Drive. Play. Feed. Sports Season Suppers – Pack it!

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It’s that time of year!  Fall sports schedules, combined with school starting can lead to lots of drive-thru dinners (and an empty wallet) if you’re not careful.

In my family, the sport of choice is soccer.  We often find ourselves on the sidelines, watching a game during the dinner hour.

And even if it’s not game time, practices usually run at dinner time.  It’s hard to cook when you’re not home to do it.  But with a plan, it is possible to get everyone fed without resorting to the drive-thru.

That’s where this new series comes in.  Tuesdays in August, you’ll find lots of ideas and tips on dealing with dinner, when you’re in the car, on the sidelines or coming home late after a long day.

Here’s the series schedule:

  • August 9 – Pack it!
  • August 16 – Grocery Store Meals
  • August 23 – Rock the Slow Cooker!
  • August 30 – 15 Minute Meals

Pack It!  

Obviously, you can just pack sandwiches.  But you know how to do that already.  And if you’re regularly packing lunch meat sandwiches for lunch, you might want something different for dinner.  Especially since sports seasons last 3 months or so.  Sandwiches twice a day could get old fast.

Here are some other ideas.  But first, a few tips.

Picnic Gear

Some essentials and some nice-to-haves.

  • cooler
  • thermos for soup or casseroles
  • reusable insulated water bottles, or a large gallon size thermos for keeping drinks cold
  • paper plates, napkins, plastic forks/spoons – keep a bag of these in your car.
  • frozen ice pack – always put it back in the freezer when you get home.

Packable Recipes (that aren’t sandwiches):

Next week we’ll be talking about those nights when you didn’t pack anything, but you won’t be home to cook or eat.  Stay tuned for how to swing through the grocery store to put together quick, healthy picnic meals.

Do you pack foods during the sports season? What’s your favorite?





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  1. That is the cutest idea ever! Love the graphic (the mustache is darling) and it is exactly what every “soccer” mom needs (in my case volleyball mom). LOVE it!

  2. I struggle with this every year. My husband coaches our sons team so on Tue/Thurs we don’t see him till 9ish. Someone {thankfully} picks up my son for practice so we have kid friendly meals on those days. Sometimes I do dinner for lunch and then sandwiches at dinner aren’t so bad. Our games are on Sunday afternoons {which I despise} so I just plan one main meal and then it’s a fend for yourself the rest of the time!

  3. Now you are speaking my language! We are a sideline picnic family for sure (better for the budget and the waistline). Can’t wait to read more of your ideas, to add a bit of variety to our rotation.

  4. Great post! I am so excited to be starting my little ones in sports next year (for there age). I have always loved sports and these are great tips if it ever gets in the way of dinner! Thanks for sharing. =D

  5. Football is our sport in the fall and soccer in the spring so we spend many hours on the sidelines! One of my kids’ favorite is ham, cheese and pickle roll-ups 🙂 I look forward to seeing some new ideas, thanks!

  6. I have 4 boys who play sports year round. As well as following your plan above, I also use the delay start time on my oven. You can throw in a frozen casserole or I will make something in the morning, stick it in the fridge & then when I leave stick it in the oven cold & set the time for when to start baking & when to stop. This works GREAT for lasagna, mac & cheese etc

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is a great idea for a series. We don’t do a lot of sports (just karate), but we are busy. I’ve already been working on menu ideas that involve the crockpot and make ahead meals. I’m looking forward to what you share.

  8. love this series idea–thanks!

  9. Great idea!!! We are already involved in football practice—–lots of shuffling back and forth and dropping kids at different activities. These ideas will come in handy!

  10. Great ideas as we started football practice for my 2 boys today. I can’t wait to see what else you have in this series.


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