New 1 Week Menu/Grocery List/Recipes

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Check out the new Eat at Home Weekly Meal Plan service.  Subscribers get both the Traditional and All Slow Cooker versions emailed each week.  It’s the easiest way to eat at home!

When I put together the first menu/grocery list/recipes last week, I really wondered if anyone would find it useful at all.  But judging from the fact that you all have downloaded it nearly 450 times in just a week, I might have hit on something to help you out!  I’ve also heard from many of you through email and comments saying that it was great to be able to just print and shop.  Having the meals and grocery list planned out is a real time saver.

Also, thanks to all of you who voted in the poll and left comments letting me know how many meatless/vegetarian meals your family eats each week.  The majority of you eat 0-2 meatless meal each week.  I have tried to add in a few meatless or easily adaptable meals for those of you who prefer that.  I’ve also got a great vegetarian recipe that I’ll share in a few days.

This week’s menu includes:

– 2 meals that can be cooked in the slow cooker

– 2 meals where you’ll double your effort, cooking dinner for that night + a meal for the freezer

–  1 dessert

–  suggestions for vegetarians, where possible

– serving suggestions, which are included on the grocery list in curly brackets {}

The original menu from last week can be found by clicking the link in the top navigation bar.  I’ll also add the links to new menus on that page.

Here are the recipes you can find on this week’s menu:

Chicken Broccoli Divan in the Slow Cooker or Oven

Tilapia and Veggies Baked in Foil

Bowtie Pasta with Feta and Lemon Pepper Chicken

Barbeque Chicken Fajitas

Stuffed Shells

Italian Beef Sandwiches in the Slow Cooker

Peanut Butter Chocolate Ice Cream Sandwiches

Click the link to download and print.

[download id=”2″]

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  1. Thank you for doing my thinking for me!! These are great! Looking forward to the next one – keep it up!

  2. OldNuffToKnoBtr says:

    Thank you this is so helpful. I’m a single senior citizen and will adapt the recipies for one person. I also hope to help my daughter who has 4 children plan her menus for 6 people.

  3. This looks fantastic! I’m most excited to try the tilapia filets in foil. I’ve been nervous to try fish before, but this recipe looks really easy. Thanks so much!

  4. All of your food is so yummy! Thanks for working so hard at printing out these menu plans. I find this is the hardest thing for me to figure out each week. It is much appreciated and I have much to learn from you.

  5. I am so thankful to you for posting these. How efficient! It makes me excited to go to the store and try it all out… 🙂

  6. I came over from Moving Forward and her Works for Me Wednesday post. I’m so glad I did! Your menu plans and recipes are so helpful. Too many times I see someone’s menu plan and I don’t care for the recipes, but these look good! I’ve subscribed to your feed. Thanks!

  7. Thank you so much for posting these recipes and shopping lists! I have been avoiding going to the grocery store since we got home from vacation (three days ago!) because I dread the meal planning I need to do first. My family is grateful to you that we will not have “Random Dinner Night” tomorrow.

  8. This is wonderful! Thank you for making my shopping easy and my kids happy! I have made the stuffed shells and the lemon pepper chicken and bowtie pasta so far. My trip to the store was easy for once, and my family has loved the food!

  9. I have been under my $100 grocery budget the last 2 weeks thanks to your menu. My family has liked everything I’ve made so far as well. I look forward to each Monday to see what the next week will bring.

  10. Thank you for posting the menu plans. I love having the grocery list. We have tried the italian beef, bowtie pasta, and the fish from week 2 and the family loved them all. Please keep it up. It has been great not having to run to the grocery store in panic at 4:30.

  11. Kari Kelly says:

    I made the stuffed shells tonight and they were a great hit! Can’t wait to try the other recipes.

  12. This menu was great and so easy to take a ready-made list to the store. Keep up the good work and I will be following each week!

  13. Wow! So thankful a friend of mine showed me this far, everything I have made has been way good. Wanted to pass along a suggestion from my daughter (she’s 15)…she said it would taste even better with some crumbled Ritz crackers on top before baking. I will try that next time. Thanks for your hard work in making our mealtimes better!

  14. Dropping by from SITS – LOVED the (inspiration and) post. I try to do meal planning and love doing “freezer cooking”. Every now and then we all need some inspiration from others to get back on track! For that, I say “thank you”!!!

  15. Hillary Jarrard says:

    I love, love, love this printable menu for the week. I printed out last week’s menu. It made shopping so easy (even with a 2 year old son, 3 month old son, and husband in tow). My husband loved all the recipes I made this week. He even said that I have turned into a gourmet cook. Thanks for putting this together. I also put your website on my facebook page. My sister has printed out your menu and gone shopping. And….Several of my friends are going to check you out soon.

  16. This is a great blog. I love how easy it is for me and really helps me out being a working mother of two.

    Great job! I really appreciate it.

  17. I would love a copy of the recipe for the chicken with 40 garlic cloves, must have closed by accident and now I can’t find it. love your site by the way. lisa

  18. Wow, this is so awesome. I love your site and how it’s setup so I can just print and shop. So easy you have done all the hard work for me now all I have to do shop, cook and enjoy. Great job!

  19. I have seen your site mentioned many a time on craiglist and didnt check it out until recently! I must applaud you on your site, menu’s and recipes! I work opposite scheduals of my husband during the week so just as im getting home he has been asleep for and hour or two already. The recipes you have prodived on here takes out the guess work for me! I now can set the food in the slow cooker or the oven and its ready when he walks in the door( an hour or so after i leave). Anything that freezes well i devide into portions then vacume seal and put in the freezer and we both have ready made, healthy, cheap, easy and most important tasty meals for lunches or a quick meal! Thank you so much for all your hard work it is greatly appreciated! Oh did i also mention I love that you dont try to charge an arm and a leg to veiw your menu’s etc?

  20. Just found your site and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! Twice I have subscribed to a “meal planning” website and twice cancelled due to the meals being sub-par (according to my family). Your recipes look wonderful! “Real” food that I know my family will eat. Thank you for doing this….. and free of charge. My budget is smiling and my family will be too 🙂 Blessings.

  21. I am so excited that I found you. I sat down today to make up a menu for the week with all of my cookbooks out and planned on spending a couple of hours and that didn’t include the actual grocery shopping. The meals look great! It made my life so much easier. Thank you so much.

  22. this is an amazing site!!! You should really consider making an app for this I would so pay to have the lists right on my ipad and phone !!!

  23. My dear Lord, you are brilliant! You’ve just saved me so much time and energy!

  24. I think this is fantastic. Unfortunately though, lists like this usually don’t work for my family as we can’t have seafood in our home due to allergies. It would be nice to have a menu for a week that someone else created without seafood.

  25. Olivia Barron says:

    You are amazing! I almost cried when I found your blog!!! Meal plans that my family will actually eat!! Thank you so much!

  26. This is fantastic!!! This is exactly what I am looking for, but didn’t think I would find such an awesome menu. You have done a great job on this! Please keep more coming!

  27. Wow. I think I love u! Thanks for sharing this.

  28. I find your printable menu, shopping list and recipes to be a huge help. Thanks so much. ;o)

  29. I want to tell you that I am amazed at all the hard work you have put into this. I really appreciate all of your efforts, and I’m sure your family does too! I am going to stick by your menus to bring some creative foods back into my home and I hope that this system will help me manage my shopping and budget a little better. Thank you again!

  30. Wow, this meal plan with the grocery list and recipes is exactly what we need! Thank you so much!!! Please keep it up – I’ll be checking back every week!

    • Thanks, Debbie. I now offer this as a weekly service that gets delivered to your inbox. It includes the traditional meal plan (like you see here) as well as a new slow cooker plan. There are also plans for large and small family sizes. You can find out more here.


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