36 Recipes for Easy Restaurant Style Meals at Home

Did you know the markup on food at a restaurant is about 300%?

Eating out can be fun, convenient and delicious.  But if you need to save money, it’s often one of the first splurges to get cut from the family budget.

With a little planning and a few extra touches it’s easy to make restaurant meals at home.  I’ve already shared 5 Ways to Make Restaurant Style Meals at Home Special. Now here’s a list of easy recipes to fix.  Some of these are copy-cat recipes of favorite restaurant dishes.  Others are just so good they could be served in a restaurant.

Italian Style Meals

Asian Style Meals

Mexican Style Meals

Other Good Stuff

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  1. Wow – what a great resource! Thanks. I too have just tried fish tacos recently, and have been thinking about making them. I will definitely try this recipe, and many of the others as well.

  2. Tiffany, this is awesome! Thanks so much for posting all of these in one spot. Can’t wait to give them a try : )

  3. This is a super idea! Thank you for a great post.

  4. Thanks for including my Mongolian chicken recipe. I’ll have to check out all the other recipes.

  5. mmmmmmmmmmm…. what to make first is the question of the day…. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. Tiffany, thanks for including the Olive Garden Chicken Alfredo recipe!!

    And, oh my DROOL, have I just bookmarked some more good recipes to try! Thanks for doing this roundup too!

  7. Great list! I posted the link over on my facebook page, which means it will also appear on a link-a-palooza post on my blog in a couple of weeks. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Jackie says:

    Hey, these are great!

    I am in training to be a chef and some of these seem really tasty! The only thing I would say is that most restaurants use a 35% food cost system. So basically for every dollar you pay for an item, 35 cents is taking care of the cost of the food. The other 65% is distributed among paying rent, electricity, salaries, cleaning supplies etc…

    Although some restaurants do have astonishing food cost percentages, they will probably be out of business at some point.

    If you find a good restaurant, with great service and excellent food, indulge!! It’s always nice to have people cook for you…keeps me in business!


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