Menu, Grocery List, Recipes – Week 52 and A Giveaway!

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This is going to be an action packed post, so stick with me!  There’s a giveaway at the end! (The giveaway is now closed)

First of all, this marks one full year of free menus + complete grocery list available on Eat at Home.

To celebrate, I created a special edition of the menu this week in honor of teachers.  Of course, anyone can use the menu, but school is starting and I thought this would be the perfect time to thank teachers for all their hard work for our kids.

Many of you homeschool your kids.  I’m one of that group.  Many of you teach in either private or public schools.  And lots of us have kids who have teachers.

The menu this week has a special note to thank teachers.  Please share it with the teachers who will be working with your kids this year. Send it in an email or print it out and hand it to them in person.  Either way, send a note along with it to let them know how much you appreciate their dedication.  If you homeschool, you may want to share this with co-op teachers or another homeschool mom as a way to encourage her.

A few notes about the menu:

  • This menu is fully linked, so you can click the title of the recipe and be taken straight to the original post with photos.
  • I’ve also cross-referenced the menu with the grocery list so you can tell at a glance which recipe an ingredient on the list will be used in.  This should help if you decide not to make one of the meals or to change something.
  • You get 6 dinners and 1 dessert.  Serving suggestions are included in bold on the recipes and in curly brackets {} on the grocery list.
  • I chose all of the recipes to be quick and easy to help in the transition to new routines and schedules.
  1. Hashbrown Casserole, Ham or Smoked Sausage in the Slow Cooker, steamed veggie
  2. Slow Cooked Honey Mustard Chicken, new potatoes, steamed veggie
  3. Tony’s Tilapia, Parmesan Fettuccine, salad
  4. Chicken Fiesta with Black Beans in the Slow Cooker, salad, chips and salsa
  5. Pesto Tomato Pizza (cheese pizza for kids), salad
  6. Easy Pepper Steak in the Slow Cooker, angel hair pasta, salad
  7. Chocolatey Texas Sheet Cake

To download/print, click here: [download id=”53″]

The Giveaway!(The giveaway is now closed)

tomato slicer

Rada Cutlery Tomato Slicer – I’m giving away 5 of these fantastic knives today!

A few weeks ago my mom told me about a knife that she bought from one of my aunts, who was selling them through a fundraiser.  My mom raved about the knife and said several of my aunts also raved about them.

I decided to order one (I also ordered a bread knife).  I thought the best thing about the knife would be that it is so affordable – just $5.70 retail.  But, I was wrong.  The best thing about it is it works great!  I find myself using it all the time to cut all kinds of things.

Like Twinkies for Twinkie Tiramisu (recipe coming later this week)

tomato slicer with twinkie

I know that looks painful for the Twinkie, but it was all worth it for that dessert.

I still love my santoku knife and I wouldn’t give it up for anything, but I find myself reaching for this knife all the time.

I actually contacted Rada Manufacturing myself, which is something I *never* do.  Most of their sales are done through fundraisers, so if you work with an organization that needs a good way to raise money, please check them out.

Rada Cutlery is providing 5 knives for me to giveaway.  To enter, all you need to do is leave a comment. The contest will close Tuesday night and the winners will be announced Wednesday.

I told you this was an action packed post!  To re-cap, here’s what you need to do:

  1. Download the Menu + Grocery List above.
  2. Share the Menu with the teachers in your life.
  3. Leave a comment to enter the giveaway – if you’re a teacher let me know!  You can also leave me a comment letting me know if you’ve ever used or heard of Rada Cutlery before.

That should do it!

This menu is part of Menu Plan Monday at

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  1. I’ve never heard of Rada cutlery but have heard of fundraiser knives before and that they are great!

  2. Debbie K says:

    Never heard of Rada cutlery, but with my bounty of home grown tomatoes this year, such would be nice. addition to my kitchen. My fave teacher is my daughter! She’s studying to be an elementary school teacher and I couldn’t be prouder!

  3. Kelley K says:

    With all the things I need to cut while preparing meals, this would be awesome. I have been homeschooling my kids for the past 7 years. This year though, they will be returning to public school. Bittersweet for me and them, yet I know they will flourish.

  4. I’m a teacher! We just started our 5th grade homeschooling!

  5. Tinker Kell says:

    I’ve never heard of cutlery, but that looks like a great knife! I homeschool our kids and my husband is a teacher so the start of the school year is a busy season for us. Crockpot recipes are great when we’re busy! I’m also looking forward to seeing the Twinkie recipe.

  6. Christy Straub says:

    We are starting 2nd grade today (homeschool). I love your blog and recipes!

  7. Ooooooh! Yes please, I’d love a knife! Thank you for your recipes. I’ve just found this blog about a month ago, but have enjoyed several of them.

  8. i would love to win the knife!

  9. I have never heard of this cutlery. I’m a homeschool mom, does that count as a teacher. 🙂 My mother-in-law gave me a knife with a blade that looks similar to it. It’s my favorite for cutting steak. It doesn’t tear up the meat, just glides through. 🙂

  10. Count me in! We have a counter full of tomatoes, and I’d love to find more uses for this knife, as well. Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. I love your blog. Thanks for the menus. I also am a homeschooling mom. Fourth grade and Kindergarten this year!! And, I would also love to win that knife. 🙂

  12. Jessica Y says:

    Haven’t heard of them before. The knife looks good though!

  13. I’ve never heard of Rada before. I’ll be Googling it 🙂

  14. Still no tomatoes but maybe they might start producing if I had a knife to slice them. Thanks for all your good ideas. Have a good home schooling year.

  15. Twinkie Tiramisu – are you serious??!! LOVE IT! I can’t wait to see this recipe!! I have not heard of Rada cutlery before. I have NEVER found a knife that I like! And a knife that will cut a tomato without damage? Oh my yes! Hope Lady Luck shines on me for one of these beauties!! Thanks for the chance to win. LOVE YOUR BLOG!

  16. Looks like a great knife! I have to say, I love your website. Thanks for taking all the work out of meal planning – I really appreciate it and so does my family!

  17. Another great week of menus!

    We homeschool too (ggmom on SL).

  18. I love RADA knives. Our youth group sales them every year for their fundraiser. I use my one little one to cut everything. Congrats on the one year of menus! They have been so helpful to me.

  19. Love the special menu edition. As a 5th grade teacher and a new wife I will definitely be referring back to this menu! New knives are always exciting too!

  20. Thanks for all of your hard work! This blog has saved me many many nights of frustration and fast food. You are appreciated very much. The knife looks awesome, I have a bag full of farmer’s market tomatoes that are dying to be cut up. Can’t wait to try them in the pizza recipe!

  21. Diane in MD says:

    I am always looking for new, indispensable kitchen tools, and that knife sounds wonderful! We homeschool, and just graduated our first student! Now I have one in college, one in high school and one in middle school!

    Thanks for your helpful and delicious ideas!

  22. Happy Menu-versary! I don’t mind the cooking, but I am a disaster at the planning. Your menus and lists have been so helpful! Thank you for all the work you do!

  23. Congratulations on your one year milestone. I know you have learned much about blogging in this year and you have certainly shared great menus and recipes this year. And since I found your blog I have tell you thank you. I have gotten such good ideas from you and have implemented them and my hubby is a happy camper too! So thanks. I have not heard this particular brand name of cutlery. But I know if you recommend it, it is good.

  24. I have never heard of Rada knives, but I’d love to try one. The knives I’ve been using since we were married 9 years ago belonged to my grandmother before she passed away, and they are not good at cutting much of anything. In fact, my other grandmother was visiting this week, and went to cut the roast for dinner – after going through every knife in my knife block, she sighed and said, “Well, I guess this one will have to do!”

    Love your blog, Tiffany. Ever since I found it last year, I refer to it at least once a week, and I’ve told several of my friends about it. We especially like the pre-made shopping lists. As a home-schooling mom, I’m all for every time-saver I can find, and your blog is definitely one of them. Thanks!

  25. The menu is wonderful! I will certainly share it! I clicked on your link to the Rada website – I’m glad to learn of them!
    Hoping to win one of the knives 🙂
    Thanks for the all the menus, I’ve been following them since #1.

  26. thanks again for the menus! I always look forward to Monday mornings:)

  27. anna goodrich says:

    I love your blog…and would LOVE to win one of these knives!!
    Thanks for all of your menus!!

  28. I’m a teacher/mom who LOVES your blog for the time-saving aspect, yes – but mostly because the recipes are delicious! Please enter me for your giveaway, I’ve not used those knives but would love one.

  29. We’re not starting our homeschool year until next week. It’s still a little too hot for my kids to concentrate yet. 😉

    I’m curious to see how your tiramisu comes out. Great way to tease us! LOL

  30. mandy.all says:

    I am slowly replacing all of our knives with newer, better versions. This would be perfect! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  31. Lovely! I love finding new, wonderful kitchen gadgets! I’m a hs teacher, getting ready to start my 3rd year homeschooling. I’d love to be entered in your giveaway! Thanks!

  32. Great menu this week! I already had several of those recipes bookmarked but somehow missed the Chicken Fiesta with Black Beans in the slow cooker. We’re going to try that the week the kids go back to school. I’ve never heard of Rada cutlery but I only have 1 “good” knife. It’s nice to know that there is an affordable option out there!

  33. I discovered your blog this summer and LOVE it! My daughter looks forward to the new menus each week and helps me plan the grocery shopping. I am a speech pathologist in our local schools and single mother of two, so I know once school starts in a couple of weeks, the menus will be so helpful and the answer to “what’s for dinner?” on our busy schedule. Thank you! Would love to win one of the knives.

  34. Today is my good friends first day of school. She teaches 5th grade and with budget cuts in AZ class sizes are going to be huge. I sent her your website and know it will help her with her busy schedule. I can’t wait to try the knife:) Thank you!

  35. Wow, I can’t beleive you’ve done a whole year of weekly menus! I’ve tried and loved so many of your recipes…thanks so much for all your hard work! Now….pick me, pick me! =)

  36. I help home school my sister and take care of her and my mother (as she has poor health). I do all the cooking, and would love the opportunity to have this knife (especially as I find that a tomato usually decides my opinion of a knife!). Thank you, Tiffany, for your thoughtfulness and this opportunity.

  37. Your meal plan looks great!! Thanks for sharing all the crock pot recipes. I can’t wait to try the pepper steak. Also, thanks for the tip on the knives. That brand is one I was not aware of.

  38. I’d love to own one of these knives!

  39. I have never heard of this cutlery before but love the look of this knife and it would be perfect for cutting tomatoes and veggies for canning. Thank you for offering an opportunity to enter the give away!

  40. I would love to have one of these knives! Good knives are hard to find.

  41. Your the reason I look forward to Mondays! Every Monday I download your menu for the week. Thank you for all your time and effort, I just love your blog. I’m a big fan of the tomato sandwich and the Rada knife would be a nice addition to my kitchen. Also, I was a teacher for years (PreK, K, 1st, 3rd and 5th grades) and know this time of the year can be crazy!

  42. We will begin home schooling our kids next week! Our oldest has left the nest for college, 3 to go! I love a good giveaway! This knife looks awesome!! Thanks for all the great recipes. We love them!! 🙂

  43. I forgot to say CONGRATULATIONS on one year of great menus!! We are all so indebted to you. Thank you for using your talents and gifts to be a blessing to so many! I hope you have a blessed beginning to your home school year! 🙂

  44. I would love to win this knife! 🙂

  45. Wow, what a great find! With it being peak tomato season I would love one of these knives to help with the canning!!

  46. I have never heard of Rada Cutlery. I am very interested in homeschooling my daughter, but I am intimdated by it as well. She will be 3 in October, so I have a little more time. Thanks for the great giveaway and all the recipes and menus. I check out your blog every couple of days.

  47. I love Rada products! Our church sells that products. Excellent quality

  48. Margie Huddleston says:

    I have lost count how many times I’ve cut myself due to a dull knife or one of poor quality. This sounds like a great one! I have really enjoyed your site. It has put me back in the kitchen where I belong. 🙂 Thank you, and blessings.

  49. I would love to win a knife!

  50. nicole smith says:

    i’ve heard about these knives, i would love to use one!

  51. Congrats on making through a year’s worth of meals. I’ve enjoyed these I must say!

  52. Congratulations on a year! and these knives are wonderful!

  53. I found your link at MPM today.

    What a great site. I can’t wait to try some of your recipes….Texas Sheet Cake, here I come!

    I’d love to have you check out my blog and join Tip Day Thursday.

  54. A whole year! Awesome! Even though I’ve only been reading for about 6 months, I have really enjoyed it!

  55. the knife looks awesome!

  56. Congrats on a year. You have given me many wonderful recipes for my family.

    That knife looks awesome!

    I can’t wait to see what you did with the Twinkies. I haven’t had one of those in years. Congrats again!

  57. Congratulations on your anniversary! I have not heard of those knives before. And yes, I am a teacher. We homeschool our children.

  58. Looks like a great week! I love the idea of a menu just for teachers!

  59. I have never heard of Rada Cutlery before, but I’m always looking for a good knife.

  60. Naomi C. says:

    Thanks for this wonderful website. Congratulations on the big accomplishment!

  61. I found your site a couple of months ago and I love it! Thanks for such good, simple recipes. I would also love to win the knife! 🙂

  62. Congratulations on your year of menus! As a newer cook, I have been looking at how to figure out what knives are considered “good.” I have many cheaply made knives that just don’t cut it. I read your My Kitchen post and have several ideas which way I should go, knife-wise. Thanks!

  63. Jill Sanders says:

    I am a new fan of Eat at Home but it looks wonderful. So excited to find some new recipes.

  64. Ohhh with all the chopping and baking I love to do, I’m sure this would/could replace some of my old garage sale, college knives…. So pick me!!!

  65. I am an elementary art teacher and that knife looks like fun. Thank you for your yummy recipes!

  66. I’m a home schooling mother, and love your recipes. Thanks for helping my back to school season get off to a smooth smart!

  67. My family loves your recipes, I go to your site often for ideas!

  68. Pastamom says:

    Congrats on 1 year!!!

    I’m a teacher and love how quick, easy, and TASTY your meals are. You have made my life so much easier. Thanks!!!

  69. Thanks for the menus! We’ve got a serious case of tomatoes in the garden and a knife like this would be a great help. I’m a homeschooling mom now but I also taught in private school.

  70. As usual, another great week’s worth of recipes. I’m really looking forward to the Twinkie Tiramisu recipe as well – thank you!

  71. I found your site about a month ago and I love it!! I am a third grade teacher and I start Thursday and love this menu. I plan to use your menus all school year. I have heard of these knives before but never tired one! Thanks so much for making my crazy life a little bit easier!!

  72. Wow, that knife looks awesome! Thanks for the chance to win a knife and also the tasty recipes. My hubby always says, when eating the wonderful dishes prepared with your recipes, “MMM, MMM, resturant quality!”. 🙂

  73. CONGRATS on your 52nd WEEK!! How awesome!! I’m a very NEW newcomer to your site but I have been using your menus, recipes, etc. almost every single night!! I love that they are very family friendly, full of healthier option ingredients and SO TASTY! It seems like I can make a WONDERFUL meal in 30 minutes and feel like we have REAL quality food on the table and quality time around the table!!

    I work in a “teacher” similar role, but will also pass these along as well to other “teachers” in my life! 🙂

    THANK YOU…for ALL you do!!! 🙂

  74. I’m not a teacher but I used to homeschool my kids. Congrats on your 1 year. Fabulous blog!!

  75. LOVE Rada knives!

  76. Love all the receipes you’ve been sending me. I can’t wait to try this week’s menus!

    Havea fantastic week!


  77. Elizabeth says:

    I could use a good knife. All mine are terrible.

  78. Hi! I just recently found your website and have printed off several of the menus/lists. Thanks so much for making them available, and Happy One Year!


  79. Wow – I can’t believe 52 weeks have gone by!

    Knife looks scary, but I’m interested!

  80. I love these knives! I had some years ago, but have been unable to find them in a while.

  81. Rochelle says:

    That knife looks great! My mom used to call those “tomato knives”, since they are so good at slicing tomatoes!

  82. The knives look great!

  83. The knife looks awesome! 🙂

  84. Michelle says:

    Love your website. Just sent the recipes to our teachers, all of my friends and printed out for myself. The knife looks awesome.

  85. I’m a homeschool teacher! We’ve gone back to Sonlight this year… starting in September.

  86. I love your menus! And I’m a Family and Consumer Science teacher so sometimes we use your recipes in the classroom! A bunch of us are gearing up to make and freeze a bunch of stuff so I’m happy to share this kind of thing with my teacher friends. I love my santoku too but there’s nothing like a good serrated knife. Crossing my fingers!

  87. I recently found your blog and love it!! I have an almost 4 month old, am a nursing student and find myself coming to your blog every weekend to plan our menu for the next week! You help me so much with quick, easy meals plus a grocery list… what more could a new mommy ask for!! I actually feature you on my blog list… check it out if you have time! A few of my mommy friends have already told me how much they like your blog as well!


  88. Courtney says:

    I would LOVE a tomato knife!

  89. A HUGE thank you for the past year! You’ve provided my family and I many delicious dinners together!

    Love the teachers theme this week! My community and I are in the process of starting a new Charter school and we appreciate your help in maintaining the foundation of dinner in our homes during this busy time. Please, please continue!

  90. i love the menu for this week! thanks, looks so good. i have never heard of this knife company but could use another really good knife. thanks
    p.s. can’t wait for that twinkie recipe!

  91. Tessa B. says:

    Congrats on a year!

  92. Thank you for providing the free menu plans. I really appreciate it. The knife looks great and I’d be happy to win it.

  93. Sharina Beutler says:

    Wow, I can’t believe it has been a year since I happened upon these great menus! 52 Weeks has gone by fast, but have been great in seeing new ideas and recipes that are simple, yet delicious. Thanks for all your hard work and inspiration!

  94. I have never heard of this line of cutlery, but that knife looks great! A good tomato knife is hard to come by…

  95. I want to thank you for sending out such great recipes! I was paying for some from another site and the recipes were ok. But the ones of yours that I have tried have been great! I am a full-time teacher (public schools) and mom. Your recipes and grocery lists have been a huge help for me. I spend less time at the store and in the kitchen and more time with my family.

  96. i have soem rada knives and love them. i used to have this one and it disappeared in a move. i’d love a new one.

  97. I don’t think I’ve heard of those knives, but I sure would like to win one! I really could use a new and good knife!

  98. I’ve never heard of them either, though it looks nice!

    We’re starting our 8th year of homeschooling this week. Each year it gets a little easier =)

  99. Congratulations!

    I’m a homeschool teacher, does that count? 😉

  100. Carolyn L. says:

    I just found your site about a month ago and I love it! I’m not a teacher but I raised one…she teaches the deaf.

  101. Ruth Hill says:

    Please enter me to win. Thanks!

  102. I have never heard of these knives, but I sure do hope that I am one of the very lucky chosen ones who wins one!
    I Love your blog so much. Thank-You for all of your Wonderful Recipe posts!!

  103. Your website has been such a lifesaver! Thank you for all of your hard work! Congratulations on this major milestone!

  104. I am a teacher and I am very thankful for your site, my husband is home with our 2 young children during the day so I make meals ahead of time and leave it with directions so I know my family is eating well while I am at work. After a year of doing this it was getting difficult to come up with new and exciting ideas. I am loving your ideas. We have tried the sausage and spinach stuffed shells, the bean and cheese enchiladas, and this week i am making the chicken and broccoli stuffed shells but putting a twist on it , I spreading the filling on lasagna noodles for lasagna rolls. Just wanted to say thank you for all of your budget friendly ideas!

  105. I truly love your website – the convience and the ease – Thank you.
    I have severl pcs of the Rada knfives, but I do not have the one you are giving away — I would love to try this one out.

  106. I am a homeschool mom and your website is such a lifesaver! I love all of your great recipes. Please enter me for your givaway… thank you!

  107. Congratulations on one year!! I’ve been reading all year long!

    I’m in for the giveaway too!!

  108. Congratulations on 52 weeks of menus, has it been that long? I know I have followed since last October. I would love to win a great tomato knife.
    Keep the menus coming!

  109. Love your posts and ideas. How can you go wrong with Twinkies AND Chocolate?

  110. Never used the knife, but would love to try it out!! I’ve just found your menus in the last month or so, but have LOVED every minute of it! Please keep it going.

  111. I’m always looking for that perfect knife

  112. I’m not a typical teacher, but I do teach outdoor classes during the summer and breaks for kids of all ages. I also work full time with a full list of things to do every week so your website helps me out A LOT! So thanks for everything you do!

  113. Rochelle Wilkerson says:

    I’d love to win. I’m a sorta teacher. I work for the local health dept and I teach drug prevention curriculum to local middle school children!

  114. Paige Shaffer says:

    I LOVE Rada knives! My mom introduced me to them. She bought them at a church fundraiser. I am a teacher. Thanks for the encouragement! Between your blog and The Pioneer Woman I have added lots of yummy recipes to my file!

  115. Our family would love to have a knife like this. We still have hand-me-downs and reeeeeeeeally old wedding gifts as our knives. 🙂 LOVE your blog. It’s the one I look forward to most every day. God bless!

  116. karen cummins says:

    I have been anticipating twinkie tiramisu for weeks..cannot wait to try it!

  117. I love these Knives-we sell them for 4H. I really wish I had ordered a couple of tomato knives (one for me and one for my mom) Maybe I’ll win!! I also think I will make the twinkie timramisu for our 4h potluck tomorrow night-looks and sounds great!

  118. I am pretty new to your emails but love the quick and easy recipes. I also love the grocery lists for a super quick rundown of what is needed. The pictures are also fabulous! Thanks for everything!

  119. I am the mother of a wonderful teacher! She is awesome and inspiring to her students and others around her, and after cooking in her kitchen for her birthday dinner – she needs this knife!

  120. I would love to try one of these knives! I haven’t heard of them before.

  121. we are lucky to have GREAT teachers at our public school! never heard of these knives – but would LOVE one that doesn’t cost a lot and can cut a tomatoe cleanly!

  122. This is my 1st time to your site…..and I’m loving it! It looks very helpful having the meal suggestions and the pictures are great! Never heard of the brand of knives before, but would love to win one to try them out! Thanks! 🙂

  123. I appreciate this site a lot. These recipes make life easier with two small kiddos. Anymore, it’s difficult to find recipes for things you already have in your kitchen. Many of the recipe subscriptions I have wind up in the trash, while I find my self referring to your site again & again. Thanks much!!

  124. This website is going to help me sooo much. we eat out way too much

  125. Boy does the ‘Twinkie Tiramisu’ ever look sinful!
    I can’t wait to make it for the family…I love this website & tell everyone about it!
    And, I’m a huge fan of tomatoes so this knife would be awesome!
    I just spent 7$ on Heirloom Tomatoes at the Farmers Market today in fact…lol.

  126. Love your website and would LOVE to win one of those knifes. I have lots of summer produce that needs cutting! Cheers!

  127. I would love to give this knife a try. I am a homeschool mom & I have forwarded this post to the other moms in our group. I have never heard of Rada knives but would love to try one. Thanks for your posts!

  128. Kimberlee says:

    Please Pick Me!!!! :o)
    Love, love, love the Twinkie Tiramisu idea!! Thanks!!

  129. I love your menus! I don’t have any teachers in my life but I have shared your blog with several busy moms. I haven’t heard of the knifes before but it sounds like a great fundraiser! Hope I win 1.

  130. I love your site!!! So glad I stmbled upon it!

  131. urban mama says:

    I love you website and have used many of your weekly menu/shopping lists! The deserts this week look great!! A fun celebration of summer’s close.

  132. Jennifer-Anne Creekmore says:

    All of this menu looks amazing! We are a homeschooling family where I work two afternoons a week. Crock pot recipes are a lifesaver! Thank you so are awesome 🙂

  133. I have a couple friends that are teachers and am exited to share your menu with them! I just recently found your website and REALLY appreciate the menus that you put together. I have a toddler and an infant, and am going back to work in a week, so life is busy 🙂
    I had never heard of Rada knives but would like to be entered in the drawing.
    Thank you for the posts!

  134. I hope it’s not too late to enter! I’ve never heard of Rada, but I love a good knife. It’s something my kitchen is sorely lacking. Thank you so much!

  135. I love your website. I’ve printed two weeks worth of meal planning and my family and I have been very happy with the results. Thanks for adding some variety to our meals 🙂


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