Weekend Giveaway! My Favorite Recipes Book

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Isn’t that the cutest thing ever?  I love the turquoise and cheery cherries.  What a great way to dress up your recipe collection!

And the cool thing is – you can win one!

Allie sent me one of her recipe organizer books to review and she’s going to give one away to a lucky winner.

Allie’s books have room for 200 recipes.  Each slot is filled with scrapbook paper.  Adorable!

Just slide your recipes over the top of the pretty papers.  She’s already filled a quite a few slots with some of her favorite recipes, but you can easily remove those to put in your own.

Recipes organized and all tied up with a pretty bow.

To enter to win an organizer, check out Allie’s website or her Etsy store.  Leave a comment telling me which cover design you like best.

Winner will be chosen Friday, Feb. 11.

Allie’s also offering a 10% discount on orders over $30.  The coupon code is EATATHOME.

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  1. I love the Michael Miller Apple Print!

  2. I like Kitchen Time and Hot Pink/Black! Those are so cute, what a great idea! Thanks for the giveaway, both of you!

  3. These books are wonderful! I’m helping my 8 year old daughter learn to cook and we’re gathering favorite recipes for her to have. The “Bright Cooks Kitchen” would be the perfect place to put her gathered recipes and a keepsake when she grows up. Thanks!

  4. I love the Kitchen Time design. Too cute!

  5. I really like the hot pink and black one, not sure what the name is.

  6. I love the oilcloth cherries!!!

  7. The black with the embroidered white flowers, gorgeous. I do something like this as a wedding shower gift, along with some kitchen tools.

  8. I like this one. Turquoise and cherries- it’s just too cute.

  9. Oh WOWOWOWOWOW. I love these! It took forever of back and forth to pick my favorite book, but I think it’s the Bright Cook’s Kitchen book. Unique, bright, awesome!

  10. definitely the turquoise and cherries!!!

  11. It’s absolutely beautiful! Thanks for the give-away! Here’s hopin…

  12. I really like the black floral! All her designs are so cute!

  13. I like the Bright Cooks Kitchen and Retro Fun!

  14. My favorite design is the black solid with white flowers!!

  15. I love the one with the big pink flower on it.

  16. They are all so cute! I would want the red with flower ‘scribble’ outlined in white…MY favorite book there…(I couldn’t find a name for it) VERY nice!

  17. I’m with you, I love the cherries and the blue! All the designs are so cute and stylish! Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  18. I am loving the hot pink and black one!

  19. I love the hot pink and black. It would make me excited and motivated to cook dinner for my family.

  20. My favorite is the Hand wrapped Oil Cloth Cherry Print

  21. You have delivered just what I needed…AGAIN!
    I love the hand-wrapped brown apple for myself, but I am going to order one for my mother-in-law for her b-day! I didn’t know what to get her and wanted something special and unique! taaa-da! You found it for me!

  22. They are all so pretty! I think the pink and black one is my favorite.

  23. Too many to choose from, but Hot Pink and Black stands out as first choice!!!!

  24. My favs are the pink & black one and the black floral. they are all so cute!!

  25. I love the checkered cherries! Would look so god in my kitchen.

  26. I think the black swirl albums are very chic but like the collage of apples in three colors as well. Actually, who wouldn’t like any/all of them? I’m book marking her site for future gifts!

  27. love the oilcloth cherry! nice and wipeable!

  28. I really like the black and white polka dot but turquoise and cherries is retro and cute, too!!

  29. My favorite is the yellow with white flowers! I would love to have one of these.

  30. What a cute idea! I especially love the ribbon on the binding. My favorite one is the hot pink and black.

  31. What a PERFECT idea! My 3 daughters and I LOVE the hot pink & black!
    Thanks for the giveaway (and another great website)! 🙂

  32. Tamara M. says:

    My favorite is the beige demask.

  33. I really like the Bright Cook’s Kitchen. It matches the decor in my own kitchen. Thanks for the giveaway!!

  34. I absolutely love the turquoise and cherries book. Wow – these are great. I have two girls in their older teens and one who will be married soon. I’ve been looking for an interesting recipe book to give each of them to put our family recipes in and also recipes they find on their own. I think I’ve found it. They are so beautiful and fun. Thanks for the website!!!

  35. jessica y says:

    I swear I looked, but I really like the featured oilcloth turquoise cherries. I have a cottage/farm kitchen scheme. Thanks for the giveaway because my recipe book is pretty ratty right now.

  36. A C Stewart says:

    My fav. is the black & white checked w/ cherries. All are cute. Tx for a chance to win one!

  37. I love the beautiful black and white damask album with slots for 300 recipes!!! I think you need to throw in some of your favorite recipes as another bonus!!! :O)

  38. I love the one featured with the cherries. It’s just so cheerful!

  39. So cute! I really like the Kitchen Time album.

  40. I love them all !!! Great work Allie!

  41. I like the black and white polka dot one! They are so cute and would make a great gift.

  42. Too cute- I like the one with the different fruits.

  43. I love the black and white print books (I’m not sure which print…they’re all so pretty!) Anyway this would sure beat my ugly notebook!

  44. What a GREAT IDEA!! I love the Bright Cook’s kitchen. So cute!

  45. What a GREAT IDEA!! I love the Bright Cook’s kitchen. So cute!

  46. Love these! My favorite is the black and white floral. Wonderful idea.

  47. I love the yellow one with white flowers. what a great idea.

  48. They are all so cute, I thing I like all of them. But I like any of them that has cherrries, like Laminated Cherry Fabric Cover or the on you have a picture of.

  49. love the black and white damask vinyl. what a great gift idea!

  50. Natasha Stewart says:

    What a fantastic idea! Love the website. My favorite one is the Multi-Color Floral, so pretty!

  51. I think my favorite is the Checkered Cherry design. They are all beautiful!

  52. I like the Hot Pink & Black laminated cover!

  53. Lori Lane says:

    I love the Black Vinyl Damask laminated recipe book- lovely!!

  54. I like the Pink one! (but the White Wedding one would be great for my future daughter-in-law!)

  55. I LOVE the Turquoise and cherries!!

  56. Brittany Albert says:

    What a cute idea!! I love the one with the big pink/white polka dot flower on the front.

  57. Wow! They are all so beautiful! The one that I was drawn to is the kitchen theme one with the ivory ribbon. It would look fabulous in my kitchen.

  58. Michael Miller Apple Print is my fav, I think! 😉 I also love the turquoise and cherries. It is so hard to choose… they are all so cute!!!

  59. I am very excited to see this! I have a recipe box that only somewhat works, as i always print out recipes from blogs/online and they don’t really fit well. With this type of book, i could fold or cut and they would still fit in the sheets. This would really solve my messy recipe collection, and perhaps even keep me in line going forward!

    My favorite is probably the black and white houndstooth, but i like a lot of them!

  60. I like the one called “fun floral” with one big flower on the cover. Such a cute idea 🙂

  61. Hard to choose just one favorite, but I think I’ll go with Zebra.

  62. I need one of these! My recipes are currently stuffed in a drawer not looking nearly as cute or organized as they should be!
    This one is my fave

    Love it.
    Thanks for a chance to win!

  63. Great idea! I have somewhat scrapped some of my recipes but not this cute! I like the Bright Cooks Kitchen in vinyl. Looks super fun and spill proof for my budding teenage cook!

  64. I love your website. I often find myself cooking meals from your suggestions. My favorite is the red one with the white stitching (http://www.etsy.com/listing/64625989/my-favorite-recipes-book-with-favorite.)

  65. jeannette t. says:

    .Recipe Album – Comes with Favorite Recipes – Hand Wrapped

    love the apples all over it!

  66. actually like most of them – love the cherries!

  67. I like the Oil Cloth Cherry Print.

  68. I love the bright pink/purple cover with the flowers and paisleys! Doesn’t have a name, but I think that is super cute! What a clever idea!

  69. Kayla Roseland says:

    Green/Brown Damask Hand wrapped is my favorite. They are all cute.

  70. I like the pink and black one the best (on the second page) They are all adorable!

  71. This was a very hard choice to make since they are all fantastic. If I had to pick just one I would say the black & white polka dot. It is so classic!!!!

  72. My two favorites are the oil cloth cherry and the laminated cherry fabric one!

    lanzaelizabeth77 at gmail dot comL

  73. It’s hard to pick but I would probably say either the Oil Cloth Turquoise and Cherries or the Bright Cooks.

  74. My favorite is the one you picked… the oil cloth cherries book.

  75. The Laminated cherry one (black and white ckeckerboard print with cherries) and the
    BIG red bow! How cute!

  76. Becky Etheridge says:

    I love them all! What a great idea!!

  77. I like the Bright Cook’s Kitchen one. They are all so cute!!

  78. angie boyd says:

    I have to go with the black with floral embroidery. I like the simple ones and since I’m going to be changing my kitchen colors soon (I hope), I’ll go with the one that should match no matter what I choose.

  79. I like this one! http://host.pappapak16.com/~myfavori/item_55/Hot-Pink-Black.htm Such a great idea, especially for the recipe lover. The scrapbook paper behind the recipes just makes me smile. I love recipes!

  80. I LOVE the turquoise cherry one! So adorable!

  81. Krystyn W says:

    Such a cute idea! My favorite pattern is the Michael Miller Apple Print!

  82. I love the hot pink and black recipe book. Sooo cute 🙂

  83. There were 3 that really caught my eye but my favorite is the Oilcloth Cherry. I love its retro look.

  84. Eeeiii, excited about this one!! My favorite is the green with flower stitching. 🙂

  85. SA Newton says:

    I love the cherry one..

  86. Love the Cherry Checkered design.

  87. I would LOVE this! I have those colors AND cherries in my retro kitchen!!!!

  88. I like the black and white check with the red cherries!

  89. These are awesome. I think my favorite is the green one with the floral stitching.

  90. I love them all! I not only want one but I need one too because my recipes are a mess! I love the black and white polk a dots, and the one with all the cooking supplies with the blue background. Too cute!

  91. I love the red one with the white flower stitching over the binding and framing the centre title area. It’s lovely!

  92. Those are adorable! So much cuter than my plain green one that I SO need to change and update! I LOVE the black and white polka dot one, there were a bunch that were cute though, thanks!! Great giveaway!

  93. My favorite is the book with the Michael Miller Apple Print

  94. I love these! I like the cherries with turquoise….they are all great though!

  95. Amanda H. says:

    I like the pale yellow one with the white flowers on it. I have a ton of recipes that already need a place in there!

  96. Raven Booth says:

    I absolutely love the hot pink and black damask too cute 🙂 I could use this considering all my recipes are written on scraps of paper and some are even written on napkins

  97. I like the blue and brown tone one with cooking utensils all over it. I need to organize my recipes… I was just saying that today as I was making my grocery list.

  98. Tami Huberty says:

    I like the white one with the pink flowers and black leaves on it.

  99. I love LOVE the pink/black flowered one! So wish I could afford this.

  100. I absolutely LOVE the Hot pink one with the black decor on it!!! This is amazing!!!!! SOOOO cute!!!

  101. I love the hand-wrapped laminated one with the “bright cooks kitchen” fabric. So cute! I’d love to try the recipes as well. 🙂

  102. My favorite organizer is the light blue/beige one with the kitchen utensils on the front. So cute!!!

  103. Teri Fronk says:

    After looking at all the cute covers….I love the black background with white stenciled flowers. So cute!!!

  104. I likd “Kitchen Time”. It would be so cute in my kitchen!!!

  105. Colleen Ramsey says:

    I love the color green so I think the Green Floral Duck Cloth is really pretty and it would match my kitchen.

  106. I like the b/w gingham with cherries 🙂

  107. Too funny – just tonight I’ve started typing up all my recipes because my tattered old spiral notebooks are on their last legs – and they are just a few years old! I started the spiral notebooks 5+ years ago when I was first married and now I tell my husband it’s going to be ‘my legacy’ but I don’t think they’ll last much longer! I went to 4everstitchin’ Etsy sight and LOVE her ideas!! My favorite book was the one titled, “My Favorite Recipe Book” with all the spoons and serving dishes pattern. SO CUTE and what a brilliant idea! I also love that she includes some of her favorite recipes! Adorable! Thank you for this opportunity!

  108. What a Wonderful Giveaway……The Black Floral is Beautiful!!! I need this for all of my Recipes!!! I hope that I am the lucky Winner!!!!! 🙂

  109. Jessica Lussier says:

    I like the one that was called yellow apples it had the yellow background with all diffrent apples on it. very cute

  110. I like the Crisp Yellow Apple one.

  111. I LOVE the vintage turquoise with bright red cherries!

  112. Definitely the one with kitchen utensils all over it.

  113. Lovely! I would love the Michael Miller Apple Print! I think I might send this idea to DH for my birthday this month!

  114. Becky Trowbridge says:

    The cherries with the blue background are definitely my favorite of all!

  115. I love the black vinyl damask!

  116. So cute! I really like the hot pink and black one!

  117. Great giveaway the organizers are awesome. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the one with the oven mitts and kitchen utensils on it : )

  118. Very Cute! The Black Floral is great!

  119. I really like the black w/white polka dots! hm… or the plain red one! =)

  120. I really like the houndstooth.

  121. I love the one called Kitchen Time because it will match my kitchen.

  122. I love the green floral cover!

  123. love the green floral duck cloth one!

  124. I love the black vinyl damask or the red stitch floral. Both are so cute I would have a hard time deciding if I won.

  125. I think the one with the kitchen utensils on it is ADORABLE!

  126. The hot pink and black cover rocks!!!

  127. I love the Bright Cook’s Kitchen.

  128. I love the light blue print with pears and apples. My 9 month old daughter has a handmade dress with this same fabric that her aunt bought for her while she was still in my belly!

  129. I just started teaching my ten-year-old twin grandsons to cook; since apples are their favorite snack, I think the Crisp Yellow Apple book would be absolutely perfect for them. They take turns cooking meals from your menus, each cooking twice a week.

  130. Iris Brooks says:

    I love the black and white checks with the red cherries! Cute!!!

  131. I love the oilcloth cherry one. Very retro!

  132. Kelly Petersen says:

    I love the turquoise and cheery cherries. These are so cute and I wish I could afford to buy one. Thanks for the give away.

  133. I looked at her etsy store, and I think the cherry oil cloth is still my favorite. What a great idea!

  134. I like them all but my favorite might be the one with the apples on it with the dark background – really adorable!

  135. What a great idea! The houndstooth is my favorite.

  136. It is so hard to decide! I love them …. but I think the black with the white flowers. I need that one!

  137. These are so so adorable. I am in desperate need of a place to store my recipes. I love the one with the apples….so cute!

  138. The black and white polka dot one is my favorite, I think. So many cute ones!

  139. I LOVE the black with the single polka dot daisy on it – so cute!

  140. These are too cute!!! I love the cherry one and the crisp yellow apple!!! This would really help to organize my recipes!!!

  141. I love the black one with the big pink flower on the front! These are so cute. I love them all!

  142. I like the one with the kitchen stuff on it.


  143. I love them all! If I were so lucky to win one , I’d choose ‘Bright Cooks Kitchen” : )

  144. Frankie in TEXAS says:

    I loved the cookbook that had Red Cherries on Black and white gingham. How Cute…hope i win!
    Cool in Texas,

  145. Margie Huddleston says:

    I actually like the first one you see on her site. It has lots of kitchen/cooking images on it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  146. I like the black and white damask one the best.

  147. Sara Smith says:

    I love the hot pink and black laminated one. Such a cute book!! Thanks. 🙂

  148. I like the black floral one the best. This is a cute idea.

  149. I like the black and white polka dot or the black with the large pink flower. Sooooo cute! What a great give away.

  150. I like the black vinyl with embroidered white flowers. Love your site!

  151. I love the black and white houndstooth with the red ribbon. It would be perfect for a project I am doing. My daughter is graduating college in May and I wanted to put together some recipes for her and her kitchen is going to be red, black and white. Love it!!!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  152. The black and white damask with the black ribbon is so pretty, and such a classic style!

  153. Lorri Love says:

    I really like the Bright Cook’s Kitchen cookbook. This is such a darling idea for a cookbook!

  154. i like the crisp yellow apple cover best.

  155. I like the green and black damask cookbook.

  156. Paige Shaffer says:

    I like to have recipes on paper. I have several recipes in my grandmother’s handwriting that are so precious to me! This would be a beautiful way to store them, along with other favorites. I like the Fruity and Fine print and the Bright Cook’s Kitchen. It’s hard to decide between them. But if I had to choose, I would pick Fruity and Fine.

  157. I really like the Oilcloth Cherry one. It is just too cute!

  158. tiffany moase says:

    I really like the brown apple, I love the vintage look. Soooo pretty!

  159. I like the black and white with the cherries. These are gorgeous books! I have mine in a three ring notebook that is looking a little rough!

    I’ve just found your site and enjoy it. I’m bookmarking you!

    I read about your week of pantry eating. I do that often.

    God bless!

  160. I’m a sucker for anything with cherries on it! I like the bright aqua one with the cherries. 🙂

  161. I like the aqua/cherry one, myself. But on the Etsy site I love the black (brown?) one with the large pink flower. It’s SUPER cute! What a great idea.

  162. I like the black & white one with the cherries or the black one with the big pink flower on it. These are SO cute!

  163. Regina Martinez says:

    I like the Bright Cook’s Kitchen cover! I would love to leave something like this in the future for my daughter to cherish my recipe collection. 🙂

  164. My favorite is the Kitchen time theme! So cute… I have a recipe book with the index size pockets, but it is filled! Would love another one!!!

  165. i would love to have a book like that, what a good idea. i love the cherries on blue. my recipies are a mess…

  166. I love the turquoise with the cherries!

  167. I would love the black & white damask fabric wrapped book. Beautiful!

  168. I like the Hand wrapped vinyl fabric – bright cook’s kitchen! What a great looking recipe book!

  169. It’s a tough choice! They are all beautiful! I would probably have to say the Black Damask if forced to choose!!!!

  170. I LOVE the bright cooks kitchen one!!

  171. I LOVE the hot pink and black! it’s so sassy! exactly what i need to keep me motivated to get in the kitchen and cook!

  172. I like the “bright cook’s kitchen”. Would love to win it!!

  173. I LOVE the Hot Pink Floral book! I love pink and this one is perfect. What a great and colorful way to keep up with my recipes!

  174. I love the multi-colored flower recipe book!!


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