Menu, Grocery List, Recipes – Week 35

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I did a little blog maintenance a few days ago.  I updated the main list of menus on the Weekly Menus.  I try to copy each menu onto the list every week, but sometimes I get behind.

I also created a new category called “Menus”.  You can find that in the right hand sidebar.  Clicking it will take you to a list of all the menu posts.  Hopefully this will make it easier to find what you’re looking for.

The menu this week has 6 dinners and 1 dessert.  Serving suggestions are in bold on the recipes and in curly brackets {} on the grocery list.

Here’s what we’ve got cooking this week:

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This menu is part of Menu Plan Monday at

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  1. Lisa Frame says:

    So I might not have a “family” that I live/eat with but I certainly eat every weeknight at home now, with the occasional exception, and I adore your blog! I’d love to share you a few fun/quick/recipes that I have learned over the past year as well 🙂

    Thanks for the great reads! {and eats!}

  2. I just came across your blog and I’m so excited. I am a very picky eater but I have already found a ton of recipes that sound so delicious on your blog! I’m sad I already bought our groceries for the week or I would have used a lot of your recipes! Oh well there is always next week 🙂 Thanks for all of your hard work posting menus and recipes for us!

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