110 Calorie “Homemade” Ice Cream Sandwiches – just $0.30 each

So, I’ve decided to gain control of my eating habits.  Fun stuff.

I’m a snacker and I love sweet treats so I knew I would have to come up with some sweet deliciousness that would be low cal.  I thought about splurging on Skinny Cow ice cream sandwiches.  They look marvelous, but they’re kind of pricey.  And anything that looks that good is sure to be devoured by my kids, meaning 1 package would last all of 2.4 minutes among the 6 of us.

Besides, I really want to do this with regular food as much as possible.  I don’t want to have a pantry full of food for them and food for me.

I remembered the ice cream sandwiches my Aunt Barbara and my mom used to make when I was little.  With some creative shopping, I was able to make these so they ring in at 110 calories and just 30 cents each.   The kids thought they were great, and because they weren’t expensive to make, I didn’t mind them snacking on them too.  It also helps that I was able to make 20 or 21 sandwiches, so they lasted a while.

Here’s what you’ll need: 

I know.  It’s not really ice cream.  But the frozen yogurt is good and it makes me feel better to call it ice cream.

I found that 1/4 cup was plenty to put between the grahams.  The store I shopped at didn’t have a large selection of frozen yogurt flavors, but I did notice that the kind with extras added in also packed extra calories.   So experiment with flavors, but watch the calories.

If you don’t give a flying fig about calories, try these ice cream sandwiches.

What’s your favorite low calorie treat?

I’m showing these off at Crystal & Co. Mommy Resources

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  1. I make something very similar, but instead you use chocolate graham crackers and cool whip. The cool whip freezes and makes a great snack, and they’re just 1 Weight Watchers point per serving!

  2. Our newly found treat is mixing lite Cool Whip with a few chocolate chips and spreading between graham cracker squares. Freeze and enjoy! Lowfat and yummy!!

  3. Heather DeBerry says:

    I love this idea! I just splurged on the skinny cow, and as you predicted for your own, my children ate them all in one foul swoop. Too pricey for skinny little kids to be eating. So I am excited to try this and the cool whip ideas too. Thanks!

    One of my favorite ice cream snacks is a healthy choice fudge bar, cut off the stick and topped with crushed graham crackers, and low fat whipped cream from the can. Makes me feel like I am eating a real sundae.

  4. What a great (and weeknight friendly) idea! My favorite low calorie treat is a homemade fruit milkshake made with frozen yogurt. I know it isn’t really all that low in calories but using froyo combined with fresh fruit makes it feel healthier.

  5. We make these with graham crackers and cool whip!!

  6. Bernadene Whitten says:

    I made these! It was so easy, and we loved to reach in the fridge and pull out a package for dessert. I thawed out the icecream just enough to be spreadable, wrapped each icecream sandwich in plastic wrap and again in aluminum foil. I really liked how soft the grahams were, they felt like soft cookies. This is a regular dessert in our home. I also dipped a batch after refreezing in dark chocolate over one half of the sandwich, it was delicious but messy and definitely not lowfat.

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