Menu, Grocery List, Recipes – Week 7

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If you like printing these menus and grocery lists, check out the new Eat at Home Weekly Meal Plan service.  Subscribers get both the Traditional and All Slow Cooker versions emailed each week.  It’s the easiest way to eat at home!

This is the 7th menu in this weekly series.  (You can see the previous Menus by clicking here.)  Once again, you get 6 dinners and 1 dessert all planned out with a complete grocery list and printable recipes.  Serving suggestions are included on the grocery list in curly brackets {}.

Here’s what’s on the menu for this week:

Download the menu by clicking here. [download id=”7″]

These menus and grocery lists are free – no strings attached.  But, if you download this menu or have ever used one of the others, please leave me a comment and let me know how it is working out for you. I would love to hear from you!

This post is part of Menu Plan Monday at Organizing Junkie.

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  1. I hope you will consider joining me at Diningwithdebbie.blogspot for Crock Pot Wedenesday. It’s easy and economical:) Just post a favorite slow cooker recipe with Mister Linky, and you are all set to share with others. I will look forward to hosting you.

  2. I have commented before I have to tell you again. I have 6 kids and this has made my life so easy! I never have to think about what I am serving my family for dinner or what I am going to buy at the store! It saves me hours every week and my kids have loved the recipes. I have changed the recipes to include fat free Half and Half, low fat cheese and added some extra vegies and it has worked great every time! Thanks again. I really can’t thank you enough!

  3. We are love, love, loving these menus!!! I even have hooked my co workers into the menus! So far all have been hit!!! Keep it up!

  4. Pat – I should take a hint from you and start subbing out low-fat products. That is a great idea. I’m glad the menus are working for your family.

    Jenna – thanks for letting me know the menus are working for you and your co-workers. It’s good to know it’s meeting a need.

    Debbie – I’ll have to check out the crockpot Wednesdays. Sounds like a great place to get more crockpot recipes.

  5. What a great resource for busy families! Great blog!

  6. Thank you. I was looking for meal planning for a shut ins, friends undergoing surgery. The menus and shopping plans help take the “planning” out of meal planning and shopping! What a Godsend!
    Thank you in advance,

  7. I have been using your menus for about a month and a half now. I have always loved planning out my dinners, but had lost the drive and needed a fresh take- and you provided that! We live in Australia, so I have to make some substitutions here and there. I would say we have loved 99% of your menus/meals and it has been such a blessing! I get happy, satisfied smiles every night and comments like, “Mum, you are the best cook ever!”. Also, have been able to bless others with food I’ve stuck in my freezer. Thank you so much for your work and efforts and your willingness to share it all with others.

    • Cathy, I’m so glad you like the recipes and menus! Since you’re in Australia you might want to check the home page of the site. I now have categories for “summer” and “winter” menus. I know our seasons are flip-flopped from yours, so that might be helpful. Happy cooking!

  8. I’ve been using the recipes on your site for a couple of months now. They are great! Thanks so much for taking the time to post all these!

  9. I am using this meal plan loosely this week. I have used a few of your other weekly menus and I want to thank you for putting these together! I am trying to keep our family on a budget, and feeding them less processed food.

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