Tony’s Tilapia

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Tony's Tilapia done

Fish is such a fast and super easy thing to fix.  Often, when I fix tilapia I grill it on the George Foreman grill, but this time I decided to bake it.   Three ingredients and about 20 minutes later I had dinner on the table.

Here’s what you’ll need:

Tony's Tilapia ingr

Tony’s Tilapia
  • 6 Tilapia fillets, thawed
  • ½ stick Butter, melted
  • Creole or Cajun seasoning to taste
  1. Place the fillets on a foil covered baking sheet.
  2. Pour the melted butter over them and sprinkle with the seasoning. Tony’s seasoning has a nice kick to it, so you might want to go lightly (or heavier if you like it hot).
  3. Bake at 400 degrees for about 17 minutes or until you can flake the fillets with a fork.

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  1. Very easy and delicious! I love tilapia but rarely buy it because I never know what to do with it. I think this recipe would be good with fresh fish like lake trout, whitefish, etc. Will definitely make again!

  2. This was an amazing dish! I never would have tried tilapia at home if it hadn’t been for your grocery lists. I was too “scared” to cook fish. SO easy! I followed your directions for this and the fettucine and EVERYONE (even the picky eater) loved it! Thank you so much.

  3. So simple but so good, thanks for the idea. My picky ten year old was all sorts of nervous to eat fish this way but once she tried it she loved it and proclaimed “IT TASTES LIKE CHICKEN” she was so relieved that she actually liked it. I vote this the most family friendly fish recipe I have ever tried.

  4. We have tilapia atleast twice a month. I bake mine in foil with a pat of butter, salt, lemon pepper seasoning, and fresh cracked pepper and then I serve it with a side of steamed broccoli. Yummy!

  5. I am enjoying all of your recipes and I constantly telling my friends and family about your website. I also have been someone who was fearful of cooking fish–NO MORE! This Tony’s Tilapia recipe and the Lemon Pepper Tilapia recipe are AMAZING. After making the Lemon Pepper Tilapia, my husband said, “are you starting to be a gourmet chef?” I owe that compliment all to you (and I did give you credit) 😉

  6. I love cooking tilapia this way. Last week, I used evoo and Cavender’s seasoning. We all enjoyed it with some orzo pasta and roasted broccoli. It was a pretty meal too!

  7. This is probably delicious just like this. I made a similar dish with the Tony’s, but with a little extra zest:

    I’m new here, but loving all the tasty recipes. Can’t wait to get cookin’!

  8. I made this fish for dinner tonight. I made one small change to make it a little more Weight Watcher friendly, I used olive oil in place of the butter. It was a very quick meal to make ( I served it with steamed broccoli and yellow rice) and delicious! My kids both made sandwiches with the fish and my husband and I enjoyed it “as is”. Will definitely make this again. Tilapia filets are on sale at my local Winn Dixie, I’m going to buy some more so that I have them on hand for those days that I have no idea what to make for dinner!

  9. Crystal Davis says:

    For those that find Tony’s to have too much kick, low sodium Seasonall works well for lots of flavor but not a lot of spice.

    • Thanks Crystal for answering my question for me. Tony’s is way to much kick for the guys in my house. We all have acid reflux and one of my brothers has crohns so have to watch the spices. Thanks again.

  10. Kristen Livingston says:

    Could i use the tony chacheres cajun butter injectable? Its usually used for turkey


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