Sister Schubert’s Giveaway!

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I’ve shared a few times recently about Sister Schubert’s rolls.  The pretzel rolls make fabulous Reuben Sliders.  They’re also great as an accompaniment to Cheese Soup.  And the Mini Baguettes are delicious too.

Today, I’ve got a giveaway for you.  Two winners will receive:

  • Free product coupons (5 per prize pack)
  • Sister Schubert’s linen to line bread basket
  • Sister Schubert’s branded apron
  • Sister Schubert’s branded wooden cutting board
  • Bread basket
  • Butter knife
  • Sister Schubert’s autographed cookbook

To enter, just leave a comment telling me what your favorite Sister Schubert’s product is.

The giveaway will close at 8pm on Monday, Dec. 19 (Eastern time).  Two winners will be chosen at random.  Winners have 48 hours to respond.

I was one of eight bloggers selected by Sister Schubert’s Homemade Rolls to review their products. I have been compensated for my time commitment to the program as well as my writing about my experience. I have also been provided products for review. However, my opinions are entirely my own and I have not been paid to publish positive comments.

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  1. I love the Cloverleaf Dinner rolls. They can be heated from frozen which makes them quick and easy. I love the Parkerhouse yeast rolls too. Come to think of it there has not been one variety I have not liked. Also, they usually have good coupons for their products! Thanks for the giveaway!

  2. We just tried the pretzel rolls with some potato soup and they are great. Can’t wait to buy some more!

  3. Love, Love, Love the Parkerhouse rolls…favorite at our house anytime!

  4. I’ve never had them, but the Pretzel rolls sound delicious

  5. We always enjoy the traditional dinner rolls but sine my kids have tried the pretzel rolls those are their new favorites.

  6. the Wheat dinner rolls are great. I’ve never tried the pretzel rolls, but they sound wonderful, too!

  7. My family loves the Parker House Rolls!

  8. The pretzel rolls!

  9. Sister Schubert’s Parkerhouse rolls, hands down!

  10. I love pretzel rolls too!

  11. We really like the Dinner Yeast Rolls.

  12. Kimberly Kirkgard says:

    I am hard pressed to narrow it down from the yeast rolls, soft dinner rolls and the cinnamon rolls. All of their products are super yummy but these are the 3 that I can not live without.

  13. The Pretzel Rolls!!! Yay sistah schubert!

  14. Sandy Young says:

    Bread is my weakness, any form of it. I have not got any that where not awesome. Thank you for this chance to win this gift giveaway.

  15. Parker house rolls are our favorite at our house!!! My daughter would eat an entire pan for her dinner.

  16. The pretzel rolls sound so yummy!

  17. I would love to try the pretzel rolls.

  18. Pretzel rolls….the best!

  19. Mary Ann Bratcher Kinman says:

    Dinner Yeast Rolls. I used them in preparing dinner for 45+ Sr. Citizens at our local Sr Center last night. They are always a hit.

  20. the soft pretzel rolls look great but I have not seen them in stores.

  21. Parker House rolls. No, the Pretzel rolls, wait, uh, can I answer both? If not, I’ll stick with Parker House, since I said those first LOL, thanks!

  22. The wheat dinner rolls are the best! My grandmother always made homemade dinner rolls and Sister Schubert’s rolls are just as mouth watering as hers were.

  23. Love the pans of rolls! My family begs for them…..taste like heaven as a sandwich with smoked sausage! 🙂

  24. We love the pretzel rolls!!!

  25. We absolutely love their dinner yeast rolls. They are so addicting!

  26. Donna Milligan says:

    I would love to try their pretzel rolls. Do they sell them in Missouri?

  27. I would love to try the Mini Baguettes.

  28. The Parkerhouse rolls have a way of disappearing around our house! My kids LOVE them!

    Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!

  29. I don’t think we have them here in the Philly area! I will have to check it out!

  30. The Parkerhouse rolls for sure! Thanks for the giveaway!

  31. My family loves the dinner yeast rolls!

  32. We have LOVED the pretzel rolls! We have been eatining them with cheddar and broccolli soup almost weekly!

  33. I like them all, but the orange rolls have stood out in my family the last few years. In fact, I am wondering if they even still make them because I have been unable to find them so far this year.

  34. Kathy Lowry says:

    How do you choose? They’re all so good. If I have to, though, I would have to say the cinnamon rolls. I haven’t seen the pretzel rolls in my area. They sound divine!

  35. The Parker House Rolls are our favorite!

  36. sausage wrapped rolls look good!

  37. Parker house rolls & mini baguettes!

  38. I love all of them but will go with Sister Schubert’s Parkerhouse Rolls.I’d want to try the pretzel rolls so badly but they don’t have them in our area yet.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  39. I LOVE their yeast rolls. I prefer them to homemade!

  40. We love the yeast dinner rolls. We were introduced to them at a church dinner a couple of years ago and have bought many bags since!

  41. Hey Sharon,

    They do still make the Orange Rolls! They are hard to find (I did see them in an IGA a few months ago) but I have bought them directly from them before. On their website you can order em.

  42. I know it sounds simple but I love their frozen rolls. ten mins in the oven and you have TASTE Like Homemade rolls! Where we live I can usually get a pack of 10 for $2!!!

  43. I love the Parkerhouse rolls

  44. The Parkerhouse rolls! Not only are they delicious but having them in the little pan makes them so convenient! Thanks for the chance to win!

  45. We love her soft dinner rolls!

    • Lynn Beumer says:

      Oh, ALL of the rolls are delicious! I guess the Parkerhouse are the favorite. I bake breads and rolls from scratch, but Sister Schubert beats me! The grandchildren look for her rolls.

  46. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the regular cloverleaf rolls, we buy them regularly. I’ve also had the sausage wrap rolls and they are delicious!

  47. My favorite is the big bag of Sister Schubert’s rolls that I buy at Sam’s. My family loves them; evertime we have these delicious rolls it seems like a “special holiday”!
    Merry Christmas,
    Frankie in Texas

  48. The Parkerhouse but I am anxious to try others also.

  49. I love the pretzel rolls. They are AMAZING

  50. We love the pre-baked wheat dinner rolls! So handy!

  51. Their soft rolls are wonderful. Parkerhouse are great, also. Haven’t seen the baguettes…. I really do want to try those!!

  52. Sister Schubert’s rolls taste just like my mother-in-law used to make. We have missed her and her rolls since she went on to bigger and better. I still want to call her and get her opinion, a recipe or just talk, she was a dear friend to me. Someone brought rolls to our church Christmas dinner and I asked for the recipe and she told me they are Sister Schubert rolls. I was so suprised and happy to have these rolls for me and my family, they bring back wonderful memories of love.

  53. The Parker House rolls!

  54. Love them all but especially the cinnamon rolls

  55. Kristine Dewald says:

    My favorite is their rolls. BTW, I really enjoy your blog site. You have so many great ideas & tips!

  56. Yeast Rolls all they way! My family loves them!

  57. We love the yeast rolls!

  58. I love all of the Sister Shubert products, but I particularly like the sausage rolls. I use them to feed the friends of my teenagers when they spend the night. We also use the whole wheat dinner rolls and the Parker House dinner rolls at my house. We usually save them for special ocassions like Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter. I know the history of this company and greatly admire “Sister Shubert” for her work with charity.

  59. judith whitney says:

    Their dinner rolls are the best!

  60. The Parkerhouse roll are my favorite. But I’m really looking forward to trying the pretzel one.

  61. Cinnamon Rolls… yumm!

  62. My family’s favorite are the Parkerhouse rolls. They are so GOOD. Quick, easy and delicious are qualities that are sometimes hard to find with breads. These rolls have the same taste as the ones my husband and I both ate when we were growing up. Sister Schubert’s has given us a fast, delicious addition to our meals plus brought back some great food related memories! The sweet blueberry and cinnamon rolls are perfect too!

  63. We love all rolls but the pretzel rolls are definately a big hit.

  64. I like the yeast dinner rolls. I make a loaf of bread every weekend but like having the dinner rolls on hand for times when sliced bread isn’t quite right for the meal.

  65. We really like their wheat dinner rolls! But I just bought the pretzel ones this week to try with your cheese soup recipe – they look really yummy.

  66. I love the parker house rolls. They are a holiday tradition around here! 🙂

  67. Sister Schubert’s rolls are the best! My favorite is the Parker House Rolls but we enjoy all varieties. They are always in my freezer to accompany meals!

  68. We love the Parker House Rolls. Yum!

  69. the sausage wrap rolls are soo good!

  70. I’ve never tried Sister Schubert’s rolls, although I have seen them in the stores – the pretzel rolls would probably be my favorite, if that counts!

  71. I love the mini-baguettes. They are so wonderfully crusty on the outside and soft inside – perfect! We had some the other night with a pork loin cooked with leeks, garlic, onions and carrots in the crock pot. Perfect for sopping up all those juices.

  72. I love their bag of frozen yeast rolls. Firt of all, they bake up perfectly and taste so good. Plus, it is so nice to be able to pull out just the right amount for what I need.

  73. I haven’t found them at the grocer yet, but want to try the mini baugettes They look delicious and would be the perfect size for my packed work lunch.

  74. The pretzel rolls sound yummy. I still haven’t been able to find them.

  75. Babita Wolfkill says:

    Here at our house we love pretzel rolls! They are the bomb!

  76. Love dinner yeast rolls!

  77. Andrea Watts says:

    The Parkerhouse rolls

  78. Their Parkerhouse rolls were my first introduction to Sister Schubert, so they will always be my favorite.

  79. Most definitely the cinnamon rolls!

  80. I haven’t been able to find them in my area! So bummed! I would love to try the soft pretzel rolls. My hubby loved soft pretzels and rolls so I don’t think we could go wrong!

  81. We love their cinnamon rolls. All my boys asked to have for breakfast on Christmas morning is these rolls. Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  82. I love the parker house style rolls. I eat them plain or make mini ham and swiss sandwiches with them for parties.

  83. Anxious to try those pretzel rolls. The dinner rolls are so convenient in a pinch!

  84. My neices & nephew love love love pretzel dogs & so we had the idea of making them at home. They turned out grrreat!!! We absolutely love them we make them all the time! And sometimes we make pigs in a blanket with the pretzel dough too!!! Dang now I want one lol it’s lunch time! 🙂

  85. Sharon Searcy says:

    The soft, warm yeast dinner rolls taste like homemade and are the perfect comfort food.

  86. I’ve never had any of them but have been DYING to try the pretzel rolls!!

  87. I love their pretzel rolls. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  88. Pretzel Rolls 🙂
    Your making me hungry!!! LOL

  89. My family just tried the pretzel rolls this week and LOVED them!

  90. I’ve never tried any of these products, but I would love to!

  91. Soft multi-grain rolls. Yummy.

  92. I love the Regular Yeast Dinner Rolls AND the Wheat Dinner Yeast Rolls!!

  93. We like the sausage rolls…great for brunch!

  94. I also love the parkerhouse rolls and the wheat dinner rolls. What a great giveaway!

  95. Each product is my favorite, you can make a simple sandwich to a fancy panini or have a great breakfast roll or even a dessert. I’m a traditionalist and still like the fantastic Parker House Rolls with rich creamy butter spread on each tasty morsel.

  96. My family loves all shapes, sizes, flavors of bread. Sister Shubert turns out a delicious basic roll that always tastes homemade. Thanks for a great giveaway. I would love to win!

  97. Parkerhouse rolls!!!

  98. Cheryl Newton says:

    I’m sure I’m gonna love the new pretzel rolls, as soon as I can find them!

  99. Melissa Ma says:

    I have only had the whole wheat rolls, but they were very good. I like the convenience of the product.

  100. We love the Parker House rolls! They melt in your mouth!

  101. Linda Chasak says:

    The Sister Schubert white or wheat soft dinner rolls are fantastic, I could not make anything from scratch to compare to these. They are delicious and so easy!

  102. hard to pick just one favorite but I would have to say the wheat rolls are the best ever!!

  103. My family likes the pretzel rolls that we first tried withthe Reuben sliders. We were great!

  104. AC Stewart says:

    I love the Parkerhouse Rolls…yum-my!

  105. I’ve never tried any of her products before, but the mini baguettes look wonderful. 🙂

  106. Love the dinner rolls as overnight cinnamon rolls!

  107. My absolute all-time favorite is a fresh, hot yeast roll slathered in butter!

  108. Parker House rolls are the best! (I love all their products I’ve tried however!)

  109. We love the dinner rolls! My 8 year old daughter can do some damage on the rolls with lots of soft butter!!

  110. The Parker House rolls have been at every big family get-together as long as I can remember… They’re unbelievably delicious!

  111. The orange rolls! We have them on holiday mornings when we can all take our time together for breakfast.

  112. My families favorite are the dinner rolls. We could go through one bag on a Sunday afternoon.

  113. I just got turned on to these rolls over Thanksgiving, we like the pretzel rolls the best.

  114. blossomteacher says:

    I love the yeast rolls! I use them with little smokies to make kolaches—mmm, good for breakfast, lunch, and dinner 😀

  115. MamaFeelgood says:

    I love the parker house rolls

  116. We just bought the pretzel rolls for the first time and they are great! However, nothing will ever beat the yeast rolls. They are THE BEST!!

  117. I have never gotten to try any of her rolls 🙁 but I really want to try the pretzel rolls they look and sound delicious!

  118. Sister Schuberts yeast rolls are addictive, they’re my favorite!!

  119. I was just informed about Sister Schubert the other day while visiting my sister. I would love to try any of the products.

  120. Amy L. Norman says:

    I love the Original Parkerhouse Style Rolls!

  121. Mini baguettes!=)

  122. I tried the rolls for the first time at Sam’s Club last week. I’d like to try pretzel rolls. They look interesting!

  123. The first time my family tried the yeast rolls, they couldn’t believe they weren’t “homemade”. Everyone loved them! Just purchased the pretzel rolls. We’ll be trying them over the holidays.

  124. We tried the yeast rolls at Thanksgiving. They were very convenient and tasted almost homemade.

  125. I’ve never had a product from them that I didn’t like! I have seen people talking about their pretzel rolls but I have yet to see them at my grocery….

  126. We love the yeast rolls. I often will just fill them with ham and cheese for a quick Saturday night babysitter meal for my kids and sitter.

  127. We love their cinnamon rolls but can’t find them anymore!!

  128. Tracy Luke says:

    the pretzel rolls are awesome!

  129. we love sister schubert’s breads at our house. would love to receive this.
    merry christmas!

  130. Original Soft Dinner Rolls! Cannot keep them away from the kids as well.

  131. We love Sister Schuberts around here! I don’t even make homemade rolls for the holidays anymore because I couldn’t make any as good! We love to take the dinner rolls and baste them with melted garlic butter! The best garlic rolls EVER!!

  132. Lisa Boyette says:

    I LOVE the yeast rolls! They are to die for. I’ve introduced these rolls to everyone and they get hooked. The quality is ah-mazing! Who knew the best rolls come frozen?!? 😉

  133. I love the orange rolls, because they taste just like the ones that were served at “The Club” (the Birmingham Country Club). So delicious. My kids’ favorite is the Sausage Wrap rolls. They’re a typical breakfast around here on weekday mornings. Easy to cook in the toaster.

  134. Jennifer R. says:

    My family loves the soft wheat rolls!

  135. Pretzel rolls. yummy!

  136. soft dinner rolls

  137. Michelle Wright says:

    Pretzel rolls. Thanks for the giveaway.

  138. Denise Matthews says:

    I like many love the versatility of their regular dinner rolls. I use them for everything from their stated purpose to making many types of “mini” sandwiches.

  139. I don’t really know about Sister Schubert’s products but I do like your site and I am so happy to have found it today, and a contest on top of this WOW!

  140. Pretzel rolls the greatest.

  141. Sisiter Schubert’s Yeast Rolls are simply a bite of sheer Heaven!!! I LOVE them. I am trying her Pretzel Rolls next!!!
    So much for me making Homemade Rolls. LOL!!!
    Merry Christmas Everyone!!! 🙂

  142. We’ve not tried any of her products yet. The Pretzel rolls will be the first we try.

  143. I have not tried these products yet but would love to try the blueberry rolls or the pretzel rolls!

  144. We love the yeast rolls. They are so yummy!!

  145. The yeast rolls are my favorite.

  146. I’ve never tried their products, but winning this giveaway would be a great introduction!

  147. Jackie Tucker says:

    Those pretzel rolls are awesome!! Love making mini sammies with them:)

  148. I’d love to try their blueberry rolls. My son loves blueberries. Thanks for the giveaway!

  149. My family loves the pretzel rolls! We had sloppy joes last night and used the pretzel rolls instead of hamburger buns. My 6 year old who barely eats a whole sandwich, ate 2 sandwiches. He kept talking about hiw good the sandwich was.

  150. I actually have never heard of these products but would love to try the parker house rolls and whole wheat baquettes.

  151. We love the pretzel rolls. We also love how easy it easy to bake all the rolls!

  152. You just can’t beat the yeast rolls. Yum!

  153. Alice Ashburn says:

    I love all your products. I have been making yeast rolls (that my family loves) for seventy years and I have to say these are as good as mine.

  154. judy clark says:

    There are just two of us and we LOVE the new smaller packages of the yeast rolls….now ther is NO waste each time I serve them, and they are the best yeast rolls ever!

  155. love the yeast rolls!!

  156. I have never used Sister Schubert’s products, but the comments about everyone else’s love of yeast rolls tells me I should try them!

  157. Aimee Grey says:

    The yeast rolls are my absolute favorite! You can always tell when we’re having them with a fellowship meal at church because the amazing smell of them cooking hits you in the face as soon as you walk in. Yum!

  158. The rolls are my favorite, I buy them all the time(they are way better than homemade).

  159. My favorite Sister Schubert’s products are the parker house rolls!

  160. I’ve never heard of the pretzel rolls, I’ll have to look for them. We love the yeast rolls and are so glad they now come in large packages at Sam’s. We have a large family and we always have them when everyone is home and special occasions…like Christmas dinner!