, as usual, all over the floor of the closet because someone knocked the box sideways. I store all our games’ pieces in Ziploc bags, but this one hadn’t had that treatment yet.

    Oh, wait. Actually, last night we finally put our Christmas decorations away, and I stored all the felt pieces and backing to our advent calendar. Protects them from funny basement smells and keeps them all together!

    We do use them for food, too. 🙂

  43. i just used a ziplock today for my half of orange I didn’t finish at lunch! Love ziplock!

  44. I last used a ziplock bag to store no-bake cookies.


  46. I used a ziploc bag yesterday to store half a cucumber!

  47. Amy Martin says:

    Just used them to pack my daughters snacks for school. Always have three sizes available.

  48. I used Ziploc bags to break down a large package of bacon into 2 person portions for the freezer.

  49. Michelle Wright says:

    I justed used ziplock bag for hamburg portions.

  50. I used ziplock for my daughter’s lunch this AM

  51. carolyn s says:

    i used some this morning to seperate out my sons lego’s 🙂

  52. The last thing I used a ziplock bag for was this morning to pack my lunch!

  53. I used it to store some zest of a lemon. I LOVE Ziploc bags, it’s the only brand I will trust!

  54. I put the leftover waffles in a ziplock. Use them every day for something.

  55. Ziplock Freezer bags – use them all the time!

  56. I put homemade banana oatmeal muffins in them to freeze.

  57. Stephanie says:

    I used on to defrost chicken in this morning.

  58. I amde a triple batch of disney waffles for my little girl to freeze. She is always asking for them so I cooked them once, allowing disney breakfasts more throughout the week.

  59. I stored some bread in a ziploc bag.

  60. I used it to portion out chips so I don’t eat the whole bag!

  61. Ronda Lewis says:

    I use Ziploc baggies every morning to pack my kids’ lunches!

  62. The last thing I used a ziploc bag was I put goldfish crackers in a snack bag for my daughter’s lunch.

  63. Anonymous says:

    Sending snacks to school with my kids.

  64. We use Ziplock bags all the time around here. Recently I used them to freeze some extra chicken that I had cooked in the slow cooker and then shredded for future meals.

  65. Anonymous says:

    I used my Ziplock bags to store a large amount of home made Jerk chicken in the freezer.

  66. I used one to pipe frosting onto cake pops!!

  67. Shawna L. says:

    I used Ziploc the other day, to batter chicken.

  68. last thing I used a Ziploc bag for was to pipe frosting onto cookies!

  69. The last thing I used a ziplock bag for was to store a clean dry trach for my daughter – food wise was to freeze some beef i bought

  70. I store my pre-soaked, ready to cook beans in 11/2 cup portions in the freezer in Ziploc bags.

  71. We use Ziploc’s for everything…
    I just used one to store some left over dog food in :))

  72. Nothing exciting, I just put part of an onion in, left from cooking.

  73. Used Ziplock’s to prepare my lunch

  74. I used a ziploc last evening to save a package of opened crackers

  75. I used a Ziploc to put tonight’s leftover pizza in.

  76. That’s easy. I just put a bag in the freezer full of sweet potato fries that I was given. The bag they came in wasn’t resealable, so….now they’re good to keep in the freezer.

  77. To store leftovers.

  78. I used them to pack my lunch this morning.

  79. For my boys’ sandwiches & orange slices in their lunch 🙂 FUN giveaway!!

  80. I used a Ziplock freezer bag the last time I bought fresh chicken on sale. We broke up the ‘family pack’ into smaller servings and froze them.

  81. I used a Ziploc bag a few minutes ago to prep the dry ingredients for tomorrow’s pancakes

  82. My boring answer is that I used a Ziploc bag for my sandwich in my lunch.

  83. I used Ziploc freezer bags to store the extra burritos I made for my grandsons’ lunches so they could have something for lunch while I was at work.

  84. I use ziploc freezer bags all the time. Especially when I buy meat in bulk.

  85. I buy whole onions and dice and put them inside the Ziploc. Works perfect and saves on buying the already diced onions at a higher price. Love them.

  86. I use Ziplocs every day! Most of the time for my sons’ lunches.

  87. I used a ziploc bag to put some craft items in thanks

  88. I used a ziploc to put clean qtips in to store in my makeup kit 🙂

  89. I just used a ziploc bag to put baby goldfish crackers in for a car ride with my 19 month old daughter!

  90. used 2 ziploc bags to store the 2 batches of muffins I made this morning and a batch of cookies I made yesterday!

  91. Used a gallon ziploc freezer back today to freeze homemade biscuits in. I made chicken gravy ( basically chicken potpie filling)and served it over homemade biscuits. Instead of wasting what I didn’t need by baking them I cut them all out and flash froze the ones I didn’t need and they popped them in a ziploc. Now I have biscuits ready to bake fresh next time I need them.

  92. Janet Hurguy says:

    The last thing that I used ziplock for was to pack a sandwich and chips for my hubby’s lunch yesterday.

  93. Put mini marshmallows into snack-sized baggie for DH’s lunch (to go with his diced peaches).

  94. The last thing I put into a Ziploc bag was some chicken breasts and italian dressing for my dinner tonight.

  95. The last thing I used a ziploc for was to hold my puppy’s stuffed kong when I put it in the freezer

  96. I use Ziploc bags for EVERYTHING, but the last thing I used one for was a Gallon Ziploc to store Legos.

  97. I love Ziploc bags! The last time I used a Ziploc was when I put a wet baby shirt in a Ziplock sandwich bag while I was caring for a baby.

  98. I used Ziploc to keep my veggies fresh!

  99. I most recently used ziplock for your snicker doodle muffins! Yum